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    simmie reacted to ShannonM816 in Miyokos Cashew Cream Mozzarella containing tapioca starch?   
    Yes, nut-based cheeses with compatible ingredients are allowed.
    This article is specifically about Kite Hill brand products but goes over the reasoning about allowing them:
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    simmie reacted to kremasmooth in Intro   
    Hi!  started 4/1.  I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years.  Eat eggs and a little dairy.  I have done Whole30 a couple times in the past.  It was a little more difficult being vegetarian so I was really happy to see the PB program.  Hope there are others who join in.  Someone has to Talk me down when I NEED a Reese’s Peanut Butter Easter Egg.  
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    simmie reacted to ShannonM816 in Some of the recipes on this site don’t make sense   
    The only "pasta" that is allowed on either the original or the plant-based Whole30 would be vegetables cut into pasta-like shapes. So, butternut squash cut into "noodles" using a spiralizer or mandolin. I'm not sure exactly what recipe you're talking about but if it involved pasta made from a mix of vegetables and some type of flour to form noodles, it is not compatible with Whole30. 
    Plant-based Whole30 contains protein sources that are not allowed on the original Whole30, like soy and other legumes, because people who choose not to eat any animal-based items would not have enough protein options without those options. The original Whole30 still exists, and if you eat animal-based protein you can still do the original version. The plant-based Whole30 is a completely different program.
    The Abbot's Butcher products that are allowed on the plant-based Whole30 meet the rules like no carrageenan and no gluten. Many of the meat substitute options available from other brands -- and even one of this brand's products -- do not meet these standards. These products give plant-based Whole30ers another option for a protein source. No one has to use them, even while doing a plant-based Whole30, it is just another option to make meal prep and planning a little easier. 
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    simmie reacted to Nicole Marie in A Day in the Life - Meal Planning   
    I want to see a menu from someone that participated in the beta testing or has already started and has a solid meal plan.  Maybe a sample of all 4 meals for a couple of days.  Thanks is advance!
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    simmie reacted to QuantumGhost in Banza rice?   
    Based on what I have read and heard last night, you are good to go if you “rice” or “noodle” a whole vegetable or chickpea
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    simmie reacted to ShannonM816 in Intro   
    You should get the replay, I'm told probably by Wednesday. So watch whatever email you used to sign up, and if you don't get it by the end of the week, let us know and we'll see what we can do. 
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    simmie reacted to britgirl in Intro   
    Hi I thought the forum would be buzzing with the plant based launch! My daughter and I are starting next Monday so planning this week. I’m a bit concerned about getting enough protein, while staying reasonably low carb. I’m pretty familiar with the original w30 and always feel much better after doing it so let’s see how we do! 
    Signed up to the intro session but it starts at 1am for me ( in the U.K.) and I’m not THAT committed! 
    mods : could it be recorded please? 
    Good luck all 
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    simmie got a reaction from QuantumGhost in Melissa's Stuff Over Stuff bowl revised for PB   
    I enjoy simple meals and like doing  bowl-type meals like Melissa's ground beef/meat with stuff over stuff and was thinking about revising it for the plant-based reset.
    Instead of the animal protein like ground beef (or salmon or chicken or such), you could do a combination of lentils and black beans or chickpeas (for a different texture) and some sauteed mushrooms and perhaps add some snow peas into the bowl.
    I'm looking at other traditional Whole30  dishes that could be easily revised to the plant-based version just by swapping out any broth or animal protein to be consistent with the plant-based reset.
    I'm finding it's quite easy to do that. 
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    simmie reacted to QuantumGhost in Intro   
    I’ll be second. 
    Hi! I have been plant forward for a few years. plant forward means I am primarily plant based but will sporadically have something with egg or cheese… tacos are my weakness . My husband is WFPB which enabled him to get off of his heart meds and stay off for three years now.

    This is my first time trying Whole30. Never bothered before because it went against a lot of the lifestyle we carry. I have started to realize that my dietary needs are different than my husband’s. I have very healthy cardiovascular, so cholesterol, BP, heart health isn’t a risk. Instead, it is the weight gain around my belly and the massive cravings and bloating related to hormonal cycle (fun being a mid-40’s woman). 
    My friend, who is starting her second W30, indicated she shedded fat and pointed out there is a plant-based program. So here I am. Trying to figure out how to modify my eating to do this. 
    The hardest thing is to “unlearn” the dietary needs based off of my husband’s goals (no oil, no saturated fat ) and try whole30 which inherently encourages fat and oils. 
     One last thing… it’s stupid but I am sitting here and thinking “what do I do with the food I just bought two days before making this Whole40 decision, yesterday?” 
    Yup. That’s me.
    Looking forward to supporting those who are new to plant based eating
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    simmie reacted to SugarcubeOD in Banza rice?   
    I will double check this with HQ but I'm suspecting they'll say no - cauliflower rice is just finely riced cauliflower... this is a concoction using various ingredients to replicate rice... I'll get back to you asap
    Double checked with HQ - the only way pasta or rice is allowed is if it's a one ingredient item... like zucchini noodles, cauliflower rice, sweet potato 'bun' etc... the baked goods rule still applied to the PB Whole30.
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    simmie reacted to SugarcubeOD in Trader Joe's No sugar dry rubbed uncured bacon   
    It's not ideal according to the 'no seed oils at home' but it's up to you.  Seed oils are okay when eating out (because otherwise it would be near impossible to eat out) so if you're like me and never eat out, then you can make that decision for yourself if you get what I mean.  Again, not ideal but not the worst thing in the world.