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  1. I'm actually going through Day 35, so I have a few more days to figure out my game plan for reintro. I'm leaning towards going straight into a slow-roll reintro for a few reasons:

    1. I did not have any major side-effects during the Whole30. Week 1 was a breeze.
    2. I have not experienced major benefits from this program. I didn't really have any health concerns prior- aside from occasional acne. No stomach distress. Nothing like that.

    The only possible benefits may be a slight improvement of PMS symtoms and feeling a little better in regards to my anxiety, but I also go through highs and lows so I can't necessarily give the Whole30 all the credit. I still had a panic attack yesterday.

    Because I didn't have any major changes in the way my body has felt before and after the Whole30, I'm not really suspecting any specific intolerances. I also do not want to eat something just because it's "on the schedule". I want to eat things as I feel they are worth it and decide from there. 

    I am going to stick with clean, whole ingredients when cooking at home (including making my own bread whenever possible), and staying away from refined sugar at home. (I will allow some honey and maple syrup in recipes). I am also planning on incorporating the occasional RxBar in my diet and I am looking forward to trying that Cauliflower Gnocci from Trader Joe's (that is SWYPO, but otherwise compliant). I think eating a primarily "real-food" diet at home (with many Whole30 compliant meals) and not stressing over the fact that the barbacoa at Chipotle has rice bran oil seems to be where I'm envisioning my "Food Freedom" journey. 

    I have no overwhelming desire to go to Starbucks and order a frappucino (but I can easily see myself passing on whipped cream and getting less syrup when I DO get one). When I eat out, I'm looking forward to picking what I think looks good without worrying about hidden sugar or corn. 

    And I'm looking forward to enjoying myself at a small party I'm going to the week after this is over wihout worrying about compliant vs. non-compliant ingredients.

  2. I'm halfway through Day 29 and I'm not really noticing any changes. (I am planning on going for another week because I want my last day to be a Saturday).

    Now, I definitely lucked out at the beginning of my journey. I had a day where I was feeling a little more tired than usual, but it passed quickly. I never had much of a hangover, days 4 and 5 passed without me wanting to kill ANYTHING. Now, I stopped cooking with vegetable oils at home YEARS ago, but my diet was pretty bad before starting. My last non-compliant meal was fast food chicken nuggets, waffle fries, and a caramel frappucino with extra caramel drizzle (that I finished at 11:59 PM prior to the start of Day 1). Yet, I feel like I've been breezing through this thing. No sugar cravings (and not just because I've been feeding my sugar dragon extra fruit or RxBars- I've actually eaten no RxBars). The most I've wanted was to be able to open up a can of Well, Yes! soup or buy the affordable pre-cooked chicken at the store because I just wanted a break from cooking. 

    I have had absolutely no slips in the last 29 days. Now, there were a couple days where I only ate two meals. (I slept in until 11am yesterday and ended up eating breakfast, dinner, and just had a little snack (of an Epic Bar and olives) because I ended up being out later than expected. I've been pretty concious of the meal template. 

    Some meals I've enjoyed:

    A breakfast salad made of 2-3 strips compliant baon (usually 2), halved grape tomatoes sauteed with olive oil and apple cider vinegar, spinach/arugula, and a small avocado topped with 3 fried eggs.

    A can of  water-packed sardines with a chopped salad kit (just the veggies), broccoli slaw, and/or kale [hearty veggies that won't get soggy/gross if they sit in dressing too long], Primal Kitchen's dressing, olives and/or Trader Joe's Olive Tapenade.

    Compliant Italian Chicken Sausage, carrots, green beans, celery, onion, and kale with chicken stock, herbs/spices, Trader Joe's Vegan Kale Cashew Pesto, and a drizzle of chili olive oil. [I threw this together when I was sick].

    Steak with Trader Joe's Umami Mushroom Seasoning and a side of roasted vegetables (potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, celery) dipped in Primal Kitchen's Garlic Aioli Mayo

    3-4 deviled eggs (whole eggs with Primal Kitchen mayo) with sugar snap peas, cucumber, watermelon radishes, mixed olives (kalamata & garlic stuffed), and an occasional serving of fruit.

    Chicken drumsticks/wings rubbed with garam masala & salt and roasted alongside cauliflower with curry powder, tumeric, garlic powder, raisins, almonds, and pearl onions.

