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  1. Tracy R.

    Mind-Altering Garlic Sauce

    I make mojo often, but the way I make it is different than this. I use my iron skillet and make it on the stove top. My husband is Cuban and mojo is one of the first things I learned to make. We eat it on pretty much everything. I pour it (with a few added spices) over chicken breasts before putting them in the freezer. They are seasoned and ready to bake once they are thawed.
  2. We aren't expecting miracles, but we are hoping his recovery is quicker this time than last time. He had the other shoulder repaired 8 yrs ago, long before we started eating so clean and healthy. He isn't restricting calories and he is getting lots of rest. So we are good in that department.
  3. My husband had surgery on his shoulder Friday and I was wondering if anybody had experience with doing a whole30 while recovering from a surgery. If so, do you think it helped speed the recovery? Angel (my husband) started a strict whole30 on Wednesday. By strict, I mean that he has decided to not have any fruit. He doesn't want any form of sugar if he can avoid it. I made bone broth for the first time and had it ready for him on Friday, after the surgery. He is having 2 to 3 cups of that a day. We think that with such clean eating and the bone broth, he will heal quicker. Are there any supplements I should have him take? Also, the bone broth I'm using is from balanced bites. It's just the bones, garlic, salt and apple cider vinegar. Should I include vegetables when making it to make it more nutritious? We bought a Harley on Thursday and we are both wanting a quick recovery so that we can ride it. lol Priorities, right?
  4. Tracy R.

    Beef: "Sold by hot carcass weight" ?????

    Thank you Kim. I ended up finding a local guy that sold by finished, packaged weight. It was a great deal!
  5. Tracy R.

    "Oh my god, what DO you eat ?"

    This thread has me laughing and feeling right at home amongst all you. I love spreadsheets and lists. I can't get through a day without my lists. So much fun marking things off. Definitely color coded is the way to go.
  6. Halves & Whole Beef Sold by hot carcass weight #3.50/lb plus processing fees What does "hot carcass weight" mean? Is that different from "hanging weight"? What is the best way to buy from a farmer? I'm so confused! Who'd have thought buying meat could get so complicated.
  7. Tracy R.

    Coconut aminos MIA??

    Ahh... Good to know!
  8. Tracy R.

    Coconut aminos MIA??

    I don't think that would be W30 compliant due to the coconut nectar.
  9. Tracy R.

    Coconut aminos MIA??

    I was at Whole Foods this week and they said that the company that makes coconut aminos had a recall a few months back. Now the company is having a hard time keeping up with demand. My WF was out of it.
  10. Tracy R.

    Holiday Season

    Thank you
  11. Tracy R.

    Where do you buy your sunbutter?

    I found good sunbutter at WH today. I also got some of the cashew butter from the bulk section. Wholly molly!! That is some good nut butter. It's a good thing WF is so far from me. It will keep me from buying it often.
  12. Tracy R.

    Login with mobile app?

    I got it working. I was using the wrong user name.
  13. Tracy R.

    Login with mobile app?

    I can't get tapatalk to work either
  14. your daughter is so cute! Love the accent. Such a neat thing, putting a voice with a face here.