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    digestive enzymes?

    Hi guys I'm on Day 8 of my first whole 30 / paleo way of eating and my first 6 days were fantastic! I had a few days of meals (especially dinner, and more specifically osso bocco) just not sitting well and then my bowel motions showed for it as well the next day. I did some reading on not having a gall bladder on the forums and started to take a digestive enzyme x 1 with each meal and started to feel better. Then I bumped it up 2 with each meal and in the last few days to 3 (as per the info in ISWF). However Day 7 and again on Day 8 every meal I have is just not sitting well on my tummy at all. I feel full for hours (not in the satisfied way), my tummy & gutt feeling bubbly and a bit nauseous. I'm tired and lethargic because of it. I'm either not going to the toilet and when I am it's like fatty liquid (when previously I had very normal stools and was going to the bathroom regularly, it was like clock work). I was reading through ISWF and this is suppose to be normal as my gut heals, but I guess I'm just a bit concerned because I don't have a gall bladder and the extra fat intake might be causing this, even with a digestive enzyme. I've had my gall bladder out for over 3 years and haven't had any issues with it till now. I came into the Whole30 eating very well. It was easy to make the transition as the only things I needed to cut out where beans, legumes and wheat (morning oats mainly). I was previously on a high protein, low carb and low fat clean eating diet. So I feel like the biggest change for me is dealing with the extra fats I just haven't have had. I guess I'm just looking for extra reassurance that this feeling will go away shortly, or any helpful hints on what I can do to make this easier and feel physically better. Thanks x
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    Sourcing food in Australia

    I live in Melbourne (Dandenong Ranges) and am a it of a foodie. Me and my partner would eat out at least twice a week before I started the whole30 this week. I know of the Paleo Cafe in Mornington, but does anyone know of others? I'm not sure I can go a whole month without a visit to a cafe. Plus I'm also keen to try new places
  3. bronwyn_q

    Bonus meals...

    Thanks again Chris. I've ordered ISWF and waiting for it to arrive anyday now, so I can read it. Can't wait! I've flicked through a sample copy at a paleo cafe and was almost going to wait for the book to arrive and have read it before I started Whole30 but I didn't really want to wait
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    Bonus meals...

    Thanks Chris sorry i should have been more clear, the protein I know how much of but it's the sweet potato or veggie side of it i'm not sure of. Because fill your plate is just a little too vague? Also greens fill your plate more than dense root veggies. So when it comes to the post workout veggies it's where i'm feeling lost. not sure what it is too little or too much.
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    Bonus meals...

    So i started food prepping for the next few days and have organized my post WO meal, which is a few small meat balls and some sweet potato. But cause i'm a bit of "follow instructions" kind of girl, how much is it? 50g-100g or half a palm worth? Thank you
  6. I'm an Australian that grew up in Asia as a child and it's really only the western culture that have specialized breakfast meals; cereal, pancakes, sweet stuff etc while what was eaten for breakfast in Asia, us westerners would consider to be lunch or dinner. It's just thinking out of the square and what you're conditioned to think by tradition and advertising
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    June 1st Support Thread

    Hi guys! I'm about to start my first whole 30 and/or paleo on June 1st as well. Over the last year and half I've lost 33kg with 13kg to go before my goal weight but in the last six months hit a plateau that i can't seem to move. I've tried a number of different things, eating and exercise wise. But my body just won't go lower. I still have a lot of fat to lose (I'm sitting at about 40% and would like to be at 30%). I've gradually taken out dairy, wheat (I only have oats for breakfast) and 98% of sugar so I feel ready to move into doing the whole 30. Now I just need to leave the beans/legumes behind. I'm hoping this will help me move past this 6 month plateau and I'm very interested to see how I feel emotionally, mentally and physically. Little things are making nervous (no oats for breakfast!!) like adding in the extra fat that I'm just not used to having and finding something for breakfast to replace oats/porridge. But other then that I'm ready, excited and can't wait!
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    Serving sizes

    How do eggs fit into the whole palm size serve? Is 1 egg considered enough or 2 or more? (I specially ask because I'd have 2 for a meal for example, and 1 as a PWO snack. However if 3 or 4 is considered a meal size then does that mean it's 2 eggs for a PWO snack?)
  9. bronwyn_q

    Bonus meals...

    Thanks so much WholeStanley. It gives me a good idea of what to do. At the moment I've been eating a hard boiled egg on the way to the gym and then one after on the way home. Because as you've said dinner isn't till about 7:45 or 8, sometimes 8:30. (i'm starting the Whole 30 in June for the first time)
  10. bronwyn_q

    Bonus meals...

    I exercise in the evenings after work 6 to 7 and usually get home at 7:30 when I have dinner. How does the extra meal work? I have PWO snack but does that mean I should be intaking more food for recovery some other time?