    I tried to have variety in my diet as much as possible, though I do tend to have a variation of my "Sardine salad" most weekdays because it's so quick and easy to throw together. Aside from days like yesterday where my meal schedule was a little wonky due to sleeping in, I haven't snacked in between meals. I do eat fruit, but not every meal- or even every day. 

    Yet, I haven't felt any major changes. My clothes don't feel any different (I'll weigh myself next Sunday). My nails aren't feeling stronger. My skin doesn't seem clearer. My sleep has still been rocky and my anxiety symptoms still come and go. I also don't have boundless energy. I didn't really have any major health concerns aside from noticing that I have pretty consistent post-nasal drip and I'm prone to coughs. That hasn't gotten any better. I think the only slight improvement I noticed is a little less cramping on my cycle. 

    I'm just waiting for the Whole30 magic and I'm wondering if it's ever going to happen. 

  3. In both Food Freedom Forever and It Starts with Food, there is talk about how to explain your reset/Whole30 to other people. This is usually in reference to co-workers, friends, or a significant other.

    Today, I had a babysitting job that required me to take the kids out to eat. While we usually do Applebee's, I was a little uncertain about them not listening to my special requests about butter and seasonings (and I didn't want to deal with a wait since it is a school night). So, I made the decision that we would go to Chipotle instead. I ordered a bowl with double carnitas, guac, fresh salsa, salsa verde, fajita veggies, and lettuce. It was good, but I did miss my barbacoa. [Anyone up for petitioning they stop using rice bran oil in all of their meats?]

    The girls did ask a little about why we weren't going to Applebee's and I wasn't quite sure how to explain it. Weight loss is one of my hopes for the Whole30, but that's not something I want to discuss with girls ages 11, 9, and 6. I also don't want to just say I want to be "healthier" because I don't want to 1.) make them have any guilt about having cheese or black beans in their tacos or 2.) look like a hypocrite when I bring foods back into my diet in March.

    I did manage to explain that one of my goals was to stop eating added sugar because it can help my body not want sugar as much so choosing healthier foods is easier and that I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't eat dairy, grains, beans, or sugar for a month. 

    I just wanted to know if there was any other feedback  for dealing with explaining Whole30 to kids.

  4. 1 minute ago, Lorna from Canada said:

    How about some ghee on those vegetables?  One time I didn't have any ghee made ahead, I simply cooked a couple of tablespoons of butter in a pan and, when it was well separated, poured it through the end of a teatowel (I didn't have any cheese cloth handy which is why I hadn't made ghee :) ) right over my veg - easy peasy if a bit messy.

    I love lean sausage but have been buying pork sausages during this W30 - I'm with you, don't need to worry about added fat then.

    I guess I can add ghee AND olive oil to the meal... it just seems a little much to use both.

    I can't find any compliant pork sausage around here so I'm pretty much limited to the chicken sausage. I prefer pork.


  5. Even though I'm not quite ready for dinner (and I'm not even sure about what I'm going to eat), I decided to deal with some wilted greens by doing a mini meal prep:

    Part 1: Bilinski's Italian Chicken Sausages, bell pepper, onion, rainbow chard stems, and halved grape tomatoes cooked in olive oil
    Part 2: Sauteed kale, rainbow chard, and spinach (mostly spinach).

    I have both in containers. One is going to be my dinner tomorrow night when I am at my babysitting job. I've included a little container of chili-infused olive oil to drizzle on my dinner, but I'm not sure I'll be able to tolerate using all of it (but I also don't want to dilute it with plain oil). I want some ideas for additional fat that I can add to the meal just to be sure I have enough. 

    The sausage is pretty lean. If it was a fattier pork sausage, I wouldn't be so concerned.

    (Side note: I don't currently have any avocados so adding half an avocado won't work). 

  6. 23 hours ago, pags98 said:

    Pesto with spaghetti squash is amazing.  I also put Primal's Chipotle Mayo on top of my eggs for added fat when I don't have/want avocado.  There's also a really good salmon recipe from Publix that you put stoneground mustard with mayo and bake the salmon.  SO. FREAKING. GOOD.  


    I was going to try the Chipotle Mayo, but they didn't have it (or the Garlic one) when I went to the store today. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, SchrodingersCat said:

    I think the template suggests 1-2 'thumbs' of fat and a tablespoon of mayo would be one (given it's almost all fat).


