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    The crazy things people say

    DH and I are 30, but we lead a college aged group at church. When we started the year, DH had about 50 lbs to lose (per his doctor's request... and I know, I know, it's just a number) and I had about 70 to lose. We are both doing really well with our whole food/real food lifestyle changes and have each lost more than 30 lbs. However, we don't really talk about this - it's just been our private thing. Last week, a lot of people seemed to be taking notice of our weight loss. We thanked them for the compliments and went on with our discussion, but the kids proceeded to try and make recommendations for us - we should try biking, have we thought about joining a gym, why have we cut this out, etc. etc. We just let them talk. When we were in college, we were skinny minis, too. We ate take out and pizza and all kinds of junk food, sodas all day every day... and we thought we were healthy because we weren't overweight, too. What we have learned is that the S.A.D. catches up with you eventually, and that just because you are thin doesn't mean you are healthy... We are healthier now, still being overweight, than we have been in years. DH and I just smile and, after the kids have left, we say to each other that you can't argue with our results... and we are doing just fine.