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  1. Britishgal

    Help! Resources in the UK

    Aldi does sugar free compliant smoked salmon (their cheap brand not their premium oddly) as well as bacon. The coop does compliant frozen burgers which I buy occasionally for a small boy treat I've never found a non compliant tin of chopped tomatoes or tuna (unless in sunflower oil) to be fair...I buy both from aldi and they are fab. Also Aldi passata and tomato paste. Same with other tinned fish. Coconut milk I don't tend to buy often as I cannot source a non rubbish filled nice tasting version near me! there is a brand called Thai taste which has compliant pouches (not cans oddly...they have different ingredients) but I can't get it anymore so you'd need to check as they could have changed. Their green curry paste is fine and yummy, Tesco everyday value pickled beetroot is compliant and haywards pickled red cabbage I used to buy ghee from booths (an Indian brand in a huge tin with cows on it) and coconut oil (Lucy Bee organic raw) but now I buy butter to clarify and Aldi light olive oil. I'm not very knowledgable about emergency food...Ive never felt the need to carry any or indeed had need of any. We do have naked bars but they taste horrid so I'd rather not bother...surely though if you felt you needed to you could keep a tin of tuna or an apple in your bag as easily as a dried fruit bar? I have never even seen jerky (in any form) but I have never looked for it either
  2. Britishgal

    Help! Resources in the UK

    When I first started whole30 I was convinced from reading that I had to have coconut oil and other things. And you don't really. My jar of coconut oil is now used for my face because I never liked using it to cook. I have always cooked with olive oil and butter so clarifying butter and carrying on with my oil made more sense. Look at what you cook now and base your cooking on those with whole30 twists. It'll be simpler, cheaper and as you know you like those types of foods you are far more likely to stick to it Oh and I second jmcbn on the no prepackaging...I am slightly obsessed with reducing waste so it kills two birds with one stone
  3. Britishgal

    Help! Resources in the UK

    I buy fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, fish, tins of tomatoes and fish and I cook. I shop at my local market veg stall, the butchers and the supermarkets in my little town (booths and aldi) and I cook everything we eat. I honestly think that it is that simple and complicating it with labels and special ingredients bumps up the cost massively. We drink refrigerated tap water with lime or lemon wedges and herbs such as mint and I buy tea and fruit/herb infusions. When not on a whole30 I also eat cream and cheese and usually have honey in the cupboard for my 7 year old But real food and cook it
  4. Britishgal

    The crazy things people say

    You have to laugh...and all that...
  5. Britishgal

    The crazy things people say

    That wasn't the wheat that elicited that comment...that was the iq and the aspergers
  6. Britishgal

    The crazy things people say

    You don' just roll your eyes! I went to see the Turing film with her and as we walked out she announced that he really wasn't made to live in this world...then looked at me and said "like you". I rolled my eyes. I'm used to rolling my eyes!!
  7. Britishgal

    The crazy things people say

    My mother told me this afternoon that food allergies are just a fashionable thing to have, like autism I have aspergers...and a wheat allergy.
  8. Britishgal

    The crazy things people say

    My mother asked me this morning if I was having my cholesterol checked...apparently now I'm not able to eat wheat my cholesterol must be soaring (I haven't told her about the ghee, the homemade Mayo or that I don't eat other grains either!) As if I don't have enough health wise to worry about just how...and no, I'm not having it checked...
  9. Britishgal

    What symptoms did you feel with which foods?

    Cows milk bloats me, milk chocolate bloats me and makes me vomit, peanuts give me the runs and I am allergic to eyes itch, weep and swell up for days ;( I am testing cows cheese, goats cheese, peas, broad beans, soy, rice, oats and corn at the end of this whole30 in more detail...
  10. Britishgal

    The crazy things people say

    Haha!! I do miss fish and chips mind you, though I know they aren't healthy, I have a friend though whose only vegetable intake in his life apart from potatoes (he is almost 40) is mushy peas. Even as a child his mother never cooked any vegetables. Lovely. I'm not sure what he'd think of whole30!
  11. Britishgal

    What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like

    I always add a fat to my it eggs, steak or salmon. Maybe because I'm obsessed with homemade mayo Honestly though I feel better health wise and fuller for longer with more fat in my diet
  12. Britishgal

    Whole30 Compliant Lox

    I'm not sure where you are but here in the UK aldi's basic smoked salmon is fine...their "best" range one isn't. Odd I know
  13. Britishgal

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    During my 1st whole30 I got my period twice in 30 days...after 7 months of not getting any periods at all. In the year and a bit since then I've been regular as clockwork
  14. Britishgal

    The crazy things people say

    Me: We aren't buying that ham it is full of cr*p Mother: Don't be ridiculous, its not for you, its for the children
  15. Britishgal

    The crazy things people say

    In contrast to whole30...where yesterday when I'd planned on introducing goats dairy I craved butternut squash chips (fries?) and homemade mayo so ate them with steak and put it off