    Here's the chimmichurri I make:

    It keeps forever in the fridge and is soooo much better if you make it a couple of days in advance. It's a yummy salad dressing, amazing on grilled meats, great as a marinade for chicken...

    Ooooh. Cilantro. That one almost looks more appealing than the Well Fed one just because of the cilantro haha. I may have to swap out red pepper flakes for the chili since I don't know where to get a red jalepeno. 

    Hopefully, my unemployment claim goes through so I can go shopping for ingredients to make this. 

    I will say, the recipe you shared seems to use a lot more vinegar than the other recipes I've seen while looking up Chimichurri sauce. So, that's throwing me off a little.

  8. I'll have to look into this chimichurri sauce people are talking about. 

    Prior to discovering Primal Kitchen mayo, I only used mayo (while gagging) to make deviled eggs. Once it was mixed into the egg yolks, I was ok as long as I didn't think about it too much. I've never been a huge fan of chicken or tuna salads because of the mayo (though, I have tried the Whole30 curry chicken salad in the past- I just did it using a LITTLE bit of mayo and a LOT of yogurt on these cranberry oat crisps because I was trying to keep it lower in fat/calories (not on a Whole30 at the time). 

    My uses for mayo include:

    • Mixing it with parmesan cheese and using it to top chicken breast (with breadcrumbs)... it's a Hellman's recipe.
    • Deviled eggs
    • On the outside of grilled cheese (I actually had my first food dream after day 1 of Whole30... it was about a grilled cheese sandwich)
    • As a dip for fries (usually in the form of a garlic aioli.

    That's pretty much it. I did see someone suggest stirring it into scrambled eggs. 

    How much mayo is considered a "serving" for meal template purposes? 

    Really, I'm just trying to find other ways to incorporate fats. I do a LOT of olives and avocado (I went through two jars of olives in my first week) and I need some variety. Plus, I may decide to try making my own mayo (since I used up the last of my Primal Kitchen stuff and I'm broke). I love eating avocados, but it's an expensive habit and I need to find other options for fats that don't break the bank. (I have used coconut milk, but most recipes I've tried only use a portion of a can for multiple servings so it isn't enough fat).

  9. First off, I'm posting on behalf of my mom who is doing the Whole30 with me. We're on R1D9.

    A couple days ago, she told me that an itchy rash was developing on her skin. I did a quick search and gave her a list of possible culprits, but she dismissed them all. She hasn't eaten anything she's never eaten before (and she claims that she's not eating more of something than she was before).

    However, prior to starting, she recognized symptoms when eating eggs that she didn't experience before. Mainly, that they didn't seem to digest. I suggested that she leave them off her Whole30 and then add them into the reintroduction phase to see if they may be part of her diet again. Perhaps, after letting her gut heal, eggs could be tolerated again- or she would know for sure that eggs are no good. She decided to listen to a friend who couldn't eat eggs, but found they were ok on Whole30.

    So, I'm pretty convinced it's the eggs. She disagrees. Eggs didn't give her a rash before. (I'm thinking the stomach distress may have been an early warning sign... sort of like how an allergic person may break out in hives upon first exposure, but may go into anyphalatic shock if exposed to the allergen again). 

    I don't know all of what she eats. The lunch she packed for work the other day included black olives, avocado, three hardboiled eggs, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, pineapple, and mango. She also snacks on nuts. (Unfortunately, because I don't know her exact menus, I can't give a few examples of her meals).

  10. 4 hours ago, Aliem999 said:

    Well in all fairness, you are only up for about 12 hours. Your 11 AM until 4 PM stretch is the recommended 4-5 hours between meals. Since your breakfast was around lunch time for most people and your lunch around dinner time, it would make sense you would not be hungry until at least 8-9 PM, which is about when you said you went to bed. Maybe there is something easier you could do for your meal 1 so that you eat earlier. Maybe hard boil eggs the day before and toss some pre-prepped veggies in the pan and top with some already made guac. I have also made huge batches of veggie soup for the mornings, so that all I would have to do is make a protein (usually eggs, which are quick) and then add a fat. I really like making a large batch of fruit tossed with coconut flakes at the beginning of the week.

