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    Minamyna reacted to Carlaccini in The crazy things people say   
    I had this discussion with a friend of mine
    Friend - Well it's not healthy not to eat carbs.  Our bodies need carbs.
    Me - Oh I couldn't agree with you more.  Definitely our bodies need carbs
    Friend - but then why are you cutting them out if you feel that way
    Me - Oh but I haven't cut them out.  I eat plenty of them. 
    Friend - But you cut out pasta and bread - how can you be eating carbs?
    Me - I eat sweet potato, beets, squashes, celery root, parsnips - these are all carbs.
    Friend - no they are not - they're vegetables!
    Me - Mental Facepalm - lets' just call them carby vegetables.
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    Minamyna reacted to carolinaBlue in The crazy things people say   
    Conversation during dinner last night:
    Hubby: What's this red thing?
    Me: Tomatoes quartered, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, tossed with coconut oil and roasted in the oven.
    Hubby: Hmm. It's really good but you know I don't like tomatoes.
    Me: I know. Give it to me & I'll have it for breakfast.
    Hubby: Oh, I ate it all. But this pasta is really good. Have we had this before?
    Me: It's not pasta. I julienned zucchini and summer squash, seasoned it up and then sauteed it
    Hubby: I hate zucchini.
    Me: Ok, just give it to me and I'll have it for breakfast tomorrow.
    Hubby: Oh, I ate it all.
    Me: (Silently giving him a confused look)
    Hubby: Why are you looking at me like that?
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    Minamyna reacted to MrsStick in The crazy things people say   
    "Wait, why are you making mayo?" (hubby, tonight)
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    Minamyna reacted to SarrizleP in The crazy things people say   
    Wow. I would probably change offices. I have never heard of anyone suggesting coke for a vomiting child. That's ridiculous.
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    Minamyna reacted in The crazy things people say   
    greek grandmother (so feeding is in her genes!) = Do you want a sandwich?
    me = no thanks nanny, I don't eat bread
    g.g = but bread is the healthiest food in the world! (I'm not sure where she got that from!) Do you want a biscuit or a cake then?
    me= no I'm fine really
    g.g = oh my you don't eat anything!!
    me = I had three poached eggs for breakfast
    g.g. = stunned silence
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    Minamyna reacted to TalMay in The crazy things people say   
    went out with co-workers for a girls night during my whole30.  I prepared myself for temptation (I was only on day 3) by packing some strawberries since we were going to a movie.  As they all ate popcorn, someone looked over and noticed me eating a strawberry.  She inquired, so I explained very enthusiastic about my goals and program commitment.  Her response, "Oh no, I feel so bad that you have to eat strawberries".
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    Minamyna reacted to juju in The crazy things people say   
    "salad is not a food!"
    wha-what? I still wonder what they think salad is.
    One of my favorites was a vegetarian co-worker who was drinking a Diet coke and eating Fritos and a hostess cupcake told me that the grassfed steak on my salad would give me colon cancer. I looked at her lunch and then at mine and said "that is a risk I am willing to take."
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    Minamyna reacted to Amy in The crazy things people say   
    A coworker will IM me links to recipes for "when I eat bread again"
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    Minamyna reacted to Adagio in The crazy things people say   
    The other one is: "Why should I deprive myself?"
    My answer: "Why do you eat food that does not nourish your body?"
    Their answer: "Because it tastes good!"
    My reply: "If your car's gas tank had taste buds and demanded lemonade instead of gasoline, would you comply?"
    Their answer: "Of course not! Cars cannot run on lemonade!"
    My reply: "Exactly. Your body cannot run on frankenfood. One of these days, it's going to crap out."
    Their answer: "My mother ate (insert crappy food here) and she lived to be 90."
    My reply: "Good for her. You are not her."
    Their answer: "Whatever."
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    Minamyna reacted to Adagio in The crazy things people say   
    My dental hygienist told me today that a low-carb diet will give me periodontal disease. She said that the carb digesting enzymes secreted during the eating process do not know what to do when we don't eat carbs, so the enzymes turn into sugar and cause mouth bacteria.
    Never heard that one before...
    I told her that my periodontal issues had greatly improved since giving up grains/sugar. She said that they will get bad again if I don't eat carbs. (I've been mostly Paleo for 3 years now.)
    I didn't bother to argue. What's the point? She is convinced she is right.
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    Minamyna reacted to Derval in The crazy things people say   
    "Oh , I couldn't give up x, y, z"
    Well, d'uh you could, you just don't want to.
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    Minamyna reacted to Jessica in The crazy things people say   
    "So how do you get any fiber???"