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  1. ISWF says consuming seed oils with high levels of omega-6 promotes inflammation. For these reasons, industrially processed seed oils violate the Whole30 Good Food standard. It goes on to say that the smartest choice is to avoid all seed oils and rely on the stable, health-promoting oils.
  2. Follow up with a bit of a twist. The member that posted that said that if this is how they could eat on Whole30 they would have no problem doing it. Not that it matters but this was a man that had this as a meal. If this is the norm with the protein being as heavy as it is on a regular basis, and he's getting his vegetables and fat in, is this an issue from a Whole 30 standpoint?
  3. We recently had a question come up on a Whole30 Facebook group about the meal template--specifically about whether the portion sizes of the components should be proportional to each other. Should the different components of the meal template be proportional to each other necessarily? For instance, one part protein, 1 part fat, 2-3 parts vegetables? We had someone who had a very large steak with their meal and did have enough vegetables but it came up whether or not all the parts of that meal should have been proportional to each other.
  4. LOL Oh I know that, and you are one of the forum moderators that I implicitly trust with correct information so I do appreciate your input on all the posts that you participate in on the Forum.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that you're saying Melissa was wrong but will take that at face value LOL
  6. if Melissa has reversed her decision on artificial flavors, can you direct us to a link on the Forum or on Instagram or an article where it states that artificial flavors are allowed now please?
  7. I am the one that posted that screenshot originally. It is from a DM on Instagram that one of our FB group members had with Melissa regarding artificial flavors and is from January 2018. As you can see, when asked if artificial flavors are allowed on Whole30, Melissa said simply "Nope."