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    Britishgal got a reaction from praxisproject in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    I always add a fat to my it eggs, steak or salmon. Maybe because I'm obsessed with homemade mayo Honestly though I feel better health wise and fuller for longer with more fat in my diet
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    Britishgal got a reaction from jmcbn in Help! Resources in the UK   
    When I first started whole30 I was convinced from reading that I had to have coconut oil and other things. And you don't really. My jar of coconut oil is now used for my face because I never liked using it to cook. I have always cooked with olive oil and butter so clarifying butter and carrying on with my oil made more sense.
    Look at what you cook now and base your cooking on those with whole30 twists. It'll be simpler, cheaper and as you know you like those types of foods you are far more likely to stick to it
    Oh and I second jmcbn on the no prepackaging...I am slightly obsessed with reducing waste so it kills two birds with one stone