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  1. WDW has a lot of information about their food. You can ask at any stand to see the allergens list. In the restaurants, they will work with you for special dietary needs. If possible, you can contact them beforehand, but unless you have an allergy, they don't really have a form for that. But they will work with you if you let them know you have dietary restrictions. We were there this summer. My husband is on a strict diet for medical reasons, and the chefs met with us at all the restaurants we ate and worked with him to provide substitutions or off-menu options that would meet his needs. Nearly all also have a gluten-free menu.
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    We were at WDW this summer, and my husband has a strict diet for medical reasons that's not too unlike Whole30. We also had a food allergy in our party. The restaurants at WDW are VERY accommodating if you let them know ahead of time, especially. But even if you don't, they will work with you. The chef often came to the table to discuss the food requirements and was able to adjust certain items on the menu and make substitutions. Most of the places have gluten-free menus as well.
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    If you haven't heard yet, chorizo is back for a limited time.