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  1. KathyOPgh

    August 4 Start Group

    Good morning! Just browsing through as I finish my morning coffee and felt compelled to respond and encourage. I, too, was struggling to "fit" exercise in. Here's what worked for me: I am the queen of procrastination.........But the other day I saw a post on FB of a friend of mine who had lost a ton of weight yet still has back problems. Sounds discouraging but, in spite of that, she runs 2 miles at least three times a week. She has inspired me. Moral of the story: If she can do that, I can do something for my health. And you are more important than the "other things" you have to do. PS: I am post Whole 30 and did not exercise during as it was all I could do to concentrate on my meals. But now that I've got the eating down I am adding movement to the mix. Good luck!
  2. KathyOPgh

    August 4 Start Group

    Hi! Wishing you good luck on your W30 from a fellow Pennsylvanian (and 50+ yr old woman). I read with awe how prepared you are for this and I think your transition will be smooth because of it. I am now living life after W30 and have a whole new way of looking at food and am amazed how my relationship with it has changed. I have continued this way about 90% of the time and now I know what to do if I go too far off course. It's amazing what we can do if we put our minds to it. At the beginning it was time consuming and there was definitely a learning curve, but soon you will get into a flow and find your go-to meals don't take any time at all...........I could go on and on about what I learned but will end by saying: it's worth it!! All the best to you! Looking forward to following along!
  3. Here's my two cents.............have a salad and ask if they have hard boiled eggs. If so, get them and chop them in to your salad. It's an easy thing that I've done when I'm in a pinch. Good luck! You can do it!!! (says a former grande latte with Splenda, gummy bear, pizza addict.) The cravings will get less as each day goes by. I really surprised myself and you will too!
  4. Honestly, the freedom you will achieve by ditching the scale is unbelievable! Please trust the process, it will amaze you in ways that have nothing to do with weight. But you will notice that your current wardrobe is fitting better as the inflammation goes away. I, myself, am more proud of overcoming my sugar addiction and new found appreciation for fueling my body with healthy food than the pounds that I lost. I am wishing you all the best. If I, a grande latte, gummy bear eating, 57 yr old. sugar addict can do it, anyone can!
  5. KathyOPgh


    Hello! I love Instagram for quick Whole 30 inspiration and feedback too. So I will be following you all too! Will be starting a new round on 8/1 as I learned so much from my first experience. I've not really even done a re-intro. Just have been relying on too many fruit and nut snacks so I need to reign that in. Nothing like fresh summer fruit though! Will need inspiration and support to tweak my eating habits even more. I'm at @kathyopgh. Good luck to all! It's so worth it.
  6. KathyOPgh

    30 day no complaining challenge

    Hi! I also read and loved this article. Along with being conscious about what foods go into my mouth, I will vow to be more conscious of what kind of words come out. Thanks for reminding me of this!