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  1. Alibug

    Fitbit & Half marathon

    I completed a Half Ironman Tri during W30. I used lara bars, coconut water mixed with water and oranges during the race. I felt amazing. Good luck!
  2. Alibug

    Fuel during and for long runs - 2nd whole30

    Peytonsmom, during long bike rides I am taking in a Lara bar each hour. It seems to work during the activity. Before I have a fruit and 2 eggs. I am sticking to Whole30 approved foods, but mixing up the way I eat them other than the pre and post meal prescribed method. I eat a sweet pot and egg after as well, along with another fruit.
  3. Alibug

    I can't believe I did this

    Congrats to you!!!
  4. Alibug

    30 Down, Plenty More To Go!

    Soon50, I think already following a paleo-ish life style completely helped. I was used to eating this way, so not having to take out the junk was a bonus (there really was no junk to take out - other than my weekend free day). I was very suprised at the difference in how I felt though. I didn't think it would be that drastic, but it was. I think you will really enjoy it.
  5. Thank you guys for the guideance. I will check out the blogs. Nice to hear from someone that has done it manly Whole 30 too!
  6. When I started Whole 30, I would get on this forum and love to read the success and completion stories. I figured I would read them, but I am not the type to disclose my own results. Well, here I am writing.... I am a pretty active person and love reading about nutrition. Back in 2003 I got out of the Army and found my normal 160 frame sitting at 186. The heaviest I have ever been, except when I was pregnant. Something had to change. Back then I started "Body for Life"...working out, and eating 6 meals a day and one free day each week. I had great success with it and lost 34 lbs in 12 weeks. But, it did not teach me about the importance of nutrition, inflammation and hormones. I continued to keep the 6 meal a day method until 30 days ago. Through the years I did go to a paleo-ish style of eating. I kept my artificial sweetened protein powders, my 6 meals a day and of course how could I give up a free day (which sometimes turned into a weekend). 30 days ago my buddy asked me if I wanted to do Whole 30. Sure I did, I eat pretty much that way during the week, and maybe I will tone up a bit. I am 5'7" and always sit scale heavy, roughly 155-160, which I am fine with. I do not get on the scale, except for doctors appointments but my size 8's were getting snug. My only two worries were giving up coffee (well as much as I drink of it and cutting off before noon) wine and a free day. I was also convinced I would starve only eating three meals a day, and what I thought was a tiny pre and post meal. I read "It Starts With Food"...and LOVED it! It was easy to read and made sense. I felt great the first week (minus a few days of headaches I am assuming from the lack of coffee). I came to the weekend and did not even miss my free day. The first three days I was hungry, but my body soon adjusted to three meals. I almost felt liberated (little dramatic I know) but I no longer had to prepare 6 meals for work, and sit down to eat them every two hours. My 6 meals turned more into a constant graze. I did not miss wine. Prior to starting alcohol was making me feel like crap. My body just does not tolerate it the way it used to. So why do that to myself every weekend? I will allow myself to drink occasionally in the future, but it will not be a weekly planned event anymore. I love to cook, so that was not a issue. I did try a few new recipes I love. I have missed you. You alone brought many new meals to my world! I also find that other than paying for organic or grassfed, this does not dent your wallet like you think it would. At this point I will continue on. Yesterday I started training for a half ironman. I am going to stick the plan and see how to adjust it to the demanding training. After research I have decided to include a 4:1 carb:protein gel in my longer workouts. My big learning curve: Of all the nutritional plans I have tried, this by far has made me feel the best. It is crazy to me by tweaking a few small things; less coffee, no protein powder, no alcohol, no freeday and 3 meals a day, how satisfied I feel and how I do not feel deprived. In a nut shell: * I sleep awesome!!! I would wake up around 8:30 on weekends before, now between 5 and 6 feeling totally rested. I fall asleep about 10 minutes after I lay down and sleep well. * Not tired at all mid day. * My clothes fit 8's fit great. I did not get on the scale prior to. * My workouts (crossfit) are stronger * My skin looks awesome. I have always struggled with acne, now it is minimal and I feel like my skin is softer. * I usually take bee pollen for allergies, I have not had to take it in about 2 weeks. * My shoulder and Achilles tendonitis has subsided, not gone but the pain is less. I am very excited to see how the plan works with training.
  7. Alibug

    Unbearable Smug Show Off...

    This made me laugh. Congratulations!
  8. Hey Lucie, I was pretty vague...sorry. This will be my first, and it is actaully not one of the Ironman series. It is the Patriot's Half in Williamsburg, VA. I have read that a lot of people use the gels. I have 4:1 carb/protein ratio gel that I use (prior to my whole 30, I am on day 19 now). Also, Paleo for athletes does endorse using a protein powder for recovery. If I decide to use protein powder it will be SFH (grassfed, no artificial sweetners). The training plan is 12 weeks 11-13 hours of training a week. Since the beginning of my whole 30 I have been crossfitting and never felt a drop in energy. I ate very similar to this prior to starting (except a weekend freeday, protein powder and peanut butter), so I think that helped in not losing energy. I appreciate your advice and glad you have had success with it!
  9. I will start training for a half ironman on 16 Jun. I have also read Paleo for Athletes which has some good info. Just curious if anyone has and their thoughts?