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  1. BevB

    Compliant bacon - FOUND!

    Pederson Farms bacon is complaint - I got our local HEB to carry it just by going in and asking. It even says Whole 30 on the front of it!
  2. Just wanted to let others know that the Natural Value brand of canned coconut milk has a coupon on amazon right now. Brings it down to $2.28 a can which is a great price
  3. Just wanted to throw out there that I personally never even thought about cutting out my homemade mayo while pregnant. I've been through 2 pregnancies now eating it - it's the source of eggs that's important. That and making sure they are not washed. Washing them destroys the safety mucus lining on the outside of the egg and allows bacteria inside the egg. I also ate sushi (I know Japanese women don't stop eating it when they are expecting just wanted to put that out there in case you were really craving that homemade mayo!
  4. I am wanting to stock up my freezer with some Paleo/Whole 30 meals for after baby. Does anyone know of any that freeze well? Thanks so much!
  5. Thanks for the helpful reply . I do have two slow cookers and a large roaster oven and the kids certainly help with veggie prep! I think I am just not preparing enough veggies - meat is much easier to cook really. Like you said, it takes me 5 minutes to have the meat in the slow cooker and 8 hours later it is ready. The veggies take much longer to prepare and honestly, I get the amount of meat we should eat (which is 2 chickens for a meal, or 3 pounds of hamburger, etc..) but when the meat is done and I still have veggies to prepare I think I am just skimping on that. Then they eat all the meat and veggies but are not full - because I did not provide enough veggies. It is a work in progress. Your reply was helpful - thanks so much!
  6. Hello, We are a family of 8 (6 kids ranging in age from 16-3 with one on the way) and we are 12 days into our Whole 30. I am having a bit of trouble keeping up with the amount of food it seems they need. I just re-read some of the whole 30 and we are needing 1-2 cups of veggies per person (my kids already ate a lot of veggies - we have been mostly grain free and totally refined sugar free for over a year now), and 3-4 ounces of meat per person. So each meal I need to be cooking 16 cups of veggies and 24 ounces (a pound and a half of meat) correct? I cook veggies (maybe not enough) but we are going through 3 pounds of ground meat per meal and having fruit and they are still hungry after this. They are eating probably a dozen boiled eggs a day plus apples, carrots, oranges, etc... and they are constantly in the fridge. We live on a small farm and homeschool - its not like they are grazing from boredom because we always have something going on both work wise and fun. I try and keep their mind occupied with other things but we can be outside doing something and they stop and ask if it is time to eat. I am pretty sure it is real hunger because they did not do that when we included red potatoes, sprouted rice and oats (the two grains we normally have in our diet). I am tempted to let them have the rice and oats again just to fill their tummies. I was hoping that by now the hunger would have subsided and they would be satied. I am making sure we have plenty of fat - our own homemade lard, clarified butter, avocados, egg yolks from the boiled eggs, etc.. Is there anything I am missing? Is this just normal? I am just a bit overwhelmed being in the kitchen THIS much! Seems like I have lived there the last 12 days - any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
  7. BevB

    Kids Lunch Ideas

    Bacon wrapped sausage stuffed dates with sugar free bacon from US Wellness meats would be Whole 30 compliant right?
  8. I have seen so many videos and website about making clarified butter! Does anyone have a favorite video, website or process for making it? Thanks so much!
  9. BevB

    Is ghee an acquired taste?

    Ok - thanks. I will try clarifying our butter and see if we like that better
  10. BevB

    Bulletproof Pros & Cons

    I use coconut milk and coconut oil and we really like it. I might try the Ghee though and see if I can stomach that!
  11. BevB

    Is ghee an acquired taste?

    Just curious - I thought Ghee and Clarified Butter were the same thing? The Ghee I buy says: Purity Farms Organic Clarified Butter Ghee - here it is on Amazon . Is clarified butter different? I would love to think so as our family is not crazy about Ghee!
  12. We usually make our Chebe bread and take it anyway - I just wanted to make sure it was Whole 30 Compliant as long as I left out the cheese. I probably should have listed the ingredients the first time - here they are: Manoioc (tapioca) flour, modified manoic starch (100% manoic), iodine-free sea salt, cream of tartar and sodium bicarbonate. I think all these things are whole 30 compliant but I know not to make this as "bread" for us just because we are not eating anything that resembles baked goods We do still want to take communion though and want to make the best choice possible for us. Thanks so much!
  13. Just curious - it is Barley grass, not Barley the grain. Grasses are a totally different animal in that sense. Not to try and be difficult but I am 4 months pregnant and have a gene mutation that does not allow me to take prenatal vitamins. I take the Superfood plus for B vitamins that my body can use and folic acid. Believe me - if I did not feel it necessary, I would not try and get that stuff down each morning. It is not superfood in the protein sense so I thought it would be ok. It does contain all real whole food - just powdered. It would be like me dehydrating all these things and powdering them (which some people do - I just cannot find the time to do that!). Thanks so much for your responses!