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  1. charliesmomma

    LisaLulu's reintro log

    Thank you for posting this. I learned a lot.
  2. charliesmomma

    Need a new rotation for veggies

    with my eggs in the morning I like grated rutabaga with a diced apple and some cinnamon/nutmeg. also, chop up a carrot into matchsticks and saute it. it gets sweet and is very good in stir fries. i had some with eggs today for lunch.
  3. charliesmomma

    Before my Whole30 I never thought I'd...

    I never thought I would not be a slave to Weight Watcher points and measuring everything.
  4. charliesmomma

    Starting Tuesday, May 27th

    I am starting this Sunday the 25th so I'll be right along with you. Going to shop tonight and prep tomorrow. Good luck to us all! I'm excited to get all prepared and ready.
  5. charliesmomma

    May 23rd Start!

    I'm a few days behind you - starting on Sunday, May 25. This will be my first Whole30. Excited, a little anxious, and don't know what's in store. Cheers to you.
  6. charliesmomma

    Start date May 25th scared stiff.

    I'm starting on May 25 too! Hope to see you on these boards and follow each other's progress. Maybe establish a little bit of the "buddy system" I am doing this because I want to cut my cravings/addiction to processed garbage, including soda, chips, cookies. I have a toddler and I want her to see a healthy mom who isn't going up and down the scale. Let's just take it a day at a time. I think if we're prepared with the right food in the house, we'll do great. I'm doing my first big trip to the store tonight to get stocked up. What about you?
  7. charliesmomma

    Starting June 1st!!!

    I'll be starting my first Whole30 on May 25. I live with a husband who eats plenty of processed foods, so I'll need to avoid that temptation. We can do this.