    You could also just try getting up earlier (I know easier said than done) so that you would be on your working schedule, which is like the perfect meal schedule for a Whole30.

    I am working on getting up earlier, but I'm also trying to listen to my body as much as possible. I'm actually falling asleep before 3am now, so hopefully getting up earlier will follow.

    Breakfast tomorrow is probably going to be leftover chicken and veggies. We ran out of propane, so our stove is out of commission. (I'll use my electric kettle or instant pot to boil a few eggs for lunch), so that'll be a quicker meal than the breakfasts I usually have. 

    I found a salad recipe through WW on Saturday (day 1 was Sunday): Cook chopped bacon until crisp and remove from pan. Add halved grape tomatoes to the pan with a splash of apple cider vinegar and some water (and a little salt and pepper to taste). When cooked, remove tomatoes from pan and fry egg(s) to desired likeness. Toss tomatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper, and salad greens of choice (I use a spinach/arugula blend) together. Top with fried egg(s) and sprinkle with bacon.

    The WW recipe includes making homemade pumpernickle croutons. I decided to add avocado. I suppose I can precook the bacon and tomatoes, but this salad is so perfect when everything comes together fresh that I'm a little afraid to experiment with making things ahead.

    I'm also realizing that another issue I'm having is the fact that I'm just not in the mood to eat. It could be a little psychological issue: if I can't have this non-compliant food, then I don't want anything at all. However, I haven't really had any cravings or overwhelming desires for anything non-compliant. (I've also only had up to 1 piece of fruit per day with my meals this week; I've been focusing more on veggies. I also haven't touched my Rx Bars, so I really haven't been feeding my sugar dragon at all). I'm thinking it's more of the fact that I'd rather just sit and do NOTHING than eat. It feels like eating is too much work.


  11. So, I've never been a fan of mayo, but I don't HATE Primal Kitchens avocado oil mayo in Devilled eggs (chicken salad is iffy.. it's a texture thing).

    I'm trying to find other ways to incorporate some plated fats in my meals other than olives and avocado. Today, i had Spaghetti squash with sunshine sauce. 

    I would love to find ways to like mayo more. Currently, the only way I really enjoy mayo/aoili is as a dip for fries. Obviously, that's out... and I do worry that dipping roasted veggies (even if they aren't potatoes) in a mayo sauce may be pushing me into the SWYPO territory.


  12. 3 hours ago, ShannonM816 said:

    Three meals a day is a recommendation, not a rule, so if you sometimes just have two meals, you won't have broken the rules. But if you want to work on having three meals a day, maybe set timers to remind you to eat every four hours, and eat something when the timer goes off, even if you're not feeling hungry, just to get in the habit of eating at those times. You might also try adjusting the size of your meals. So if the breakfast you described kept you full more than four hours, next time try just having either the bacon or the avocado, or half as much of each, as they're both adding fat to your meal and fat tends to be what keeps you full longer. 

    Thanks. Yesterday,I finished eating breakfast after 11am, so I wasn't really hungry again until closer to 4pm when I was driving and unable to eat (save for a few bites of my lunch). So, I had a really light lunch at 5pm and then ate dinner around 8pm. 

    I've always been an eat every 5-6 hours person. For me, 4 hours just never worked. I've never been allowed to snack at work, so if I worked from 8 to 5, I would eat breakfast at 7am, lunch at around 12:30/1pm and dinner would be around 6:30 or so.  The only opportunity to snack would be while driving home, and I dislike eating while driving. Even though timing hasn't been consistent, the concept of only eating during meals and minimizing snacking just stuck with me.


  13. I'm on Day 3 and am reallys struggling with 3 meals per day.

    To preface this, I'm unemployed which allows me for a lot of flexibility in regards to meal planning. I ended up going to bed before 10pm and was up around 9am. I got up and made breakfast: butternut squash, eggs, bacon, avocado, and green beans. It took me an hour to prep breakfast and it took me FOREVER to actually finish eating. I'm just not used to eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner; many days, I only eat 1 meal per day. 

    I'm just wondering what I can do to help me get into the habit of actually eating 3 meals per day. Yesterday, my breakfast was so filling that I wasn't really hungry until after 4pm when I ate a light lunch (sardines, olives, snap peas, cucumber, and an orange). Is having two nice big full meals with a smaller midday meal ok? I know I need to work on this, but eating 3 times a day is a challenge.

