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  1. Britishgal

    December 27th Start Date

    I’m starting another round tomorrow too...I gave no idea how many I’ve done plus I stick to it quite closely normally (except dairy...I always add that back!) but I have been really ill the last half of this year (I have arthritis) and everything has fallen by the wayside, I’ve put in a couple of stone, my skin is horribly dry and I’m exhausted all the time. So it’s time I think. i want to start reintroducing exercise slowly too (ballet barre/floor exercises are my fav)as it’s been a while but now I have my drs permission! I’m looking forward to not being so tired...and not eating all the rubbish I’ve fallen back into! Plus my 9 year old is doing it with me this time outside of school hours and the days he’s at his dad’s...I think he’s worried about me
  2. Britishgal

    Hi all! Starting Feb 22nd!

    I'm starting today too I've done multiple w30s and a w60+ last summer but Christmas derailed me royally and I've been ill so eating junk a lot recently *rolls eyes* I have arthritis and aspergers and a wheat I really need to lose some more weight (I've put on since Christmas *sigh*). My 7 year old will be coming along for the ride with exceptions (and school lunches...he is back on those) i started with eggs and roasted-whatever-veg-was-in-the-fridge (my fav!) this morning and am heading out to shop just now. I don't plan meals, I buy a small amount of what's in season and looks good every couple of days, live in a country without a lot of w30 staples and I don't so packaging so my w30 may be a little different Good luck!!
  3. I know it may not be a popular answer but I just wouldn't buy non whole30 cannot control what they eat outside and if they want to go and buy the snacks themselves you can't stop them either but you can stop making it so easy for them. That being said it won't be easy. At all. But if they see you and their dad stick to it and thrive then they will be more inclined to come round
  4. Britishgal

    Help! Resources in the UK

    Aldi does sugar free compliant smoked salmon (their cheap brand not their premium oddly) as well as bacon. The coop does compliant frozen burgers which I buy occasionally for a small boy treat I've never found a non compliant tin of chopped tomatoes or tuna (unless in sunflower oil) to be fair...I buy both from aldi and they are fab. Also Aldi passata and tomato paste. Same with other tinned fish. Coconut milk I don't tend to buy often as I cannot source a non rubbish filled nice tasting version near me! there is a brand called Thai taste which has compliant pouches (not cans oddly...they have different ingredients) but I can't get it anymore so you'd need to check as they could have changed. Their green curry paste is fine and yummy, Tesco everyday value pickled beetroot is compliant and haywards pickled red cabbage I used to buy ghee from booths (an Indian brand in a huge tin with cows on it) and coconut oil (Lucy Bee organic raw) but now I buy butter to clarify and Aldi light olive oil. I'm not very knowledgable about emergency food...Ive never felt the need to carry any or indeed had need of any. We do have naked bars but they taste horrid so I'd rather not bother...surely though if you felt you needed to you could keep a tin of tuna or an apple in your bag as easily as a dried fruit bar? I have never even seen jerky (in any form) but I have never looked for it either
  5. Britishgal

    Light olive oil in a dark bottle?

    You can always decant a light olive oil into a dark glass bottle or other container at home if you think it stores better that way?
  6. Britishgal

    Help! Resources in the UK

    When I first started whole30 I was convinced from reading that I had to have coconut oil and other things. And you don't really. My jar of coconut oil is now used for my face because I never liked using it to cook. I have always cooked with olive oil and butter so clarifying butter and carrying on with my oil made more sense. Look at what you cook now and base your cooking on those with whole30 twists. It'll be simpler, cheaper and as you know you like those types of foods you are far more likely to stick to it Oh and I second jmcbn on the no prepackaging...I am slightly obsessed with reducing waste so it kills two birds with one stone
  7. Britishgal

    Your Whole30 Island

    Whole Chicken Mince Olive oil Eggs Tomatoes Herbs and spices Limes Garlic Mushrooms Potatoes It's hard! I love veg so I'd want loads of them really...sprouts, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, aubergine, courgette, peppers, squash.. I'm assuming a desert island would have a sea for fishing? Could I have veg seeds as a choice??
  8. Britishgal

    Help! Resources in the UK

    I buy fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, fish, tins of tomatoes and fish and I cook. I shop at my local market veg stall, the butchers and the supermarkets in my little town (booths and aldi) and I cook everything we eat. I honestly think that it is that simple and complicating it with labels and special ingredients bumps up the cost massively. We drink refrigerated tap water with lime or lemon wedges and herbs such as mint and I buy tea and fruit/herb infusions. When not on a whole30 I also eat cream and cheese and usually have honey in the cupboard for my 7 year old But real food and cook it
  9. Britishgal

    Getting weighed at the doctor

    I've asked doctors, nurses etc to not tell me my weight for over a decade...with the notable exception of my pregnancy. As a longtime eating disorder sufferer (in the past) I simply don't want to know I've never been questioned!
  10. I don't mention "healthy" for that reason. My mother, for example, firmly believes (because she has always been told) that you HAVE to have whole grains and calcium from milk and other things to be healthy and worries about me. She thinks healthy meals are porridge it beans on toast...this is a woman who spent the 80s eating little more than all bran, prunes and skimmed milk. She is obsessed with my (perfectly healthy) cholesterol and thinks my arteries are horrific. Also there is soooo much info around and on tv here about healthy foods such as rapeseed oil and fruit juices and other things. It's a minefield. I actually lie to my mother and say I eat rice and oats although I don't...she worries...
  11. Britishgal

    Any ideas for packed lunches within school rules?

    Oh and I tried omelettes as "bread" last week wrapped round meat and so far no I'll carry on doing that. I think if I can make it look as close as possible to a "normal" sandwich based lunchbox it makes them happy! A friend who lives not far away sends her son with leftover curries and rice and pasta and all sorts so it's not every school by a long shot.
  12. Britishgal

    Any ideas for packed lunches within school rules? nuts!! I'm not sure if he'd eat cold stews but it's something I could look at trying I'm currently getting round it with mini sausages, meat sliced to look like packaged deli meat and my own scotch eggs. I'm going to try salmon fish cakes this week I think Luckily he likes fruit and veg and is happy with raw cucumber and peppers and broccoli!
  13. Britishgal

    house guests coming to stay

    Ah...well if they knew then that's a different kettle of fish
  14. I say I'm cutting processed foods and potential allergens out of my diet for a while. Keep it simple
  15. Britishgal

    house guests coming to stay

    Do they know you are on an eating programme? I don't understand how they'd know to ask if not ;( We had etiquette classes from 11 all the way through school so I understand manners...they were drummed into us. If I was going to stay with friends I'd take a gift (flowers, wine and chocolates probably as is normal here) but if I didn't know they weren't eating x, y or z how would I know not to take x, y or z?