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  1. GlenG

    Hot Potato

    Now if I can just not burn my sweet potato chips.
  2. GlenG

    June 1st Support Thread

    My last day is over.
  3. GlenG

    Family of 3 Starting July 7th

    I've done every diet, tracked food, etc and this is quite different. My wife and our college age son did it, well are doing it. 2 days left! You can do it just be prepared to cook A LOT, and the meat is not cheap but think of all the money you'll save not eating out.
  4. GlenG

    UGH! Red Lobster

    I had steamed crab legs, for the first time, and they were great. I just didn't use the butter.
  5. GlenG

    June 1st Support Thread

    I've been 4 times, twice Chipoltle, once Red Lobster, and once IHOP (horrible steak)
  6. GlenG

    June 1st Support Thread

    A day behind but still going strong. I am getting burned out of the dining out experience being Chipoltle's single option though.
  7. GlenG

    day 31 and the wheels came off

    I'm 10 days away from being done and I wonder sometimes what that 31st day will be, but I think that will be the first day in a long time I'm going to really PLAN that day what I'll eat. It's either going to be cheese or a tortilla. You did great, don't let day 31 slip into the rest of your life. Get back to basics and focus on the wonderful things you did over the past 30 days.
  8. On the bright side, you won't be eating out that much for the next 30 days.
  9. GlenG

    Hot Potato

    btw, the only damage I notice is the light inside the microwave isn't as bright as it used to be but then the reflective white surface still has some soot/smoke damage on it.
  10. GlenG

    A cure for food obsessions?addictions?

    YES!!! I used to go to sleep at night thinking about what food I would eat the next day and that's totally gone now!! I don't care what I eat next and I'm only on day 20.
  11. GlenG

    Hot Potato

    I made one last night. 2 minutes, flipped it over for another 90 seconds. It was perfect.
  12. GlenG

    June 1st Support Thread

    Some time get some raspberries and smash them up into a topping or kind of sauce and put that w/your sweet potato coins. Like a dessert.
  13. GlenG

    Hot Potato

    It's working fine but I still have some smoke stains to remove.
  14. GlenG

    Hot Potato

    So, the recipe said 12-15 minutes for a baked sweet potato. At around 9 minutes I heard the plate explode went into the kitchen and saw the potato completely engulfed in flames. It totally burned down to ashes. So how long should a sweet potato take?
  15. GlenG

    Here's what just happened

    We set a start time of June 2nd and really weren't the best prepared for it. Seemed like we were always running to the grocery store, etc. But we've made it half way today! You can do it!