    (I actually don't snack much, so the issue is not that I'm snacking in between meals. I've just gotten used to only eating 1-2 times per day with nothing in between).

  14. I feel like this is ok, but I'm on Day 3 and don't really trust my brain to process things properly at the moment haha. I figured I should let someone else look over this to be sure I'm not missing anything in my current state of brain-fogginess. 

    Thanks so much.


    Ingredients: Ingredients: Water, Olive Oil**, Lemon Juice**, White Grape Juice Concentrate**, Basil**, Salt, White Wine Vinegar**, Garlic**, Vinegar**, Xanthan Gum, Mustard Seed**, Spices**, Natural Flavors**, Turmeric**. **Organic Ingredients.



  15. One of the things I like to do to keep from getting bored with produce is get the occasional Misfit Market Box. It's one of those subscription services that sends you organic produce that would otherwise be discarded due to size, minor blemishes, or surplus at a discount. It would defeat the purpose of the box to waste food that's in it, so I end up having to find creative ways to use produce I either wouldn't normally select or even things I don't care for too much (soups/stews are really good for items that are a little more damaged, starting to turn, or ones I just don't like and need to hide; for fruit cooking it can help if there are a lot of bruises, etc).

    Misfit Market is only available in NJ, NY, PA, CT, and DE, but there are other companies like it including Imperfect Produce. (I do have a referral code for MM that will give anyone a discount on their first box). 

  16. On 9/9/2016 at 3:02 PM, MavMeg said:

    I work remotely and often hunker down on Starbucks and Panera Bread to do work.

    On Whole30, this means a LOT of black iced coffee, which makes me jittery after a while. I did some research and good news - the Panera Bread Plum Ginger Hibiscus Tea is complaint!

    Detailed Ingredients

    Plum Ginger Hibiscus Tea (Nigerian Hibiscus, Apple Pieces, Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Rosehips, Natural Plum Flavor, Carob, Ginger).

    See at:

    I thought this was pretty cool considering a lot of Starbucks iced teas are not compliant. Unfortunately I can't find the other iced tea from Panera on the nutrition page (I think it was a Green Tea, but it definitely said unsweetened on the fountain dispenser at Panera, and online I only see reference to a sweetened iced green tea).

    It's just nice to know I can drink something there other than coffee. And water.

    The iced teas at Starbucks are compliant if you get them without sweetener. Even the tea infusions are ok. 

    The HOT teas are a different story; many of them have candied fruit pieces in them. 

  17. On 1/14/2019 at 11:49 AM, ibwright said:

    Is Vegenaise  a legal mayo on Whole 30? I've been a vegan for many many years and am now going to try the Whole 30 plan.  It seems to have many good (vegan/legal) recipes.  I am going to incorporate meat/chicken/fish into my diet plan.  I will make my own mayo, but I'm just curious if Vegenaise will work as a subsite.  Thank you.

    I would love to hear more about why you're willing to abandon your vegan lifestyle in favor of eating meat on the Whole30.

    I would advise that you consider reintroducing animal proteins FIRST before starting on the Whole30. Start by adding small amounts of eggs or fish to your diet, then add in poultry (starting with lean meats like skinless chicken breast and gradually working your way to fattier meats). That way, your digetstive system has time to adjust. 

    Going from ordering a burrito bowl with rice, beans, and guacamole to one with chicken and guacamole [I know the chicken  at Chipotle isn't compliant; this is just an illustration since going from veganism to eating pork is likely to be a slower transition] is likely to be more difficult on the digestive system than going from eating a burrito bowl with rice, beans, chicken, and guacamole  to one without the rice and beans. 

    There are a few resources out there on transitioning out of veganism. I would definitely look into those, but the general concensus seems to be that you should add in the meat and THEN cut out the other stuff rather than just replacing all of your beans and grains with meat. 

    Oh, if you're interested, Primal Kitchen DOES have a Whole30 approved vegan ranch dressing. There are also recipes out there for compliant mayonaises without eggs. Before anyone attacks me for sugestion vegan subsititutes, I just want to point out that it may help make the transition easier and there is also a chance that your body will not be able to tolerate eggs. (This also gives people with egg allergies an alternative to some Whole30 staples).

