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  1. drjeni

    The crazy things people say

    "Oh no, you can eat quinoa - it's not a true grain!" Ummm, no. Thanks for helping but no. It's been said but I get "so what CAN you eat?" a lot. Plus I love when people are feeling bad for my "restrictive diet" - don't get me wrong, I would love an easier way to get compliant bacon, but I don't seem to be conveying the pure decadence of what I'm eating! I had a pile of carnitas covered in guac tonight - sooo good!!
  2. drjeni

    Appalachian Trail thru-hike 2015

    If you have a food dehydrator, I would get a backpacking cookbook and just modify the recipes so they align with your food goals. You can easily make homemade jerky too! If you make your own food, you get the same lightweight quickness of the packaged meals but you control the ingredients and there are some great backpacking cookbooks out there! I just got a home dehydrator for about $60.
  3. drjeni

    Living "Whole" for a Whole Year

    Wow. Congrats!! This is so fantastic to read right now <3
  4. drjeni

    I did it!

    This. 1000x this! Great story, awesome picture, and helpful motivation. Congrats!
  5. drjeni

    Self sabatoge

    Breaking the good and bad cycle has been really tough for me too - it's just so ingrained! I haven't cheated as yet but I had my strongest temptation so far today (day 8) and I was already kicking myself just for wanting the food! It's nice to have the built in sugar demon bad guy - I totally use it as my scapegoat! I reminded myself that sugar demons are tricksy and difficult to slay, which makes me laugh a little, so it shifted the good/bad mindset and let me focus on why I'm doing this and the scrumptious food I'm eating. Following that up with an awesome dinner helped too
  6. drjeni

    Weird food dreams..

    Last night I dreamt I was eating a bean & cheese burrito, drinking beer - all my no no pleasure centers in one! I was just sitting on the curb, like a kid hanging out in the summer time except I was my "adult" self
  7. drjeni

    Weird food dreams..

    They're so trippy, right? I love the people in them - I haven't had anyone famous but at my Asian buffet there was a butler a la downton abbey and I remember thinking I needed to eat more pork buns cuz I promised him I would - so funny! I used to have dreams where I'd miss a step and then float off into space - I usually wake up right after I start floating. Maybe kinda like yours MeadowLily, haven't had one in years and had one last night.
  8. I'm on day 6 and feeling pretty good. Past the hangover and (mostly) past kill all the things, finally seeing a bit of an energy boost, all progressing well! I know that weird food dreams and cravings are "normal" - even if not about foods you would have gone for previously but it still totally threw me for a loop! I dreamt about eating at one of those sketchy pan-Asian buffets and I never go to those, they aren't remotely appealing to me (I avoid buffets in general but there's something worse about a buffet offering sushi next to stale fried chicken). Good news is I'm not worried about slipping in this way It was just a bizarre sensation! What odd things are other people dreaming about/craving?
  9. drjeni

    Can't Quench My Thirst

    I am also a major diet coke drinker, have been meaning to cut back for some time and figured now was as good a time as any! I also miss my morning coffee as I can't stomach the stuff black (usually add some whole milk so that's out). Green tea has helped in the mornings for the warm beverage ritual and I've been alternating between flat and fizzy water. Haven't tried the la croix ones but I find that I like my fizzy water SUPER fizzy - I don't know if that might make a difference. Some are just not very bubbly IMO. Good luck kicking the "sauce"!
  10. drjeni

    Starting on June 23rd!

    I started 6/23 too! Wendles - I had a headache almost the entire day on day 2. Day 3 was better but felt like the other half of the hangover - I was kinda out of it and fuzzy all day. Loaded up the food processor but forgot the blade sort of stuff.. Day 4 has been the best day so far and I only had a couple brief flashes of kill all the things, which isn't that odd for me normally
  11. drjeni

    June 23rd = Day 1, Take 2

    I started 6/23 as well - first go round for me. How're you all doing? I've struggled with beer as well - especially on these gorgeous summer evenings - but we can absolutely do 30 days! I was also a diet coke fiend and have been meaning to cut back for some time so this seemed like a great opportunity. Dealing with my coworkers when they go out for afternoon soda runs has been hard but I've been walking with them for the company and buying a piece of fruit, or nothing at all, instead of the evil syrup! And NordicGiraffe is right - what I really want is the company on those walks
  12. I made this over the weekend and have had it twice now. Delish and only takes 5 min prep http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2012/10/16/slow-cooker-italian-pork-roast/