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    Starting 1/4/16

    Ya'll, I hesitate to write this because I don't want to discourage anyone else, so please just take this as my individual choice and not something you should do, but... I'm bowing out. I'll post more in my whole30 log thread, but it's not necessary to share it all here. Please know I'm cheering you all on and hope that the Whole30 is as wonderful for you as it has been for me in the past.
  2. b.c.

    Starting 1/4/16

    Our department heads had a lunch meeting and brought all of the leftovers down for the rest of us - wraps, salad (that is delicious and I normally would go for, but it's covered in goat cheese), homemade tortilla chips with this amazing pepperjack queso, and a dessert tray full of bon-bons... and my coworkers commented on my "willpower" for not eating any of it. (Is this willpower? I don't think it is... IDK. If I was going on willpower alone I think I'd be done by now!) Truth be told - I was much more excited about my lunch that I had packed from home I have 2 questions for the group: 1. Have you wanted to "kill all the things" today? Been cranky with anyone? Spill. 2. Is anyone else plagued with "can't sleep through the night because I have to get up and pee" issues like me? Every Whole30 I've done has been like this and I don't get it. I sleep like the dead, but I can't make it through the night without having to get up at least once. I even cut-off my fluid intake after 5 - usually keep it less than 8 oz from that point on and then nothing after 8... surely I'm not alone?
  3. b.c.

    Starting 1/4/16

    Did Whole Foods not have the Tessemae's? Ours has a few - in the refrigerated section by the vegan mayo and the packaged salads and such. I love to just use a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper (optional), and a bit of fresh lemon juice - so good! I've even just used the olive oil, salt & pepper in a pinch since it's easy for me to keep the oil on hand in my desk at work.
  4. b.c.

    Starting 1/4/16

    Hi everyone! I've started today, as well. This will be my 5th Whole30 and I'm looking forward to it. Go team!
  5. b.c.

    Digestive Enzyme help?

    Thanks, Derval - I definitely should have googled it first. Incidentally, after reading the ingredients, I now understand why my mother couldn't take this supplement - she's discovered she's allergic to kale Yet another reason to read labels closely (and do allergy testing BEFORE purchasing all sorts of supplements like this.)
  6. b.c.

    Digestive Enzyme help?

    Thank you for the recommendation and the reminder to read the label. I will just have to see what's available to me locally I suppose
  7. During my June Whole 30, one problem I had consistently was... digestive... in nature. Everything I tried tweaking (water, probiotics, fermented foods, more fat, extra fiber) didn't really resolve it. DH and I are gearing up for a Whole 30 starting August 11. My mom sent me some digestive enzymes she bought from her nutritionist that didn't work for her (Standard Process brand Enzycore 4060) and I was hoping they would work for me, but the last ingredient listed is maltodextrin. I know that would be out for a Whole 30, so my question is... Any recommendations for another product? Does anyone ever make a personal exception for a med like this? I just can't imagine another Whole 30 going 5-6 days between ... bm's.
  8. b.c.


    mokiki - try shucking and freezing a few ears just in case. this is how my family always had "fresh" corn from our garden all year long. Incidentally, I've found I'm quite sensitive to corn now... couldn't rule that out before the Whole30 though.
  9. b.c.

    I think other moms hate me.

    Maybe even a, "it's really not that hard and tastes great" or an offer to show them how if they seem interested. or, like GlennR said, just stand your ground and don't worry another second about it
  10. b.c.

    What is the difference?

    Good ol' Tom with the reminder of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit They really are a lifesaver at times, and yes, I'd much prefer these to Larabars any day of the week. I agree with catching the spirit of the Whole30 - I think it requires being a good sport on those cranky days until you really push through and see that it's worth it.
  11. b.c.

    What is the difference?

    I'm with you, birder. Before switching to paleo, I started off the year with a resolution not to buy "treats" that I could make at home. I enjoy baking, and try to use top quality ingredients, so I reasoned that if I wanted a treat, I would bake it with good quality ingredients at home instead of buying junk from the store. When we switched to paleo, the same held true. I'm not going to eat Larabars - I think they are disgusting and I'd much rather make something like that for myself, if I'm going to eat it, than to eat something store-bought. While on the Whole30, I just skipped these things... which definitely made traveling more complicated... It took a lot more planning and packing and cooler space, and there was no plan b that I could pack away in my bag. Thankfully, it worked out for me... but I agree in the struggle with understanding the difference between making your own version of a Larabar (or other things like it) for "emergencies" and having a store-bought one. I know some times I found myself simply going without food because what I'd planned fell through and I didn't have an acceptable alternative.
  12. I'm still here! I had trouble with my account for a bit and also was on vacation. My reintros have not gone well. I think I may have a real problem with dairy, or at least with the cheese and ice cream I've tried. It wasn't the best quality, though, so I'm hoping to try again in a week or two with some better options. I also have a real problem with non-compliant oils... they make me terribly sick, which is okay for the most part but annoying when you get a dose that you weren't aware of/expecting. I'm not sure if it was the oils or the dairy that gave me my first acne outbreak in over a month, but it happened and I'm a believer... gotta take this slow. Today I had a piece of baked chicken and a sweet potato for breakfast. Not the best meal, I know, I needed another veg, but it was what I came up with this morning in a hurry. I put a half teaspoon of sugar in my coffee and can't tell any difference, so back to black for me. How are you all coping with other areas of your life besides food in regards to the Whole 30/reintros, etc. Any break through moments?
  13. This isn't about me, but I just had to share somewhere... I think I told you all in our other support thread that what got me started on this journey, aside from a desire for greater personal health, was to help my dh improve his health. In January, his a1c was 8.9 and the doctor wanted to start him on insulin, but she gave him 3 months to get his diet under control and see what progress he could make on his own with the help of some jentadueto. DH had his blood panel this week and we just heard from the doctor - no official numbers,but she is taking him off the jentadueto and putting him on a much lower dose of metformin only - and she said that if his progress continues, in 6 months she foresees being able to take him off of all meds. Amazing what eating healthy can do! I can't wait till we get all of his numbers in the mail - I'm curious to see how his cholesterol and triglycerides have changed, too. DH said the doctor was floored when she saw his 30 lb weight loss yesterday and said, "You got skinny! This is from paleo? Did your wife get skinny, too?" Well... we are definitely on our way, that's for sure Edit to add: DH and I talked last night about what other improvements he'd like to make, and I believe I've convinced him to give the meal template a go. We are planning to do a Whole 30 together in September!
  14. b.c.

    Bulletproof Pros & Cons

    What day are you on? It probably took me 7-10 days of eating breakfast every day and eating dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime before I was actually hungry for breakfast. Keep up the good work - you will discover what works best for you within the meal plan parameters.
  15. I'm not in a hurry to do reintros. I finally bought the book last night because I am that concerned that I will do this wrong and lose my progress. Like they say, though, I know I can't stay in the bubble forever. We are going to spend several days with my inlaws and I almost think it will be easier for me to stay 100% compliant than it will be to try reintros. But dh is planning to grill ribs for everyone with his favorite spices and sauce, and that means a little added sugar... Maybe staying compliant except for having that one day would be an experiment in itself? Idk.