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  1. I've done three W30s and several resets in the past 3 years. Last year was the best shape I had ever been in physically and mentally. I was doing fantastic - I was eating relatively clean and active. I managed to do this in a busy year of 2 travel trips (China/Portugal) as well as several sun trips (All inclusive - Jamaica) all in one year. I did resets when I came back from all these trips and was feeling great. But slowly this year I began to slip - my eating habits, my mental clarity, and mindset. I don't know why, there wasn't anything that really changed me from continuing that healthy life style. I adapted it when I felt it was necessary last year and managed to get back on track. I felt great walking down a trail/road just feeling happy. I still work out three times a week with Crossfit but the energy and strength isn't there. And I must admit, I can now easily stop with my husband, after work for dinner and two beers (and sometimes 3 if its real hot). I will say I'll do better tomorrow but it seems that 'tomorrow' never comes. I don't know what causes this. I loved doing the W30, and even resets as they help. But how do you get into the mindset again, I would prefer not to do a W30 or do I? maybe another reset? I have to be strong enough to say 'No' to the nice cold beer on the way home from work. But does one do this again so they feel good as they once were? Maybe I should read FFF again, its been awhile. Does anyone have the same struggle?
  2. I completed my 2nd W30 last September and will be joining in the September W30. I have been relatively clean eating since and have been feeling great. But, what I've noticed is that after most meals I am hungry about an hour an a half later. When looking at my meals, my meals consist of... Protein (3 to 4 eggs, 8 to 10 oz fish, tuna burger made w can fish and 1 egg, etc) Vegetables (2 or 3 cups mixed grilled/steamed veggies w spices, or 3 to 4 cups mixed greens & veggies) Oil - 1 to 2 TB for frying eggs or burger or w veggies/salads but no other fats than max 2 TB Fruit - banana or blue berries If I am hungry I will snack on fruit, and at night as well. So typically, I eat my fill of protein, veggies/fruit but I am eating little fats. Could that be causing to be hungry.
  3. I just completed my 3rd W30 (within the past year) and I feel great. I am not doing reintroduction as I have done them on the other W30 (and am fine w all foods) plus I am going on vacation in 3 days. This is a 5 day sun vacation in Jamaica. I've been there before so I know the food will contain some sugar in the jerk, sauces won't be clean, etc and I can handle those for a vacation. This is life and I'm fine with those selections while on vacation. I typically stay away from pasta and breads but I may consume a little and will feel ok about it. I will eat slow and make sure its worth it. Beer, for me, is addictive on a hot summer day so I won't drink that, but they make me Mojitos without the sugar. I've done that before and they are refreshing and cool. I'll be drinking those too (and hopefully not make any poor food choices following that). So, I want to know if anyone has any type of encouragement or advice on how to maintain a positive outlook when there so I don't get pulled off course. I know this is a lifestyle and I do well at it, but this time, I want to go into my vacation knowing I have a couple of good tips in my back pocket to keep me on the right track. Done it before but this time I need help. Any comments helpful. Thanks....
  4. In Southern Ontario, there is a brand "Rowes" that sells sausages that are whole30 compliant. The Mexican are very tasty! We buy them at Fortinos and Organic Garage.
  5. I've done 2 w30s (which included a meal with a little extras to separate the two). I did that in July and August. I didn't have any health related issues before, and I felt great during both w30. I've continued to eat clean and am riding my own bike (of which, is similar to a w30). I ate a bit too much nuts in my 2nd w30 but I've had the correct amounts since. My 1st w30 lost weight and inches and the second w30 I didn't see any weight change but I did drop some inches (maybe 2 inches in total - chest and hips). I was content with that. But since completing my second w30 (about 3 1/2 weeks ago) I have seen no change in my physical body. My weight and measurements have not changed. I'd like to say I'm ok with that but deep down I know I'm not. I do love the way I am eating. I'm not hungry, I eat the right foods and amounts. My workouts have been fantastic. My husband is also following and he feels great as well. He continues to lose weight/inches but he has more than 50lbs to lose. I want to continue this but fear I won't see any more change - although it is the last couple pounds/inches I need too so that could be part of the struggle. Has anyone else had a similar issue? did you continue and eventually see some change. I'm struggling here and not sure my options. Thanks....
  6. I finished my second W30 last week (they were back to back w the exception of reintroduction and a 'special meal'). The first W30 I lost inches and weight, second W30 lost 2 inches not weight and that is ok (I say with partial belief). But, now I'm going to 'ride my own bike' and have a question. I have been eating nuts but occasionally too much (maybe a cup at a time - to finish a meal off, which would technically be like a dessert/snack). Is this bad? I think nuts may be my sugar demon. I know I want to lose a couple of inches, so could this be slowing things down. Not sure... As a side note, I am a 50 years old woman who has been doing crossfit for several years (3 X per week) to keep active and stay healthy. My trainer and I were working on a 10 week strength program to see the improvement of my one max rep over the 10 weeks. The 10 week program started around the same time I began my first W30. I did my max rep at that time to have a base point. This week is week 10 - where I see what my max reps are now. We did back squats today and my max rep went up by 25 lbs! I am very excited about that and I must say that the 'tiger blood' did pay off. I can back squat 180lbs - can't wait to see what my bench press will be on Wednesday:) The W30 definitely helped me with the added energy and the mentality of being able to accomplish something that's difficult!
  7. So I introduced Legumes (in the form of Edame beans at breakfast & lunch, and then for dinner had Tofu and Peanuts). At night time, my stomach felt a little bloated but not bad. It may have felt this way a couple of times on the Whole30 so I wasn`t concerned. However, the following day (the day I ate w30 again) my stomach was cramping and bloated. I could tell that something I ate made my stomach this way. It lasted all day and by the time I went to bed (9:30pm) it was still crampy and off. The next morning I woke up to another w30 and I did my 7am crossfit class. Had my `tiger blood`still and my stomach was all better. So I am all good now. But, my question is, why would it take basically the next day to show up an intolerance? Wouldn`t I have felt 'off' from breakfast, as soon as I had my first helping of Edame beans? Can an intollerance to food take 12 hours or was it because I ate so much soy that would be causing this. Just wondering because although I am not a vegetarian, I only eat fish and eggs for protein and I was hoping that I could add soy back into my diet. Thanks.
  8. Does anyone have a great Vegetarian Recipe that contains some form of protein (even eggs). I need to make a vegetarian meal for my brother-in-law who is also on W30 and I`m coming up blank. The carb/veggie portion of the meal is easy but coming up with a protein recipe (even when I look at the approved list) isn't easy. I'd like to make something delicious so he can say 'hey doing this W30 is great! I don't miss anything' I would like more than just scrambled eggs or an omelet. I`m not a great cook so its not easy to just `throw`things together. I would love to make the `Chocolate Chili`recipe from WelFed but it contains beef so that won`t work...Any suggestions would be wonderful! Thanks everyone....
  9. 30 Down, Plenty More To Go!