  18. Shelf stable Whole30 options (assuming you eat them in their entirety as most leftovers should be refrigerated after opening):

    -Canned/pouched tuna, salmon,or sardines (check labels)
    -Individual packs or small cans of olives
    -Fresh fruit/vegetables including avocado (different items can stay out longer than others)
    -Approved meat bars/jerky.
    -Nuts/Individual packets of nut butters
    -Coconut oil/ghee (They sell some in individual packets OR you can get a full jar and a small container if you need to take some on the go. Then, you can add some healthy fats to the low fat dining hall meals)

    Of course, if finances and your school allows, getting a few kitchen tools would make a HUGE difference. A refrigerator/freezer and an Instant Pot would be two of my top choices. A microwave would probably be third on my list, but you can adjust to eating cold leftovers or you can use the Instant Pot to reheat food. It's a little slower/clunkier, but it WILL work if it's all you have. 

    I'm just thinking about ways people stay compliant if traveling or staying in Hotel rooms without full kitchens. Some people travel with their Instant Pots and order a refrigerator to be sent to their rooms to store food. Unfortunately, the combination of having less food storage does have a few drawbacks:

    1. Since a small refrigerator cannot hold a lot of food and freezer space is probably going to be non-existant, you'll likely have to eat the same foods every day. If you make enough stew to serve 6 people, you probably won't have room to store other recipes (nor will you be able to freeze any to keep some longer).

    2. Lack of food storage means you'll likely have to make frequent trips to the grocery store for some items. 

    Unfortunately, none of this addresses your current situation aside from giving you some suggetions for rounding out the options in the school dining hall. Perhaps, right now isn't the right time to embark on a Whole30, but that doesn't mean you need to live off of sugar. Try keeping compliant foods as snacks in your dorm for those late-night study sessions. Try to incorporate the items from the dining hall that ARE compliant in your diet, but don't feel like you need to eat them strictly. If you can tolerate gluten and dairy, then maybe there are days when you get a slice of pizza for dinner and serve it with a salad. 

  19. 1 hour ago, megbeveridge said:

    Something that has helped me with breakfast for the past few days is compliant bacon! The smell could wake me from death and get me moving again. Is there anything like that you could keep in the house to encourage yourself to make breakfast? 

    Honestly, I'm  just going to have to get over it. I mean, I usually do eat breakfast at some point, but I'm also known to sit in bed for an hour or two. It's one of the hazards of unemployment. 

    It's really more laziness than anything else. I know that there will be days that I'm going to eat a little later than what's "ideal." Sundays, for example, I usually get up around 7, but don't eat until closer to 9- after showering, getting dressed, and going to my WW meeting (I'm still attending the meetings and I like my routine of weighing in and then eating breakfast; I'm either going to skip the weigh in part or just weigh in and tell them that I don't want to know my results).

  20. 4 hours ago, pearlgirl2017 said:

    You are really thinking it thru.  My companion and I don't go out to eat, but we do have take-out several times a week.  He is not even considering doing a Whole30.  I told him not to bring me anything from Sonic (which I don't care for anyway), and if he really really needed fried fish I would get some for him only. But I also asked him to try to not really really need any 'cuz I love fried shrimp too.  So we'll see how it goes.

    I'm 54 and run my own business.  Lunch is always an at-my-desk meal.  I love having complete-meal soups I can eat out of a bowl.  Makes things much easier for me.  Dinner can be a challenge, Whole30 or not.  He likes his food plain and simple, meat and potatoes like.  I prefer fish and trying new recipes.  I usually make compliant meals for dinner, adding rice or beans to his meal if needed.  

    I can't stand mayo either.  It has to be mixed into something really well for me to be able to handle it.  So 1-2 tablespoons mixed in a can of tuna or chicken for a quick protein is good for me, especially if I add a small amount of compliant mustard to disguise it even more.

    I eat out more than I should- mostly fast food type places. My mom works overnights, so at 2:30pm, we're often at a fast food restaurant picking up something (after picking my sister up from work). I'm definitely going to work on NOT eating out, but I'm also saving my 2 free Chipotle meals for those days when I just need a break from cooking or plans change. Maybe I have a last-minute afternoon babysitting job and the PLAN is to go home afterwards and eat dinner, but then I get invited over for pizza and game night at another friend's house. That might be when I'll pick up a salad at Chipotle. 

