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    higs got a reaction from DWYDEB in Newbie starting today June 4   
    Hi team June 4!  Get lots of rest this week and be sure to hydrate well.  If you're anything like me, expect to be groggy and spacey for a couple days.  My experience is that the first positive W30 benefit I experience is deep, wonderful sleep usually after just a couple of days.  And energy and clearheadedness follows a couple days after that.  Have fun!  Welcome to the ride!
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    higs got a reaction from Brocha in Newbie starting today June 4   
    Checking in.  Morning all, Day 4 already! I had a 6:00 am workout with my strength coach today, and boy did I feel sluggish.  Like, c'mon, legs!  Halfway through I remembered I'm in the first week of a Whole30.  That would explain it!
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    higs got a reaction from Miyyahamira in Old hat due a reboot - June 4 start!   
    Hi gang!
    I'm excited and a little nervous to be back here again after quite a long time away!  I've been around the Whole30 block a few times but not recently (are there any old Dirty30-ers around the forum anymore?), and old habits have crept on back.  I'm due and overdue a reset, and I'm looking forward to new lessons and habits and recipes - I've learned something new with every W30, it seems.  This time around, I'm hoping to really nail the pre- and post-workout meals since I never got that dialed in.  And I'm always game for new recipes.  And I'm eager to get back to that blissful, deep, Whole30 SLEEP!!
    Starting today with my old familiar "meal one" after a big cookup last night.  Breakfast:  an Aidell's chicken apple sausage (compliant and delicious), roasted Brussels sprouts, mashed white sweet potato with ghee, and avocado.  This meal will fuel me for 5-6 hours and is my favorite meal of the day. Oh, and black coffee.  Never have quite gotten used to that...
    I broke my ankle earlier this spring while training for a marathon (stupid pothole) and am now easing back into running after putting on a few pounds after a more sedentary life this spring than what I've been used to.  I'm mentally preparing myself for a sluggish couple of weeks - then ENERGY.
    Day 1, here we go!  I hope some peeps out there in the W30 universe will join me for the ride.  Company and support makes so much difference!
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    higs reacted to Loulabelle in Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts   
    He is, he cooks for me all the time and makes sure it follows protocol. He even eats this way to support me. 
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    higs got a reaction from Loulabelle in Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts   
    What an awesome boyfriend, Loulabelle!
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    higs reacted to MeadowLily in Where have all the people gone?   
    People come and go.   I've heard it picks up after the holidays.  It can be lonesome but at some particular time in life, we all have to inspire ourselves.  Our bodies don't care if our mind is not inspired, it will go along for the ride no matter what we do.
    I miss my original group.  Back in the day when I started, the tougher stance on scales, weight loss talk was tightened up.  It's understood and appreciated why it had to be that way.   I like that no-nonsense, no messin' around kind of kick in the rear-end stance.  Mr. Tom has been here a long time.   He's seen and heard it all.  Nothing surprises him....and yeah, I like his style and everything he writes.   GFChris...ditto.
    They don't soften the blow or pretty it up.     
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    higs got a reaction from MeadowLily in Where have all the people gone?   
    I bet it will start picking up after the weekend.  If you sort the forums by "most replies," you'll see that those with Jan 1 start dates are super active, and July 1 start dates are right up there too.  I'm hoping to start my second Whole30 at the end of the summer, and I'm afraid the forum will be lonely then.
    Good luck with your W30!
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    higs got a reaction from MeadowLily in Whole30 backpacking trip   
    Thank you both for your feedback!  I have a little carton of sweet potato soup that I was thinking of bringing for breakfast, but it's quite heavy.  I might tuck it in after I load my pack if the extra weight isn't too much.  Eggs are a great idea but I think it's going to be quite hot.  I haven't been able to find any freeze dried eggs that aren't loaded with non compliant extras.  I have never tried the coconut butter packets - just googled them and they look perfect (I'd bring that instead of avocado).  Hopefully I can find some around here.
    I was at Walmart the other day and saw an enormous display of emergency rations that included lots of freeze dried veggies and so on.  It looked gross, and yet compliant.  The quantities (71 servings??) were way too much for what I need, though.