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  1. Who knew bees were so interesting? The pics of the ones covered in pollen - they look like they're drunk and giddy on it!
  2. Hi Everyone! I'm still lurking about. Still reading everyone's updates and reaping the benefits. Meadow - is there are story behind your BeeCharmer tag? Or are you a beekeeper?
  3. Sissy13

    Cottagequeen's CQI

    I admire your bravery and your conviction. I have struggled with this latest round of W30 and, believe it or not, stories like yours inspire. Thank you for sharing your story.
  4. Meadow - please continue posting as I am soaking it all up. I have been lurking here, but definitely following along. I just haven't had anything much to contribute...
  5. Hey Everyone! Still lurking about. I'm trying to keep current on the posts. Lots of great ideas/sharing/info here. I think my favorite thing about W30 is the fact that I try so many new foods/recipes. So far my favorites this round have been: Crock Pot Meatballs in Tomato Sauce Garlicky-Smoky Cashews Kalua Pig in a Slow Cooker Also, I'm not a huge fan of cooked veggies - I mostly eat them raw when possible. Any great ideas for raw veggies?
  6. Thanks so much! So many great ideas! Was there a recipe in there that I missed? I can always google for a recipe, but wondered if there was one that you were particularly fond of? PS - Are a couple of those pics inside Old Faithful Inn? I'm so excited because THIS is the year I get to 'meet' her!! PPS - vous êtes les bienvenus (I do not know any French, I had to look it up!)
  7. I think it was Meadow that recently mentioned balsamic reductions. What do you use these with/on? And do you have a favorite recipe that you can share? Thanks!
  8. Woohoo! Day 1 of my '30 Foods' eating plan! lol The first time I did this way back last June, a co-worker asked me what I was doing and when I said Whole 30, she jumped ahead thinking that there are only 30 foods I can eat. So, now I have fully embraced it! Even though it's not just 30 foods, whenever I'm offered something at work now, and I decline; when pressed, I just tell them it's not one of my 30 foods.
  9. Didn't realize how much I missed y'all - until I started reading all the posts here! Sounds like all of the newbies are fitting right in! Looking forward to the next month with y'all.
  10. Dave - I'll send a new check. Hope it doesn't need to have a signature. Maybe you could grant a one-time waiver - to let me 'in' prior to receiving payment? Pretty please, with sug - umm with healthy, compliant things on top!?
  11. Hey - I want a hoodie too! My check is in the mail. Really! Thanks for the reminder on the salad dressings, mayo and sauces. You are most correct - it does make it easier! Looking forward to a 1/12/15 start with y'all.
  12. Sissy13

    Dirty 30 "Best Group on W30"

    Hey everyone - enjoying the banter today. I have been thinking about another W30 with a proper, by-the-book, reintro at the end; I never really did that and I think it has (finally) sunk in that I need to do so. If others are starting on Monday, I can do so as well. Higs - are you posting on another thread for support for this next round? Fran - I must have missed your link to the article on Moderator vs Abstainer. Can you point me to that? Meadow - I love that you posted the Blake Shelton video; I never even knew who he was before "The Voice", and I am shocked to see the long(er) hair!
  13. Sissy13

    Dirty 30 "Best Group on W30"

    Meadow, Sissy and I, and all the rest of the Dirty 30, are right there with you. It took more than 30 days to walk into this woods, and it's going to take more than 30 days to walk back out. That's just the way it is. Nice to have good companions on the journey. Ann-Well said!!