    One of my biggest challenges is going to be eating first thing in the morning. I don't snack much, but I've gotten into the habit of skipping breakfast or eating my meals really late. Breakfast at 10 or 11, lunch at 3 or 4, etc. It's not that I'm not hungry in the morning; I just don't feel like getting out of bed to get food haha. 

    The other challenge will be resisting the temptation to look at my weight at my Weight Watchers meetings. I rejoined before I decided I wanted to do this, and I can't cancel m membership without paying a penalty fee (plus I like the online community and meetings). I still plan on weighing in every week, but I'm going to tell them that I'm taking a 5 week break from the scale so I don't want to know anything. Hopefully they won't slip up and give me any reward charms (for 5 pounds lost, etc). (Of course, I'm speaking under the assumption that they won't let me get away with skipping the weigh in for a few weeks).


  21. 1 hour ago, pearlgirl2017 said:

    That sounds interesting, I hadn't thought of breaking it down weekly like that.  I have tried this reset before as well and made it as far as day 21.  I'm currently on day 5 and it seems like it has been forever.  I think my brain is trying to trick me into thinking it's almost over so why not go ahead and indulge.  I am relying heavily on the Whole30 Day By Day daily guide on this go-round.  

    Good luck to you both.

    My record was 5.5 days.

    At the time, I was working at a daycare center. On day 6, we had an open house event where I was put in charge of making cotton candy. So, I'm somewhere in between the "Kill all the Things" and the "I just want a nap stage" of the program as I am in a room with little bits of sugar floating around my head. 

    This was back in 2012 and I still haven't been able to get through. My most recent attempt lasted a day before I realized that I just wasn't ready. 

    Fortunately,  finding compliant groceries is a LOT easier now. In 2012, I had to order my mayonaise online. Now, Primal Kitchen mayo is sold at my local grocery store (and we're talking a NORMAL grocery store- not a specialty store). (I've never tried making my own mayo. To be honest, I've never been a fan of the stuff, but I'll use it to make deviled eggs. Primal Kitchen mayo is the only stuff that doesn't make me gag when I open the jar).

    My mom and I have decided on January 27 as our start date which means we'll be doing it from January 27 to March 2 [at least I will since I want to start on a Sunday and end on a Saturday]. I'm not sure what kind of reintroduction I want to do, but I feel like slow-roll will probably be more of my style since I want to learn to eat more intuitively and forcing myself to eat food based on a reintroduction schedule seems to contradict that. My mom, on the other hand, may do better to follow the classic reintroduction schedule since she's looking to identify which foods are causing her issues. 

    One of the things I've been doing is looking at different restaurants and seeing what my options will be. I've come up with a plan for Smashburger (my mom has a Smash pass so she can get a free burger or salad every day) and Chipotle. I even have a plan for Starbucks. (Which is to go to a place like Smashburger or Chipotle or even the local grocery store to pick up food and then just get an iced tea at Starbucks haha.)

    I like to come up with a list of "What if's?" 

    • What if we go out for Sushi? (I'm currently searching for compliant wasabi; I've already emailed the sushi place to ask about riceless rolls).
    • What if I have a last-minute babysitting job and don't have a chance to cook dinner to bring with me before going? [Quick grocery sore trip to grab frozen veggies, chicken apple sausages, and some olives or an avocado dependng on what looks good. I can throw together a quick, compliant meal using those ingredients plus a few pantry staples from the house I'm babysitting at. While not ideal, I can even just heat everything in the microwave if using a stove/oven isn't an option].
    • What if the parents tell me to take the kids out for dinner? (I'm working at coming up for a plan for IHOP and Applebee's so I know what to order before going). 

  22. So, before I was planning on starting up with this Whole30 thing, I bought a silicone egg bite mold to make copycat egg bites (similar to the Sous Vide ones at Starbucks). 

    I'm just struggling with how to recreate a Whole30 compliant version. The eggs and veggies are all good, and I can live without the flavor of the cheese. The issue is the cottage cheese. 

    The recipe calls for 1/2 cup of cottage cheese to be blended with the eggs resulting in a smooth, creamy egg. (Unlike the drier, spongey result that can happen with egg bites). I'm just not sure what what would work to help recreate that creamy texture.

    Any suggestions? Coconut cream? Maybe NutPods?