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    Anything and everything French. (I'm going to live in France someday.)

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Hi!  I'm Kemmie. I'm a second-time grad student. I'm 29 and I'm American.  I am a newbie on a food journey out to clean up my plate and change my relationship with food which, until now, has mostly been emotional.  My trainer recommended that I try the Whole30 after I went out and bought the book.  So far, I'm really happy with it!  I feel like I'm finally getting control... exercise has never been a problem for me - it all goes back to what I put in my mouth.  Hoping to make this lifestyle change for good!  I'm looking forward to transitioning back to being able to eat (but limit) different kinds of foods, because I'm going to be a translator soon and I want to live in France (and how can you NOT enjoy French food?!).  Feel free to connect with me.  Bon voyage!