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    This is hilarious!
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    Good morning all
    I slept 10 hours last night without waking once.  Yay Whole 30!  I was waking up every night before.  I got up this morning and threw away the rest of the nuts and raisins in my house.  Ouch.  But better to get rid of $10-15 worth of temptation than to wreck my w30, right?
    Yesterday I rode my bike a couple hours in the am.  My team was sponsoring a 'crit' a type of bike race, to benefit a local drug rehab center.   I wasn't racing, but I went to volunteer a couple hours in the afternoon.  I was hungry when I got home so I had a lamb chop instead of an apple or some nuts, as I probably would have before being educated by this nut rehab group!
    So my temptation yesterday was a big family supper.  My son in law is from the south and we were cooking traditional southern specialities.  It was fun to make, but nothing was W30.  I made shrimp cakes (like crab cakes) and made mine W30 by taking out my portion before adding the corn bread crumbs.  I passed on the sweet potato pie, cheddar biscuits, mint juleps, etc.  Usually we have a fun supper Sunday nights and have some wine, so I felt good about not caving to traditions.  Also I did not feel deprived or tempted.  Must have been all the  protein I already ate.
    Tonight is a black tie fundraiser for a local University.  My plan is to order a club soda with olives in it when I get to the cocktail hour and have the server take away my dessert if it is already on the table.  Plus not be too hungry when I go.
    Elsie, my road bike is a Specialized S-works.  I love my bike so much. She is like a friend.  We have worked out a lot of stress together over the miles and come home feeling joyful instead!  I feel so good every time I do something I didn't know I could do.  Also, I started racing cyclocross last year and got a Mountain bike for Christmas, also Specialized, a Rumor.  My town is unusual because we have 'Urban Wilderness' called Turkey Mountain that has about a hundred miles of mt. bike trails in town, along a river.  Fun!  But mainly I ride on the road.  It is the season for distance, and I will be doing a couple hundred mile rides this summer.
    I was a bookish kid, so I am loving the new athletic stage of life.  W30 is such a great part of it.  And this group is raising the bar on W30.    Today my college age son and daughter are supposed to start W30.  I'm am providing the meal planning, trusting them to follow through.  
    m1 leftover chicken curry with mushrooms peppers onions and scrambled egg
    m2 same!
    snack Lambchop
    m3  shrimp cake, sweet potato, butternut squash, and a Kombucha
    starting day 6.  definitely want tomorrow to be day 7, not day 1 again, so not not not going to be distracted from my goal tonight!
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    Good morning all! Idid my chores....and then some. Deck was scrubbed, so was the outdoor patio set. Swept the garage, hauled stuff to the dump, cleaned the master bedroom, scrubbed both tubs, mowed the yard, picked up sticks, worked on the hotrod, did the grocery shopping, went to church, cleaned the living room, did the dishes.
    Now I can go to work and rest!
    Clean walls, cabinets, countertops, and around door knobs today....................DO IT!
    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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    jmcbn - another gorgeous accounting of your meals and day in the Emerald Isle.

    You'll have to tell us about the gardens there, someday.  They're so lush and yes, you did invent the potato.  Is there alot of humidity right now in May?   Do you have a fireplace?  It's snowing up higher, I'm watching the mountaintops turn white....again.  
    We're having roasted pork chops, Irish potatoes, greens with beet tops, spinach, kale and butter lettuce.
    Roasted asparagus and green beans.  
    I had a lil ranch lady call me and ask me if I was still off the grains.  She's a famous world renown cookie baker.  I said, yes. She wanted to know where I was getting my B vitamins from...and she reminded me that there's protein in grains and legumes.   I didn't want to burst her bubble but I told her that multi crap (NOOO, I did not say that)...I said grains and legumes do not create protein - they create a double whammy of carbohydrates and if I have a B shortage I can always take a supplement - but so far, I don't have any shortages.  Then she said, surely you eat rice.  Nooo,  I don't eat rice and no white mashed potatoes with cream and butter.   Oooooo, how can you live like that?  I asked her if she was still making her famous chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles and carrot cake cookies?   Oh, yes, that's what I feed the hands for their breaks.   We loved her cookies but I told her I hadn't had a cookie, piece of cake, a donut, bakery roll, homemade wheat roll in a year.   I have no intention of adding those back in.  When you work hard on a ranch, you can eat cookies every day if that's your dealio.   Ain't my thang if you know what I mean, WD30 gang.
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    My great day continued. It has been a beautiful sunny afternoon here in central Europe so I have sat in the back garden indulging in two of my favourite pastimes: reading a good book & drinking tea. Sometimes the simple things in life are the best.
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    Ha! Those flying insects bite too - there's no such thing as a peaceful insect - apart from maybe a ladybird....   

