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  1. LIEvans

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Just read this and found it motivating: To Have What You Want, You Must Give-Up What's Holding You Back
  2. LIEvans

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Today was my most challenging day to date. We had people over and I really wanted to be able to eat what they were having. But I persevered. They say the second Whole 30 is harder than the first, and so far I’m finding that to be true. I don’t remember the last one being this hard.
  3. LIEvans

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    @Mama Pajama, I think I might not be eating enough.
  4. LIEvans

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    So I have Peloton bike and I stopped riding it for the first week because it's a pretty intense workout. Today I decided to give it a go and only rode for 15 minutes, at an easy pace. It was still too much! I've been gassed for the rest of the day.
  5. LIEvans

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    OK, I’m doing better. For now. But man o man this morning I was ANGRY about things that were, granted, annoying, but nowhere near worth the level of energy I was cooking up about them.
  6. LIEvans

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

  7. LIEvans

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Anybody else farting a lot? #alldemveggies
  8. LIEvans

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Anybody else into posting their meals on Instagram? I’m not posting all of them, but I loaded up with stuff from Barefoot Provisions and am having fun showing my creations at: Come say hi!
  9. LIEvans

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    I'm feeling slightly foggy-headed and fatigued. Nothing too extreme, but it's definitely there. My past experience says this will last for another 10-12 days. I feel lighter already, too. I'm peeing like a faucet. Shedding that water weight!
  10. LIEvans

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Hi, all. Starting my 2nd Whole 30 today. (OK, I think it might be my fourth, but since I've only completed one Whole 30 successfully I'm calling this my second.) My box of meals from True Fare is arriving today. That's certainly what saved my hide last time! I had a bit of a "farewell" binge last night so I'm feeling a bit yucky this morning. Looking forward to getting through the first two weeks and into the good part!