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    The crazy things people say

    I find it easier sometimes to just say I eat Paleo, other times I say I eat a simple diet of whole, unprocessed foods. I don't mind the Paleo tag and have found that often telling somebody I eat Paleo opens up discussion cause they ask what that is. My sister has given up all red meat, pork and hardly eats any chicken or fish. Her personal trainer (that she is crushing on) is a vegan and I think that is influencing her a lot. I LOVE to say Paleo to her cause it bugs her. lol
  2. Tracy R.

    The crazy things people say

    I don't need to give up grains cause they don't affect me the way they do you. - my sister a phone conversation I had with my mom this summer, after I gave up wheat because of being sensitive to it- mom: So you can't have cake on your birthday? what about coconut pie? me: no mom, crust has wheat mom: oh yeah. What about cookies? me: no mom, cookies have wheat. mom: oh my, you can't eat much lol (I did end up having cake, made with coconut flour. I know not whole30, but sure was delish! That was before I had even bought ISWF)