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  1. Hutlifr

    Type 1 Diabetes

    can you please tell us how to link to a specific page and quote ? Thanks!
  2. Mjcaron... I signed Up to get an email when this wonderful inspirational lady posts something. To sign up, click on the "following" button on top of the page on the right. Then when you get the email, with a button "go to this post" ,,,
  3. Where is this beautiful waterfall? I am drawn to it,,, Need to put it on my bucket list...
  4. Tears are running down my cheeks...
  5. I don't like feeling cold and always having to wear layers and layers of clothes. I mind the short days very much, it limits what I can do in one day. I dislike the fog and the rain. BUT I LOVE THE SNOW.... note to self: need to get snow chains for my tires
  6. Today I met up with an old school mate. She has been very supportive this past year and a half. She suggested we go and have bouillabaisse at this place she knew. I was looking forward to it, specifically because it was one of Max's favorite soup, and he made the best, in my humble opinion. My friend did not know that. She was just happy to find somebody to have the soup with, because you need to be 2 at least for them to make it. It was sublime, so so good that after the second spoon I got tears in my eyes from the emotion it triggered. It was as if Max had prepared it. Unbelievable... When I left, I got to meet the chef and thanked him personally for the joy his dish gave me. I hugged him. I don't know why, I just hugged him. It was an evening that took an unexpected turn. Who would think that a bouillabaisse could be such a trigger of joy... Going back lack there on the 21st...
  7. I have no clue on how to reply to a specific post of yours... Where has the reply button gone? just so you know I a, getting each and everyone of your posts thru email, and I am never far away... Even when your posts comes thru at weird early hours given the time difference... I so wish we were closer... We could throw some heavy duty blankets over us and sit and chat on the porch and exchange war stories and talk about our be,over departed ones... I miss him more than ever, as time passes I become too aware the loss is permanent... I remember you "at my side" back in December of 2014, with your encouraging words, when I was doing my 24 hour shifts taking care of mom, reaching physical exhaustion... We do what we have to do with our folkaronis... And I remember my fears of losing her because of the complications expected during her upcoming surgery... Never never did I even think that 4 months down the line, my soul mate was going to leave us, out of the blue... I remember how I started a whole30 right before Christmas, because I felt it was the only thing that would give me back some of the control. I felt so lost back then, even with mom and him at my side... Nothing in life prepares you for this type of loss... Nothing. I just know now that each day is a gift, and we need to make the best out of it. Thank you for being there for me, always....
  8. I had a wonderful plate of bacalao, prepared by the expert hands of a Portuguese cook... Topped with peppers and onions, and a side of oven roasted potatoes... It was lovely... No dessert either....
  9. You and I both my friend.... Between the two of us... We are responsible for global warming!.... glad ad you came back posting... Was getting lonely...
  10. I sure will miss your inspirational posts... Thank you for being there fore me, from the beginning til now and thru done rough water...
  11. Hutlifr

    Older women following Whole30

    It helped me to remind myself that I did not get to where I was in just 30, 60 or 90 days. I am not advocating doing whole30 a year long, but I kept on telling myself that the pain was gone for a reason, and I no longer needed any pain medication or cortisone shots, so I would have to find myself a long term maintenance plan that would work for me. I started this journey over three years ago, and I am still pain free, and I shed lots and lots of weight in the three years. I felt so much better after my first whole30 that I knew that was enough of a motivation to stick with my maintenance plan.
  12. Oh oui oui... Des lardons partout... like croutons... But I don't do those anymore...
  13. Hutlifr

    Older women following Whole30

    Have you tried applying ice cubes behind both of your ears? It will cool you off instantly...