    Saturday's are movie night with the boys so I'll be around for a while longer as they bicker between themselves as to what we should watch - I've suggested The Breakfast Club, or Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and if either if them suggest Alvin & The Chipmunck I'll be vetoing their decision     

    The feral child came back from his play date bouncing off the walls, and with a blue tongue   Obviously the other mum was willing to give them anything for a quiet life - no doubt he'll crash on the sofa soon. The first born didn't fair *too* badly in the All Irelands - he came home with a bronze medal, and the comment that those were the hardest games of chess he's played, ever. He won more than he lost though so he's happy enough.

    I've just had some side of salmon steamed in curried coconut milk - twas awesome - it's not the cheapest fish to buy fresh so I like to take advantage when it's on offer and it's currently got 50% off - hopefully they'll keep the offer running til next week so I can get some more....Very tasty!
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    Huh.  My relative - desert storm.  huh.  
    I'm cleaning.
    Did you know there was such a thing as neurosis of the liver?  Yep, there is.  The liver is traditionally shy and self-conscious but can turn green with envy.   Yep,  neurosis of the liver.  The liver can quiver when it's mad and will sling arrows.  The liver is a river when flooded with  bile.
    O Mighty Liver and Largest Gland
    Snug in my abdominal cavity
    Your function we understand
    Three pounds in weight
    But worth your weight in gold
    De-aminates the protein we eat
    De-saturates the fat, produces heat
    O Liver
    I think I Love You
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    Thanks for birthday wishes!
    Meadow - yes, most of us had at least one tour in the sandbox.....not sure if that had anything to do with it.
    Today is Saturday and I got up early and took the boat out with my youngest. I let him drive us out of the neighborhood and he did most of the "skippering" once we were on the water.....great boy.
    Going to straighten a few things today and then work on some cars, boats, mowers, stuff to keep my Saturday productive.
    Sunday is a day of rest.........................right after you clean your deck, porch, driveway, sidewalks....or all of them!
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    Good Saturday morning to all of you scattered around this beautiful earth.
    I'm just enjoying the view. This group rocks.
    Learning from you all each day
    We take the good with the bad in stride not missing a beat
    Gave me great ideas for new meals thanks
    I just found one by MBR gusopaleo meatloaf
    Oomazingly Moist... Well try it this week
    Keep working hard isn't the payoff is worth it?
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    Your mum's a healer CQ - that's great, although as you say not so great for your sister that she has to do the travelling - I'm with you, I'd have manned up & administered the meds!

    I'm up for an early gym session as is always the case on a Saturday - my boys go to their dad's on a Friday night so I get a session in before I pick them up on a Saturday. The eldest is at a the all Ireland Schools Chess Championship today but he's not so hopeful/confident of a win this time as he's heard that one of the schools from the South wins every year.... It'll do him good to learn to be a good loser too - he just doesn't realise this yet! The youngest has been invited to a friends to play - God help the other mum, that's all I can say - I've had the two of them here a fair few times and it's manic to say the least! Still it gives me the time to get those bathrooms sparkling & ready for the white glove inspection.... and to pick up a few bits and pieces at the store without finding a weeks salary's worth of extra 'treats' in the shoppng trolley   

    On the menu this week is jerk chicken, slow cooked chicken (lime & coriander maybe this week for a change!) & steamed salmon. I'll do my usual batch of oven roasted sweet potatoes, carrots & parsnips, and a big batch of sauteed greens - spring cabbage, leeks, courgettes, garlic & mushroom, and I'll throw in some chilli & sundried tomatoes to give it a bit of a kick. As always I'll have baby boiled spuds, avocados, olives, mackerel, tuna & sardines on tap along with salad veg, homemade may & beets - each meal will be some combination from all of these....   