    Alibug, Just thought I would check in to see how you`re doing PO W30? are you able to 'ride your own bike'? and how is the training for the half ironman going?
  10. I use 1 head and put it thru the food processor to make the rice. Then I sautee some carrots and mushrooms (w coconut oil) in a frying pan, once cooked add in the rice. I then `fry`it up until the rice is the correct texture. My husband and I can get 3 meals (6 servings total) from this. It keeps in the fridge for days (its always gone within 3 or 4 days).
  11. I'm on day 25. I feel great, I w/o w loads of energy, clothes are getting a little looser, food I'm eating is all on program, but this morning and actually the last couple days I've had a slight problem with all the cooking and prep work! It's feels that all I'm doing is cooking or even preparing the food. I think I just need or want to go to a restaurant but with the limitations at the present time I just don't so i come home and eat properly. Does anybody else have this same thoughts? Just a quick clarification, I do like this program and I eatba variety of foods, its not that I'm bored with what I'm eating, I'm cooking Sundays for the rest of the week. I'm used to going out to eat maybe once a week even just for a salad and a veggie burger on this side (for a relaxing night out). I think I'm missing that time out/away. That's my rant for today
  12. I'm only on Day11 but as I continue on my journey I am thinking about what happens after 30 days and after reintroduction, and that is where I am confused (hopefully this is the right section of the forum). Once food is reintroduced, u will know what yr food triggers are (so u can avoid them), and which foods are ok to eat (no reactions). You continue on with yr new lifestyle based on what u learned in the last 30 days. U continue to maintain your energy, good feelings, etc. And naturally, thru the food choices u make, will lose weight. At a slower rate than a fad diet but steadily as you r eating healthy. I know weight loss is not the main reason to do the W30 program but following the W30 I know I want to get down those last 10lbs (or last inch or so) and will continue with the Whole9 lifestyle - but will this help with the Loss? I may have answered the question above but I keep doubting myself and thought I'd ask. I've read some of the success stories, but I maybe overthinking things and thought I'd pass it by people...
  13. 30 Down, Plenty More To Go!

    Alibug, I'm on day 10 now. I am feeling great - my w/o's have improved (alot more energy) and I have been sleeping better (not 100% but better). I am not having diffuculty following the program but I was a little demotivated the other day (I posted that) but found that the improvements I just mentioned came to the forefront. So onward I go and can't wait to see the results!
  14. I'm on day 9 and following very well. Feel great - I didn't have any of the carb flu or issues (sugar withdrawals). I ate this way 80% of the time prior so this isn't hard for me (luckily to say) but as I continue I'm thinking I felt good already (mind u my CrossFit workouts have been much better - I now eat the pre and post because I wo at 7am) so that is the best change I have seen, plus I have been sleeping better. Not every night but most. Well as I write this now, I realize that maybe this is working. I was going to say I'm doubting what I am doing. That I don't see any changes. Especially since I are relatively clean before. But u know. I guess I do! I want to step on the scale as I am eating alot more vegetables than I was before and I don't want to gain weight without body composition changes but I will wait. Only 21 more days w left
  15. Try this: watermelon water

    I had cucumber water this weekend and it is very 'refreshing' on a hot day!