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  1. Whole 30 + Low Histamine

    I am also gearing up to do a Whole30 Low Histamine protocol. Just when I thought Whole30 was restrictive enough, this is going to be really hard! I would love to hear how you have been doing with it.
  2. I started on Jan. 4th. So far so good. I did my first Whole30 in June/July and did a second what turned out to be a Whole16 in October (I stopped when I got strep throat.) I had lost 31.4 lbs since I started. I did gain back 6.4 lbs during the holidays, I was still able to wear my new smaller size pants, but could tell they were feeling tighter. After 7 days, my pants are feeling less snug, so I can tell it is working. I made Chocolate Chili for the first time this round and it was so good! In fact, I am having it for leftovers for lunch today .
  3. Marinara Sauce

    I just found two compliant marinara sauces yesterday at Costco, I also used to get one at Trader Joe's.
  4. Kirkland Fish Oil 1200 mg Enteric Coated

    It sounds like the glycerin is in the coating of the capsule, so I'm thinking maybe I could squeeze the oil out and just take that. I noticed my Vitamin D has vegetable glycerin, wondering if that is okay?
  5. I'm trying to figure out if the fish oil I bought is compliant or if I need to return it and try something else. I cannot afford the one that is recommended. I bought the Kirkland Fish Oil 1200 mg Enteric Coated, the ingredients: Fish Oil Concentrate, Gelatin, Glycerin, Food Glaze. Contains <2% of: Mixed Natural Tocopherols, Monoglycerides, Polysorbate 80, Enteric Coating (Sodium Alginate). Below it says contains fish (anchovy, mackerel, sardine) ingredients. The EPA is 410 mg and the DHA is 274 for one pill. Do not see anywhere that is says contains soy which I know would rule it out. I was going to buy Pure Alaska Omega™ Wild Salmon Oil 1,000 mg which seemed to have less questionable ingredients, but the amounts of EPA and DHA is less for two pills as it is for one pill of the Kirkland one, so I am hoping the Kirkland one is okay.
  6. I am planning to eat out for the first time since starting Whole30 and I am not sure what to choose. Based on the menu from this restaurant, what are my best options? Breakfast will be out, because we will not be making it there in time. Their regular Lunch and Dinner Menu Their Gluten Sensitive menu I am thinking the Gluten sensitive menu would be my best option, but I am not sure. They possibly use sugar in some of the sauces, so it's so hard to know what would work with Whole30.
  7. Thanks for the article MissMary, I need to add to my veggie list, I don't like a lot of veggies so it's good to know that I can change my taste for them. I also didn't think I liked sweet potatoes, but I've really come to enjoy them.
  8. Best info on making Clarified Butter

    This is the one I followed, only have made it once, but it worked out good. How to Make Clarified Butter
  9. Try this: watermelon water

    I'll have to try that, thanks for posting!
  10. What foods do you dream that you ate that are not compliant? Last night I dreamed that I ate a Popsicle and had to start over. One of my first nights I dreamed that I ate a donut and then I hid it and ate it when no one was looking and that I was going to just eat compliant when people saw me eat. Which is a ridiculous notion, I am doing this for myself not for others.
  11. do I have to start over?

    I think you have a good plan, I think you should enjoy your vacation too without having to worry about finding compliant food. Try to eat healthier choices when you can, and that will help you along the way. Good plan to start over when you get back.
  12. I could never give up _______

    Creamer in my coffee is a big thing for me too, now I use canned coconut milk, works great and helps me get my fat in my Meal 1.
  13. do I have to start over?

    Don't let some roast beef get the better of you. You have already done the hardest part in my opinion and that is making a commitment and actually starting. Give yourself a pat on the back for that and I totally get the posting on FB, so if you haven't already, post that you started the Whole30, make it your cover photo, and tell everyone you are doing it. That in itself will make people very proud of you. You'll get better at this, it gets easier. I am on day 8 and going into my second week was so much easier than going into my first week. I was a lot more comfortable shopping for groceries last night than I was last week. You can do this!
  14. I could never give up _______

    Physibeth, that is a great response! I usually tell people it's only 30 days and that they could do it. It's true, it's not that they can't they really just don't want to.
  15. Help With My Mom's Whole30

    I agree with everything so far, she has to do it on her own time when she is ready. If you keep showing her the positive effects that it has had on you, it may motivate her to really take it seriously. Hopefully she will come around soon. So for now, just be there for her, pray for her (if you pray), and encourage her when she is ready.