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    Day 29 and Nothing

    I'm halfway through Day 29 and I'm not really noticing any changes. (I am planning on going for another week because I want my last day to be a Saturday). Now, I definitely lucked out at the beginning of my journey. I had a day where I was feeling a little more tired than usual, but it passed quickly. I never had much of a hangover, days 4 and 5 passed without me wanting to kill ANYTHING. Now, I stopped cooking with vegetable oils at home YEARS ago, but my diet was pretty bad before starting. My last non-compliant meal was fast food chicken nuggets, waffle fries, and a caramel frappucino with extra caramel drizzle (that I finished at 11:59 PM prior to the start of Day 1). Yet, I feel like I've been breezing through this thing. No sugar cravings (and not just because I've been feeding my sugar dragon extra fruit or RxBars- I've actually eaten no RxBars). The most I've wanted was to be able to open up a can of Well, Yes! soup or buy the affordable pre-cooked chicken at the store because I just wanted a break from cooking. I have had absolutely no slips in the last 29 days. Now, there were a couple days where I only ate two meals. (I slept in until 11am yesterday and ended up eating breakfast, dinner, and just had a little snack (of an Epic Bar and olives) because I ended up being out later than expected. I've been pretty concious of the meal template. Some meals I've enjoyed: A breakfast salad made of 2-3 strips compliant baon (usually 2), halved grape tomatoes sauteed with olive oil and apple cider vinegar, spinach/arugula, and a small avocado topped with 3 fried eggs. A can of water-packed sardines with a chopped salad kit (just the veggies), broccoli slaw, and/or kale [hearty veggies that won't get soggy/gross if they sit in dressing too long], Primal Kitchen's dressing, olives and/or Trader Joe's Olive Tapenade. Compliant Italian Chicken Sausage, carrots, green beans, celery, onion, and kale with chicken stock, herbs/spices, Trader Joe's Vegan Kale Cashew Pesto, and a drizzle of chili olive oil. [I threw this together when I was sick]. Steak with Trader Joe's Umami Mushroom Seasoning and a side of roasted vegetables (potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, celery) dipped in Primal Kitchen's Garlic Aioli Mayo 3-4 deviled eggs (whole eggs with Primal Kitchen mayo) with sugar snap peas, cucumber, watermelon radishes, mixed olives (kalamata & garlic stuffed), and an occasional serving of fruit. Chicken drumsticks/wings rubbed with garam masala & salt and roasted alongside cauliflower with curry powder, tumeric, garlic powder, raisins, almonds, and pearl onions. I tried to have variety in my diet as much as possible, though I do tend to have a variation of my "Sardine salad" most weekdays because it's so quick and easy to throw together. Aside from days like yesterday where my meal schedule was a little wonky due to sleeping in, I haven't snacked in between meals. I do eat fruit, but not every meal- or even every day. Yet, I haven't felt any major changes. My clothes don't feel any different (I'll weigh myself next Sunday). My nails aren't feeling stronger. My skin doesn't seem clearer. My sleep has still been rocky and my anxiety symptoms still come and go. I also don't have boundless energy. I didn't really have any major health concerns aside from noticing that I have pretty consistent post-nasal drip and I'm prone to coughs. That hasn't gotten any better. I think the only slight improvement I noticed is a little less cramping on my cycle. I'm just waiting for the Whole30 magic and I'm wondering if it's ever going to happen.
  2. I'm actually going through Day 35, so I have a few more days to figure out my game plan for reintro. I'm leaning towards going straight into a slow-roll reintro for a few reasons: 1. I did not have any major side-effects during the Whole30. Week 1 was a breeze. 2. I have not experienced major benefits from this program. I didn't really have any health concerns prior- aside from occasional acne. No stomach distress. Nothing like that. The only possible benefits may be a slight improvement of PMS symtoms and feeling a little better in regards to my anxiety, but I also go through highs and lows so I can't necessarily give the Whole30 all the credit. I still had a panic attack yesterday. Because I didn't have any major changes in the way my body has felt before and after the Whole30, I'm not really suspecting any specific intolerances. I also do not want to eat something just because it's "on the schedule". I want to eat things as I feel they are worth it and decide from there. I am going to stick with clean, whole ingredients when cooking at home (including making my own bread whenever possible), and staying away from refined sugar at home. (I will allow some honey and maple syrup in recipes). I am also planning on incorporating the occasional RxBar in my diet and I am looking forward to trying that Cauliflower Gnocci from Trader Joe's (that is SWYPO, but otherwise compliant). I think eating a primarily "real-food" diet at home (with many Whole30 compliant meals) and not stressing over the fact that the barbacoa at Chipotle has rice bran oil seems to be where I'm envisioning my "Food Freedom" journey. I have no overwhelming desire to go to Starbucks and order a frappucino (but I can easily see myself passing on whipped cream and getting less syrup when I DO get one). When I eat out, I'm looking forward to picking what I think looks good without worrying about hidden sugar or corn. And I'm looking forward to enjoying myself at a small party I'm going to the week after this is over wihout worrying about compliant vs. non-compliant ingredients.
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    Explaining Whole30 to kids