    I really, REALLY wish the rain would stay off long enough for me to get the grass in my back garden cut - I had it sitting do pretty for a while there & now it looks all overgrown again 
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    whew! Extra long day at work! Sick call in resulted in being understaffed this eve, so we that were to leave at 7p were mandated to stay over an hour.
    M3 is an interesting concoction... liverwurst w/ mustard, Wildbrines salsa and baked sweet tater w ghee... I can eat about anything and it doesn't always have to be purty on the plate!
    Laurie, Great big humongous cyber hugs... wish it were the real thing too! Like Dave said, it ain't home... Full tilt boogie, baby...
    Dave, Happy 29TH! You're still younger than me!
    Meadow... well, just well like you said... <3 it all.
    jmcbn, thanks...
    Mom is now happily resting at home. Good news on top of good news of her coming home is that she did not have to keep the wound vac. Dr. was so thrilled with the improvement from Wed. to Fri that it came off and just has some kind of special dressing on it that can't get wet and has to be changed in his office twice a week. Not so good news, well except for my sister, sorta. Mom goes back to Dr. everyday this next week for IV antibiotic. Sis doesn't have to do it, she's glad, but she still will be traveling to town every day for the next week. I do believe she would rather do that then give the med. I'd rather give the med...
    G'nite WD30 family!
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    Laurie - it's close to home.....but its not home! Care for Steve and let the love and prayers from all of us help you through this tough time. I have found out that three of my friends this week are being consumed by cancer. None of them will make it. It's painful and it sucks. I woke up this morning and I was 48 years old. I know of 4 people that have died in the past 6 months that were younger than me. I am happy to be here, happy to be able to help you, or anyone that wants to listen to be ramble on. I'm happy to see another birthday. I've never had any major illnesses in life that threatened my life....and I know it's only because of luck. It will catch up with me some day, but only the good die young so I should be around for quite awhile. Hug Steve....enjoy the day. Don't walk thru life on egg and and jump! Tomorrow's mysteries are only solved by living thru the day! Live the life that meadow describes as "full tilt boogie"!  
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    Yes, Laurie is correct.  Use fruit juice for your recipes but not for drinking. 
    Laurie - so sorry to hear about the man in your support group.   I agree, a real shoulder is needed more than a virtual hug. We're here but there's nothing like the human touch.
    Lissfish - the friend does inspire me because he's already been Back to the Future.  He's treading the sharky waters of maintenance.   Maintenance is everything for someone with that much of a weight release. The body is loaded to the gills with cells that have sticky fingers.   Those cells will latch back onto any excesses (thrill eating)....take it and run away with all of your hard work before you know what happened. Rebound gain is the Danger Zone.   It can take 3 years and beyond to stick that landing.  
    Within 3 years, almost 80-85% have regained every single pound back. Fast weight loss no longer means anything to me now.  It doesn't move me at all.   What moves me...can I or anyone out there stick the landing?
    So "you" (anyone) lost 15-20 lbs in a month.  Is it still gone a year from now.  Whether it's 20 or 100 in a back a year later.   Did you stick the landing?  If you did, I want to know all about your secret keys that have unlocked the mysteries of weight stability.
    Everything he shares, I write down in my journal.  I ponder and mull it all over. He's had counseling and help from trainers, workout buddies.  Anyone can go through the motions and shuck 20.  It's called a diet which is a four-letter word.   Whole 30 is not a cleanse.  It is a Food Reset.  Weight release can be a positive side effect of a Whole 30.  If you engage the mind with the Food Reset, not only do you get improved metabolism and energy levels.... We retain muscle mass.   Yes, there is the fat burning process that happens because of improved insulin levels.
    With healthy blood sugar and thyroid function, the high quality proteins keep us full for 4-6 hours.  Then there is the boost to the immune system and the support of restful sleep and nightly cell renewal.
    Weight stability....waaaay in the future - that's all I care about and want for everyone here.  What are your firm plans going forward?
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    So pleased with myself - one hour walk plus bodyweight exercises (variety of pushups, planks, squats, lunges, chair step ups) this morning.
    Bad news had me in tears yesterday.  Steve is a member of a support group for myelofibrosis.  One of the guys who had a stem cell transplant two months before Steve is fighting for his life again.  The disease came back and turned into acute myeloid leukemia.  Hospital said 2nd transplant would be too risky and he is being referred to hospice.  We don't know this man but it hits to close to home.   
    I wish you all lived near me.  I could really use some wonderful people in my life right now.  I do have a few great people in my life but there is something very special about all of you.
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    Wait! No juice? I thought juice was ok. I don't drink it but I do marinate my ribs in it. Rut Row Raggy! 
    Good Friday Morning! We have a mix of rain and snow today (Isn't it May?) so I'm feeling a bit lazy again... or that could be my W30 Hangover. Plus yesterday was a crazy day at work. 80% of it was spent in meetings. Glad that only happens once a month. Sadly, I'm working this weekend. At a roping. Outside in the snow/rain/cold. Let's hope I skip the 'kill all the things' phase... otherwise there's gonna be some hurtin' cowboys. Haha!
    Going to pack my cooler full of the Big 3 - veggies, protein and fat. *Note to self: Make mayo tonight. Has to be food I can eat cold so I have 0 reason to hit up the concession stand. 
    Laurie - Prayers for your hubby. Glad to hear I'll have a partner for the marathon... 60, 90 or 120. 
    Meadow - Your friend is a true inspiration. Working out 2x a day... Makes me tired just thinking about it. Your post reminds me that I need to incorporate more fish into my meals. I'm not very adventurous and just stick to salmon. Not sure if I could do sardines. We'll see though.... one day perhaps. 
    As far as the Fat vs. Muscle thing - I think people were told that muscle weighs more so that they could wrap their heads around the fact that they weren't dropping weight. For those people that are slaves to the scale, I imagine it was tough and people seem to focus more on that number than say the numbers off a measuring tape. My scale is now in my cowboy's bathroom. It takes a whole lot for me to go in there. I refuse to clean it for him so I have to avoid it. Haha. 
    I miss when my dogs were big bellied lazy puppies... Guess I need another puppy to snuggle up to. LOL
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    Espie s saying what I'm thinking!
    Meadow is right there's no finish line
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    I'm dying over here! Living well I mean and lots of laughter
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    Espie....CC will be back but a year ago she said...ask yourself before you dive in...Protein, Vegetable or Good Fat.   I still do that today.  
    A strange thing happens the closer you move towards your setpoint.   The Body Bully starts fighting with you.   You would think it would cooperate.   Ahhhhh,  heckatoot,  Nooooooo.    The body keeps fighting with you and resisting every change right up until the moment you cave in and say...."I'm throwing the towel in and giving up."   
    You have to win every battle or lose the war.    It's like the body parts get together while you're sleeping and say,  "Let's  give her some more kicks in the hindend   to deal with".......oh yeah, Baby.  
    Let your guard down and the body parts move in on you like  Trojan soldiers.   They hide in your body and sneak up on you.....SURPRISE,   SURPRISE,  SURPRISE.

