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  1. Hutlifr

    Type 1 Diabetes

    can you please tell us how to link to a specific page and quote ? Thanks!
  2. Hutlifr


    Brewer, Heavy cream is MORE than just fat.... Otherwise it would not be banned during whole30...
  3. Yes just continue. I went on for another month as well
  4. Hutlifr


    Alcohol tastes like vinegar for me, or then is bitter if drink is sweet! Go figure how my taste buds were reset! However, I will use wine or cognac for cooking, it just adds so much flavor to meat and dishes in general. That's the only thing I actually miss when on a whole30, being able to use alcohol in my dishes and only dessert I would be willing to indulge, crêpes suzettes!
  5. Hutlifr


    Meadow... You are my favorite turtle out there
  6. Hutlifr


    I was just looking at this White Russian, and thought oh my... Did I used to love these!...
  7. Hutlifr


    Thanks for the link to look up net carbs...
  8. Hutlifr


    Saw some bison meat at the store today.... What does it taste like?
  9. Hutlifr


    Your ditch the wheat link took me to a Swiss paleo page... I am in heaven... Found lots of shopping resources !! Thank you
  10. Am I right to assume this is not whole30 compliant because of the sugar?
  11. Gf chris. So if I want to eat the occasional yoghurt post 30, I need to eat one yoghurt for three meals during re-intro, eventhough I only want to eat one yoghurt every couple of days after re-intro? Same with cheese? I never eat cheese 3 times a day, it would constipate me for days!...
  12. I com if with mindy5... Dairy for each meal? Never do that. I know I had problem with milk and flip item before whole30. So can I just reintroduce cheese and yoghurt? Updated... Never mind found the answer... "Reminder: If you don’t miss a particular food or drink that you know makes you less healthy, don’t bother to reintroduce it. Not missing tofu, black beans, cottage cheese, or brown rice? With evidence pointing towards these foods making you less healthy, there’s no reason whatsoever to add them back into your diet. Only reintroduce those foods that you suspect you’ll really want to include back into your diet once in a while, and leave the rest happily behind. - See more at:"