    In both Food Freedom Forever and It Starts with Food, there is talk about how to explain your reset/Whole30 to other people. This is usually in reference to co-workers, friends, or a significant other. Today, I had a babysitting job that required me to take the kids out to eat. While we usually do Applebee's, I was a little uncertain about them not listening to my special requests about butter and seasonings (and I didn't want to deal with a wait since it is a school night). So, I made the decision that we would go to Chipotle instead. I ordered a bowl with double carnitas, guac, fresh salsa, salsa verde, fajita veggies, and lettuce. It was good, but I did miss my barbacoa. [Anyone up for petitioning they stop using rice bran oil in all of their meats?] The girls did ask a little about why we weren't going to Applebee's and I wasn't quite sure how to explain it. Weight loss is one of my hopes for the Whole30, but that's not something I want to discuss with girls ages 11, 9, and 6. I also don't want to just say I want to be "healthier" because I don't want to 1.) make them have any guilt about having cheese or black beans in their tacos or 2.) look like a hypocrite when I bring foods back into my diet in March. I did manage to explain that one of my goals was to stop eating added sugar because it can help my body not want sugar as much so choosing healthier foods is easier and that I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't eat dairy, grains, beans, or sugar for a month. I just wanted to know if there was any other feedback for dealing with explaining Whole30 to kids.
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    Intimidated by veggies... some help finding variety

    One of the things I like to do to keep from getting bored with produce is get the occasional Misfit Market Box. It's one of those subscription services that sends you organic produce that would otherwise be discarded due to size, minor blemishes, or surplus at a discount. It would defeat the purpose of the box to waste food that's in it, so I end up having to find creative ways to use produce I either wouldn't normally select or even things I don't care for too much (soups/stews are really good for items that are a little more damaged, starting to turn, or ones I just don't like and need to hide; for fruit cooking it can help if there are a lot of bruises, etc). Misfit Market is only available in NJ, NY, PA, CT, and DE, but there are other companies like it including Imperfect Produce. (I do have a referral code for MM that will give anyone a discount on their first box).
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    Chipotle has Whole30 bowls

    Now if only we can get them to swap out the oil for the barbacoa. That's my favorite!
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    Sweet potato cranberry cakes

    The bulk bins at Whole Foods may have juice-sweetened cranberries.
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    Best tips & tricks for starting W30 with kids?

    Pack a lunch. School lunches are terrible anyway.
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    peanut butter and jelly is all they want