    They pretend they're innocent, using that Gomer Pyle voice but don't let that fool you,  they do take a bite.   Ooooooo,  you have to stay on point, on guard.   The battlefield is in the mind and when the Trojan soldiers all gang up on you,  you've got a real battle on your hands.   
    There is no finish line with your postive food management.   You have to create a strategy and firm plan for yourself going forward.   If you don't,   you'll be back here.   Keep your hineys glued to the saddle.   She's  GONNA BUCK!
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    Meadow, you are a gift. Keep on postin' girl. Keep on postin.
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    Good morning all
    Glad to know we are all well keeping it steady
    Granny D yes Meadow is hoot she keeps us lol
    Jmcbn thanks but I haven't purchased his book yet still try to duplicate mm
    April this thread was started again by dcducks1
    Sounds like we made it A ok through to the weekend
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    April that breakfast of yours looks very small and seriously lacking in vegetables! How many eggs did you have? You know that when eggs are your sole source of protein you should be having as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand? That's 3-4 for most people.... Serve those up, then fill your plate with veggies - include cooked ones (roasted are good) to fill you up better - if it's leafy veg you need a TON to keep you full for 4-5hrs... And be sure to take your coffee after you eat as it can be an appetite suppressant. Don't worry - we'll keep your right   

    The chores are something dcducks dishes out to keep us all focused on this journey.... they're good for the soul! 
    Oh, and re the fat v muscle debate? Point taken CQ!!   So glad to hear your mom is coming home...
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    Haha  Yes Meadow must be a mind reader!  Yesterday I had a smallish handful a fruit and nuts after dinner instead of desert.  This morning I read:
    Remember, if you want dessert....kick it to the curb with protein, good dietary fats and vege.  Reach for protein, don't reach for dried fruits and nuts.
    Of course I know you are right.  I will remember that today!  I already got my favorite, cashews out of the house, too easy to overdo!
    I am glad your Paw is on the mend, Meadow.  And thank you all for the nice welcome.  Fun group.  Love the Tasmanian devils!
    Day 2
    M1 coffee w egg and coconut cream
    M1 lettuce, radishes, carrot, cuke w O&V, and homemade chicken salad
    M3 Curried chicken with broccoli, yellow peppers, and mushrooms on cauliflower rice.  Plus those darn pecans and raisins, but just a few.
    What is the chore thing?
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    MeGA I think almost any recipe can be made whole30 compliant if you think outside of the box. Traditional Irish food has always been very wholesome, as being an island we have a vast supply of fresh fish, and the landscape provides us with an abundance of wonderful veg - we practically invented the potato!   
    Then grass-fed beef, and the wonderfully creamy Kerrygold butter - perfect for making ghee....
    Was there a particular recipe of his you wanted to adapt?
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    Morning all! Another 12 hour work day! Mom is coming home today!
    Meadow! Good news on Paw.
    Welcome April The more the merrier!
    Dcducks1, cleaned a hot spot in my bathroom and a junk drawer Wed. Will Finish that bathroom tomorrow as well as Wed challenge. Scouts Honor!
    Makin' this quick, gotta run here shortly.
    Fat and muscle... it's all in the context peeps! Yep, 5 lbs of fat and 5 lbs of muscle weigh the same, however 5 cc of fat and 5 cc of muscle don't therefore in that context muscle weighs more than fat...
    Hope everyone has a beautiful day!