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  1. Thanks, Hutlifr. I have been to that link, but it still doesn't explain the reasoning behind introducing three things (from one food group) in one day. I am curious as to why this is suggested. Thus far, I've only reintroduced dairy 1/day on a few separate days. I would like to better understand the science. I am certain eating dairy three times in a day would not be good for me, but the occasional dairy seems okay.
  2. Hello, I am a bit confused on re-introduction. The link to the schedule above says to start with legumes. In ISWF, it says to start with dairy. Which should I do or does it matter? I am also curious about introducing three servings as suggested. I didn't eat dairy three times/day before, why would I do that now? I think after not eating dairy for a month and then have it three times in a day will definitely overload my system. I'm looking forward to plain Greek yogurt, but if I add cheese and ice cream, how will I know if just the yogurt is okay? I guess I'm not understanding the process.