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  1. simmie

    Approved Sweeteners

    The member in question was going to use it in a curry sauce. To me, that would be ok as it's not being used to create a "sweet treat".
  2. simmie

    Approved Sweeteners

    What about a product called Dolcedi? It's a 12 oz jar, and the ingredients list: concentrated organic apple juice. Its label says it's a low glycemic sweetener from apples. While on one hand, I don't buy anything for the sole purpose of sweetening something (kinda goes against the spirit of Whole30), someone on a group I'm on asked if it was ok, since apple juice as a sweetener in a recipe is ok. I could go either way on this one.
  3. simmie


    There's three things that come to mind: 1: are you drinking green tea? If so, eliminate it--it is known to be constipating for some. 2: nuts can also be constipating 3: drink more water. You're probably eating more fiber and if you're short on water (or your body may just need more water), the fiber can sit in your gut like a cement block.