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  1. Transitioning from Keto to W30...

    Honeycrisp... Apples are so good this time of year. There's another member here from a line of highly trained chefs from France. Someone she knows went to a top notch European doctor and they said...."You know, fruits and vegetables didn't get you here." Preventing obesity and disease and food addiction is not about eating more food or swapping back in all of the carbs for fats. I can tell you that fruits and vegetables didn't have a thing to do with my original condition either.
  2. Underwhelmed and frustrated Melissa ^^ answers questions about being underwhelmed and why you should follow through with your Reintro Phase, regardless >> I know many are conducting W30's round after round after round without any breaks and reintro phases. She addresses that, too. R2D12. Round 2 Day 12. Round 10 Day 300. Follow through until 30. Stop and Reintro. Gauge how you feel with your former foods and go from there.
  3. What is the end game or results you're looking for. Are you making plans for your Reintro? If you are.... Throwing the towel in won't solve a thing. Melissa has a new Reintro article. It answers so many questions. You choose, tacking additional days on but whatever you do...follow through with the Reintro. "Thirty days of so much hard work completely wasted, because you’ve learned nothing about how these less healthy foods impact you. Don’t do that. Please. You’ve come this far—take the extra time to really reap the benefits of our carefully crafted reintroduction schedules. Be patient, and take the lessons you’ll learn in the coming days with you for the rest of your life. Rush this process, and you’ll be selling yourself short."
  4. Transitioning from Keto to W30...

    Read ISWF and then FFF. Food Freedom Forever. Yes. There are those who say you can live and stay in ketosis forever. Do you think you can....that is the question. Long-term sustainability. If there are insulin excursions with peanut m&m's and then hop back on the keto trail, bouncing back and forth, off and on - it's a choice to get off the merry-go-round with fear of food and carbs. Here's what Melissa says.
  5. It didn't work for me What would Melissa say? ^^ From what you've shared it is time to reintroduce. You are correct. You shouldn't try to wrangle around with it for 45, 60 or 90 days.
  6. Day 20 and Super Minimal NSVs

    I didn't find it negative. I think your W30 was meticulous, very competent and well thought out. You put alot into it and you want some results. Wishing you a smooth transition from W30 through Reintro.
  7. Day 20 and Super Minimal NSVs "The last word: Sometimes, people don’t think they’re feeling that much better until they start feeling worse again. Like, you’ll get to Day 31 and think, “I feel better but nothing ah-mazing,” but then you start to reintroduce and you’re all “OMG THIS FEELS LIKE CRAP! Is this (tired, foggy, craving, achy, blotchy, bloated, sluggish) REALLY how I used to feel?” Sometimes, you need the comparison for clarity. Just something to think about."
  8. Nervous about reintroducing foods!
  9. I don't need cream in my coffee. Come inspire all of us with your good decisions.
  10. One Good Whole30 choice I made today is:

    If I had to choose between thin and fit - I would choose fit every time. Does being thin really make you happy and free. There are people who weigh well over 300 lbs and they're happy and free. "Thin" doesn't come to them as a side effect of being happy and free. Being thin isn't the same as being healthy. Thin people may have a genetic variant that still puts them at risk of T2 or heart disease. Being thin does not guarantee perfect health. It's virtually impossible to judge Happy Awareness and Freedom by looking at the outward signs of being thin, thin, thin. I don't equate being thin with happiness or freedom. The assumption that thin or skinny people are always happier is not always true. Life is too short to find all of your happiness in being thin. It's not easy to find happiness within our innermost being and it's almost impossible to find it elsewhere.
  11. September 18 start date

