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  1. GrannieD

    Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!

    ...if you're still reading this. BwwwaaaaHaaaaaaHaaaaaaaa. [/b][/font][/color] After all, I'm still all jacked up from drinking coffee all night long. I went swimming, too. I mostly goofed off and just swam in circles - looking at the ceiling beams. Are you still here? Because I'm having a heckuva good time. I'm blathering on and foaming at the mouth. You guys are all shaded up underneath some tree, snoozing away. I'm shooting the breeze with myself. It's about time to fix some supper. Talking about all of that fish has made me hungry for something wonderful and who really cares about that dingaling...I know you guys probably don't. crack me up!!
  2. GrannieD

    Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!

    Oh Meadow, I hope your dad is ok!!!
  3. GrannieD

    Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!

    CC...that's so funny about Meadow having a guest chapter in the new book! I think that's a great idea and I'm sure it was just an oversight on their part. It surely would have been the best chapter in the book! My husband and daughter are going to Barcelona in June as well for soccer. What a coincidence! Enjoy your trip. Hi everyone. I'm not good with addressing each person like Meadow does but I love reading about everyone's day. It sounds like everyone is doing well. My shopping trip brought abundant veggies and proteins to keep me on track. I have grand plans to clean a few closets this weekend. My kids will all be home to help with a much needed spring cleaning. Stay strong and forge on!
  4. GrannieD

    Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!

    Jmcbn...congrats to your son on the chess championship! That's awesome! you have a link to the UCLA protein report? That might be an interesting read. Finally, some good research being done to support this lifestyle since most people want concrete "scientific" evidence before embracing a concept! It's good to be back. I need to do a good shopping trip to be fully on track but for now I'm piece mealing my way with what I have on hand. Scrambled eggs with greens for breakfast, tuna with avocado and broccoli for lunch. I have to see what I have on hand for supper. It will probably be chicken and veggies of some sort. Shopping tomorrow for a better selection before I fall face first back into the sugar bin!!!
  5. GrannieD

    Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!

