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  1. I am going to Sundance Film Festival for 4 nights, I have to go for work, but I want to stay committed to my January Whole30 the whole time. I’ve never been to Sundance but have heard stories about it being a huge weeklong party: drinking and staying up late, shmoozing, eating out, drinking, drinking and more drinking. Ack! Anyone been to Sundance on Whole30? Anyone going to be there this weekend and want to check in with me? Would appreciate all the help I can get.
  2. I started june 1st but its my 3rd Whole30 as well! And my second one of 2016. Glad to give each other support through the process. I feel like in some ways the second and 3rd Whole30's have been more difficult, though easier in some ways as well. Anyone else feel this way?
  3. Libberation

    Hi, I am starting August 11

    Starting today also!
  4. Libberation

    Starting Aug 11th

    Zyriel I am with you! I just finished a half-way Whole30 that I quit half way through because of traveling and blah blah blah excuses. I've fallen off the wagon and just don't like the way I feel and I'm tired of being so unhappy with my appearance/food/mental clarity. So here I go, back on the Whole 30 train to get things in order.
  5. Similar to @Carrots&Blueberries I ran into this problem last month when I started my second Whole30 and then had the opportunity to travel to Colombia for 10 days on a trip that wasn't part of work just a fun trip that I didn't have to pay for. I highly recommend starting now, then taking the 4 day break when you're on the trip and restarting when you get home. I did a "Whole7" before I went to Colombia and by the time the trip was over, I couldn't wait to get back to healthy eating, cooking for myself and always knowing what was in my meals. I couldn't wait to restart! and I think the warm-up period has made the actual first week a little easier. Go for it!
  6. Libberation

    Start date: July 6

    Cool I just joined the July 6 group on Facebook! This is my second Whole 30 and the first time I've ever put anything on any of my social media about it because I've been scared of what my friends will think. But I am hoping it will help motivate me to stick with it. I've had several false starts the second time around.
  7. Libberation

    Overeating RX Bars

    Thank you to the mods for your tough love and guidance. I think it is reasonable to give myself a pass on this one misuse of RX bars since I didn't eat anything non-compliant. But if it happens again, I will throw out the bars and start over. I can't stop thinking about how guilty I feel for eating those bars and I keep beating myself up. Its throwing off my Sunday. Totally not worth eating them! I'll just stick to the meal template from here on out.
  8. Libberation

    Overeating RX Bars

    I'm on Day 7 of my second Whole30. I just ate 2 RX bars and a little almond butter as a "snack." Should I start over? I guess technically all the ingredients are compliant, but I feel like a fraud calling this a meal. I woke up late today and so didn't eat my first meal until 1pm. Then, an hour and a half later I was already hungry again, but instead of eating another proper meal, i just reached for the energy bars with fruit and nuts in them. I don't know if this is grounds for a restart or if its just a lesson learned about eating enough for breakfast and if I'm really hungry not turning to fruit and nuts. (Hello fish and broccoli test!).
  9. Libberation

    Starting December 20

    I'm also starting today. Let's do it. I've been restarting all month and then going off plan on the weekend when some social event inevitably shows up. But I'm making it public this time to hold myself accountable. I'm more worried about New Year's Eve than about Christmas. Alcohol is in basically EVERY social situation in my life. Many of my friends are in the food/beverage industry so they are big drinkers.
  10. Libberation

    Starting December 1st

    I work two jobs. One as a bartender surrounded by delicious food all day. yikes. Jessica I also work as a bartender and will also be starting a Whole 30 tomorrow on December 1st! It will be my second Whole30. I'm happy to know there is someone else out there who works in the food/bev industry who is committing to this program, it can be difficult at times (I found it VERY difficult not to drink at work for the first few weeks of my first Whole30), but in the end it made work easier and made me better at it. I look forward to following your log! Libby
  11. Reintroduced dairy on my first day back, just some semi-firm sheeps milk cheese at lunch, but kind of a lot of it, like maybe 3 oz. It doesn't make my body feel too bad (yet), the main problem is that I just want to eat it forever and ever. I find it very difficult to eat a reasonable amount of cheese and then move on. So maybe its better to just keep it out of my diet entirely. Glad to have learned
  12. I relate to this as well! What is that about? I'm NOT hungry and then I start eating and then GET hungry as I finish? Then I just stop. And then I'm not hungry again for like 5-6 hours.
  13. I'm really nervous about reintro. This is my first Whole30 and I didn't believe it at first but: changing my food actually CHANGED MY LIFE. I never expected this program to have such an impact on everything. My mind is blown. Sure I don't ALWAYS feel awesome and energetic (I still have a lot of improvements to make in the sleep and caffeine departments), but I can't believe how good I feel when I wake up in the morning. And then all through the afternoon. And then still at the end of a 10 hour bartending shift when I've been on my feet the whole time and used to binge on nuts and cheese and wine to try and knock myself out after all the stress of work. These 30 days have been truly revolutionary for me. I have also struggled with eating disorders my whole adult life and this program has helped stop urges to binge and purge more than anything else I've tried and dare I say: it may even be curing me of it. (I know that's a controversial thing to say, if you want to discuss more in detail or have experience with this kind of thing, feel free to message me). So I'm scared to reintro! I'm scared that reintroducing one thing in a totally measured and scientific way will lead to the floodgates opening back up and I'll be giving in to cravings again. I'm also so comforted by the structure of the program that I'm afraid to open back up to all the choices I face about what to eat in daily life. I don't think its realistic for me to do a Whole365 (especially as someone with an eating disorder who loves to take things to the extreme), but I would love advice tips and other stories about June newbies who might be scared too.
  14. Libberation

    Overeating nuts

    Yes I am with you dfmcminn! I only came to terms with my "nut problem" about half-way through my Whole30 and really only managed to cut them out until last week (making it about 2 weeks without nuts). It was really hard to give them up. It actually made me sad. And its still hard not to eat them, I fantasize about it probably every day. That's how I know I have a problem! Its been quite illuminating cutting them out of my diet. I discovered that I treat them like dessert, that I crave them when I'm not hungry, that if I eat them out of a big container I will try and eat them until they are gone, that if I even just see them I want them (even if I've just eaten a big satisfying meal); basically that they have a powerful psychological hold on me. Good luck with your nut-free Whole30! What an exciting experience you have ahead of you. You can do it!
  15. Libberation

    Overeating nuts

    Thanks Ally, I like the idea of thinking of them as a condiment. They are not a snack anymore which is hard to wrap my brain around.