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  1. Hey TrayS - did you find you needed to modify the program in anyways?
  2. My mom also has pretty severe peripheral neuropathy, among multiple other health issues, and I've been trying to get her to alter her diet to see if anything helps. I realize I'm not actually helping you with this response, but I'm curious too!
  3. When you check your refrigerator before heading to the farmers market and think, "wow I didn't eat that many eggs this week. I still have 6 left from the two dozen I bought last weekend."
  4. Cate B.

    Whole30 help - why can't I succeed?

    Oh, lady, I understand. I have completed Whole30s in the past, but my last full one was almost a year ago, January 2013. I've been starting and stopping multiple times over the last two months. I'm on Day 3 right now. I feel like food has just gotten out of control for me. I fool myself into thinking I only have the occasional glass of wine, when in reality I'll be drinking three or four times a week. In my head I say, "it's okay to have a sweet sometimes, Cate," and then I eat some sugary sweetness (my downfall) and forget I just did that and do it again two days later. I love food - cooking and enjoying, and sharing with friends, but I also know I am super sensitive to so many things. Little "treats" are usually not really treats for me, given what the inflammation they wreak on my body. SO...let's do this chica! I have faith you can knock it out! And I have faith I can too =)