    Hi everyone! Karma really does have a way with us doesn't it? I have been off grid for a while but am back and ready to go into full W30 mode. My youngest daughter is about to graduate high school so I have been busy with that. Also, I am in the middle of changing jobs which has been hectic, exciting, stressful, etc... I am also considering going back to school to add to my education but not sure if it's worth it yet. Dave, you are an inspiration for going back for your MBA. I tried to get my masters about 5 years ago but it was a struggle with the kids in tow. Now that they will all be gone I have no more excuses! Although I keep asking myself why I would do this at 50 years old!?!? Anyway, for those of you who don't know me, I am an RN with 3 children and one grandchild. My husband and I have been married for almost 30 years (in December). I was a child bride of course! I have done my share of Whole 30's and Whole more than 30's and stay pretty true to plan even when I'm not in the middle of one. I must say though that this last time of stopping I have fallen off the wagon big time and fell into the sugar bin! Stress does lots of bad things. I'm ready to climb back on and start releasing my solar flares (thanks Meadow)! I will do my chores for the weekend and report back as ordered! Sir! Good to be back
  6. Hi everyone. Thanks for the nice words and good thoughts. I'm doing ok. I never had to put a dog down before so it was/is very hard. My hubby is having a very difficult time with it. Meadow, I hope Sophie gets well soon. I know how much you love her. At least you are able to get her to take fluids. I wouldn't leave her 60 miles away either unless I could stay nearby. We were just down the street when Cooper stayed overnight. Will try to post more later.
  7. Hi everyone, Been busy but stopping by to check in. Cottage, sorry to hear about your cousin. That's so sudden. I hope you guys are doing okay. Jmcbn, those pictures are breathtaking! You really do live in a land of fairy tales! Meadow, I hope little Sophie feels better soon. I loved the piece about "just a dog". It really hit home. We sadly had to put Cooper to rest today. He had not eaten anything in over 10 days. He lost over 15 pounds and was so weak we had to carry him to the car. It's such a sad time but I know he is no longer in pain and has no more suffering. We brought his favorite blanket and toy with us. I loved that pooch very much....truly a member of our family! Well, on a brighter note, I got to see my grandson today. They live 2 hours away and came in for the day. It was a nice treat. Those food pics Meadow posted has me hungry now and I haven't prepared anything today. I will have to do something fast like some quick chicken or burgers with veggies. And Hope Floats is one of my favorite movies! Love that video clip!
  8. Oh Meadow, I hope Lil Soph is ok. I am hand feeding Cooper cooked boneless, skinless chicken thighs that I shred a bit. That is the only way he eats. I add turmeric and a bit of pepper (for supposed healing properties). Also, I know it sounds weird, but try a spoon of cottage cheese. It is what got Cooper started back eating again. He hadn't eaten anything for about 5 days and had a short hospital stay for fluids. When he got home I was willing to try anything. I read and read and came across that theory of the cottage cheese and it worked!!! You can add flax seed oil if you want...that is how it was recommended in what I read but I just put a spoonful of cottage cheese on a plate and he ate it!!! I was overjoyed! He is holding on and has more pep now than he has in over a week. I will say a prayer for your pup! I know we love them so....
  9. Hey everyone I'm still lurking about. Been busy with work and the family but I catch up with the boards when I can. I've been kept amused by everyone (esp Meadow and her them)! And also have been amazed by some of the stories I have read. Very inspiring! Higs, I actually had to look up Hoppin John to see what it was. Lol! We used to have that a lot growing up! I love black eyed peas! Meadow, I hope your visit with your family is everything you are hoping for! I can't wait till my old pants hit the floor without "hitting my hiney" first!!!! That will be cause for celebration, a non-food celebration of course. I, too, usually reward with something like a pedicure, a facial, a new blouse, etc when it's something I'm excited about. Otherwise, I let the victory be the reward! Stay strong people. I'll be around posting when I can.
  10. Enjoying reading and catching up on everyone's progress. Sorry about your toe Meadow! Thankfully you can still swim. Save turning those tires down the road for another! My finger is almost all healed now, just a few scabs. I don't have all the feeling in the tip but I hope over time it will fully come back. Meadow...stay away from the bears! Cottage...forge on! You can do it! Laurie...I hope Steve is feeling better and you can slay that 'fruit' dragon! Dave...I love when my kids come home for break! Enjoy every minute! Everyone else I know I'm forgetting....stay strong!
  11. Mothers and daughters are indeed a touchy deal! As mothers we feel we can't daughters we feel we can't win! Go figure! Having a daughter helped me to finally understand how my husband feels towards me sometimes. And helped me to see where my mother was coming from all those years ago. Women are truly remarkable and complex beings! I agree with you Meadow, just bite your tongue, say thank you, and move on. It hurts no one to do that. Buy yourself what you want! Or return the item if you can without her knowing! That's love!
  12. Hi all. I'm with Meadow. If we move to another board it will probably die out. I'm not on a strict W30 but staying true most days. Other days are def paleo. Higs, glad you are enjoying your "hookup" anniversary! Lol! Laurie, depression is a life sucker. I know from personal experience. My motto is one day at a time. When it's a good day ride the wave and try to turn it into two, then three, etc. I know I feel my utmost best when I'm super strict with my eating. Meadow, my finger is healing up good. The stitches should come out tomorrow. Yay! And Cooper, my dog, is doing really well too! No chemo or anything like that but he is on daily prednisone and I changed his diet. I cook chicken and liver or ground beef and liver for him and add it to a food base for dogs. He won't eat his regular dry food. I add fish oil, olive oil or coconut oil, turmeric, vitamin E, and a bit of pepper. Some days he gets a treat of tuna and sardines. He is eating like a king for sure! He has his energy back - I think the combo of the prednisone and the diet is helping him. He is totally grain/sugar free so I guess he is a Whole30 dog! His coat is shinier than ever! I know I can say that he is a very happy dog for sure! Meadow, love me some Blake Shelton! And Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves!
  13. GrannieD

    Vitamin D

    Looking at the brand that Tom recommended, it seems that the glycerin is part of the soft gel itself. Not sure what else these could be made of and still be edible. Maybe that is where the confusion is coming from.
  14. Cottage, sorry to hear about your sister. Glad you are taking care of yourself as a result! Laurie, sorry to hear about Steve. I hope he is feeling better. Regarding the thread about depression, I felt the same way. I just quit reading it. Sorry about the people hitting your car uninvited!!! The nerve..... Meadow, I love the larabar song to the tune of "on top of old smoky"!!! Very creative!
  15. Oh Meadow, thanks for my finger picture show! Love it! As for Epstein is now lumped with fibromyalgia, lupus, Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and such. I still hear about chronic fatigue a bit though. All are part of the auto-immune/inflammatory spectrum (Lyme disease leads into auto-immune issues). Funny how things evolve huh? Cottage, so happy for your family involvement and early success!