    Another idea may be to come up with a compliant "muffin" recipe (one that uses all compliant ingredients). If you have young children in daycare, send a container with 1-2 muffins for each child to be stored in the FREEZER at their daycare. They can be pulled out and thawed at room temperature or in the microwave as an alternative snack if there's a class Birthday party. Sure, a paleo banana muffin isn't quite the same as a chocolate cupcake with neon blue frosting, but perhaps the idea that Sammy has a special treat for the party will make things a little easier. With some kids, gradual change may be needed. Cutting out peanut butter and jelly at once may not work without a good replacement, but swapping out the peanut butter for almond or sunflower seed butter may help them get used to the taste. What about making "jelly" by mixing mashed berries with chia seeds or doing nut butter and banana sandwiches. Maybe you'll go from peanut butter and jelly on bread to almond butter and jelly on bread to almond butter and fresh berries on bread to fresh strawberries that are cored and filled with almond butter. (For some kids,the transition may even need to be slower. Perhaps mixing peanut butter with almond butter and gradually decreasing the amount of peanut butter used may also be needed). Some kid-friendly snacks that are Whole30 Compliant [These are specifically the kinds of snacks or alternatives to ones you may see children in preschool eat; I know a 3 year old who thinks creamed kale is a great snack to bring to a party though, so I don't think anything is off limits. Some may be considered SWYPO, and of course you should check lablels] Fruit and veggie puree pouches (baby food pouches or GoGo Squeez Applesauce Pouches.) Applesauce cups Happy Farms Coconut Creamies (alternative to Gerber yogurt melts) Fresh fruit Veggies with compliant dips Bare Fruit and Veggie Chips (excluding Carrot Ranch or any of the coconut chips; even the barbecue sweet potato ones are allowed) Freeze dried/dried fruit (including raisins) Trader Joe's Plantain chips Epic Pork Rinds (not the Maple Bacon cracklin's. The rinds are ok) Fruit with whipped coconut cream Chocolate avocado pudding (add banana and/or dates to sweeten). Chia pudding (with compliant milk and fruit to sweeten) Bars: Larabar (check labels), Rx Bars (including ones with chocolate chips, but not peanuts), Pressed by Kind Bars, or That's It! Fruit Bars Snack packs of olives and/or pickles Precooked chicken strips dipped into compliant dipping sauces/dressings [including guacamole] Compliant deli meats wrapped around fresh veggies or cut into fun shapes Fruit juice or smoothies made with compliant ingredients that are frozen into "popsicles." I tried to include some shelf-stable and some perishable snack ideas including several that are either IDENTICAL to the same snacks everyone else seem to eat or are decent subsitutes for them. Of course, many of them (as I said before) aren't great for adults, but maybe having a few green "Hulk" smoothie pops made of coconut milk, strawberries, banana, and spinach in the freezer will come in handy when Alex and Chris are the only two kids in the neighborhood who aren't getting ice cream from the ice cream truck.
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    Whole30 with toddlers.

    I know some people are more flexible with certain rules when it comes to toddlers and children. For example, while banana egg "pancakes" are not allowed on Whole30, they may make some for their young children; the focus is more on ingredients and less on the psychological effect of the foods. This may even translate into making a few Paleo banana muffins to be kept in the freezer at your child's daycare so he has a snack available if another child brings in cupcakes for a Birthday party. (This is something that parents of children with allergies will do: have a "safe" snack available for class parties so the child doesn't feel left out). For daycares or other situations out of the house, PACK all meals and snacks. Explain to the childcare provider (in a daycare center,this may be classroom teachers AND the center director) that "Johnny is only to eat food from home." You may feel comfortable enough giving the daycare provider some more freedom "He's allowed to have FRESH fruit like bananas or oranges" [many daycare workers are unaware of whether or not there is sugar in any canned fruit or applesauce.] Tell the caregivers that Johnny is on an elimination diet to see if it helps improve his "tummy troubles". Depending on trust If your child is really struggling with the changes, again, some "SWYPO" foods may be ok to help with transitons. Instead of Gerber yogurt melts, for example, Happy Family has coconut creamies which are basically the same thing. Also, things like the GoGo Squeez pouches are compliant, but they're also normal "kid" foods. Thats It Fruit bars, Larabars, RxBars, and Pressed by Kind bars may also be options [depending on nut allergies or whether or not nuts are allowed in certain areas]. They may not be encouraged for us because they can be candy bar replacements, but keeping a fruit bar in your purse so Johnny has a snack during a MOPS group isn't the end of the world. Just a word of advice: I've worked in several daycare centers. Many staff members are unaware of certain aspects of dealing with food allergic children. They may pull turkey off of the bun and give it to a child with Celiac's or ignore the "May contain..." section on a food label. In the case of vegetarians, they would serve children yogurt that contained gelatin. A lot of it was pure ignorance, but if your child(ren) are in a daycare center, I would advise setting a strict rule that only food from home is allowed. Even if you give a list of safe foods, there's likely to be little attention spent to added sugars or hidden ingredients (like wheat breadcrumbs in meatballs), or some "bending" of the rules. (Corn and peas are "vegetables" after all). (My experience working in daycare is the reason I hope to never have to utilize one when I have children).
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    Compliant Packaged Hash Browns?

    They also have one that has yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots. That one looks really good.