    Happy, Thin and Free. ^ Outwardly thin doesn't always equate to happiness or freedom. Outwardly thin can become a lifelong obsession right up until the last breath. I know older folkaronies who restrict their food, rock that thin thigh gap and they're not free or happy. They're pin thin with thin hair that looks like twigs from a lifetime of dieting, restricting food and tanking their thyroids. Go to the mirror, blow yourself a kiss and say, I love you. You're amazing.
  12. The true essence of the grape is revealed when it's squeezed.
  13. You and I both know that I am ready to go. Blow through those doors like TNT. I've blathered, foamed, talked to myself. Did it help me? Yes. It did. I miss the friendship of everyone who used to be here. They're long gone. Positive young grasshoppers all over this world are cut down in their youth with addiction of every kind. We look to our friends for support. We appreciate them. Friends who rescue us, encourage us and help us fly again. Good, good friends. Goodbyes make me cry. I'll be swinging back in here from time to time, defending my pea patch. I'll be reading the forum like others do.
  14. I have a program and a doctor that I sit down with...Face-To-Face for accountability and support. I have a positive food management plan and I don't log my food because I know the drill. I don't share what I do or where I go because you need to find your pathway to recovery. How long has this been going on? Too long. The Food Addict's greatest lifelong struggle will be fighting against Relapse. The alcoholic has to give up drinking. For real. No one leaves A.A. with the idea that they can continue to drink and call themselves sober. Food Sober is everything. Recovery is my friend. It brings me peace. I can manage my food and it doesn't manage me. Food Addiction affects every area of your life. In the midst of full blown addiction, it can kill your dreams. Rob you of your self-esteem and it becomes the center of your wheelhouse. Food Addiction is a driver. It will drive you right into the ground. A downward spiral. I've used my W30 as one of my tools for recovery. I've only completed one compliant W30 on the first part of this journey in 2014. I used my W30 as the launching pad for food addiction recovery. I'm not starting over. I don't need to. The weapons of mass destruction are brutal for food addiction. Any addiction. Sliding back off the goose into a looser state of food abstinence- food sober state happens when the pain of food addiction subsides. This happens to addicts over and over and over again. Total Relapse. The body and mind are in cahoots with one another. They really don't care if you ever become Food Sober or any kind of sober. They are willing to give you the ride of your life. The body wants what it wants and the mind is hailbent on helping it out. Day after day. Year after year. During my recovery, I've learned to stop brutally beating myself up by continuing to eat the food offenders I cannot manage. The 1st year is the most difficult. Giving myself permission to continue eating them would not have led to my recovery. Your pathway to recovery may be very different. The Eating All The Things was the real-beating-myself- up that needed to STOP. Medicating myself with food did not bring me peace or comfort. My highest surrender was the pinnacle of my life and at the time of the greatest pain. When the pain subsides, sliding back off the goose with a Relapse can happen. I don't want to be in those stats and those numbers that say less than 5% of the people on the face of the planet can maintain their Recovery. So I fight and I PULL. That's what this has been all about. Recovery comes first so I don't have to continue to beat myself up with food.
  15. Bottomline. ^^ Remember this. Where the rubber meets the road.
  16. Motivation is a gift. Don't take it for granted. Learn how to motivate yourself and ride that wave. When you become beached, get back UP on your boogie board and do the Full Tilt Boogie. Your thank yous may not ever be forthcoming in this world. No one is going to thank you for learning to manage yourself or learning how to learn. That's just the hard cold truth. Adulting it all the way. Children have to learn how to do their homework. A parent who does all of the homework for them is not doing them any favors. They can become dependent upon your willingness to do everything for them for the rest of their lives. I've worked with special needs children and they enjoy learning to learn, too. Learning to love helping them learn is the most wonderful feeling and experience in the world. Food Addiction Recovery is not about creating more distractions for yourself. You have to replace old destructive habits with brand new positive ones. That's what this has been all about. I created a positive food management plan. W30 was a huge part of my positive new habits that allowed me to manage and motivate myself. I made it. The journey back home. How do you walk away from something that you've learned to love the most. Why can't I. I'm not ready. Today is the fall equinox. The long shadows the sun is casting are falling lower in the sky. The melodies of the summer are over. Winter makes everyone so drowsy and it's good to make it home safely.
  17. I've read all of the Whole 9 posts and Whole 30 manifestos while I've been tooling along the road to recovery. I know where to find all of Tom D.'s greatest hits. I reread them, too. Food addiction progresses. It does not go away. It is a driver that ruins lives. I go back to the well for support. Those who are willing to do the research learn the most. Food Addiction Recovery is all about learning to manage yourself. Draw on your research, professional help and be willing to seek out what you need from many different sources. There's safety with a multitude of wise counsel. Managing yourself. We teach children how to learn by developing their skills and abilities. Children don't learn when you do everything for them. It stunts their development and natural curiosity. A parent that does everything for the child creates fear. Fear of stepping out into the world and leaving the nest. There have never been so many children still living at home over the age of 30 as there are now. They may never leave home. Learn to learn.