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    I'm so glad you posted this! I went to a dinner meeting/gathering last night and ordered a club soda with lime and a bowl of olives, while everyone else ate off the menu and drank alcohol.  I was planning on having dinner when I got home, but still wanted to partake in the social aspect (it was a meeting with friends).  The olives were totally compliant, but the club soda tasted a little funny.  I thought that maybe the lime was a little off, as it was extra juicy.  I didn't finish it, as it was weird, but I probably drank about two ounces.  Anyway, when the bill came TONIC was listed. I'm not a tonic drinker so I had no idea what the ingredients were or what it tasted like.  Let's be honest, I've only had it with gin ! When I left I googled it and learned there was sugar.  I basically broke down crying to my boyfriend about how I have to start over.  It was an emotional night. 
    I'm not doing this for allergy purposes, but to gain a better relationship with food.  I'm on day 12 today and these past few days have been a challenge, but I'm so determined to make it through. The thought of starting over was crushing.  So, thank you for this post and for clarifying that accidental ingestion like this does not go against the program.
    On a related note, they charged me $3 for the tonic, when I ordered club soda, and $8 for a handful of olives.  They will not be getting my business again!