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  1. There is so much more to mental illness than exercising and finding what you are "missing". I guess my schizophrenic sister in law should have just exercised a bit more and my grandmother should have just gotten out of bed and listened to the birds chirp instead of trying to commit suicide, which, according to you, was an option to consider so she could avoid the side effects of a drug.
  2. papayarain

    What do you like to drink?

    Water Coffee with coconut milk Kombucha Iced tea
  3. papayarain

    Day 31 and Results

    I can see a difference in your photos. Congrats on all your accomplishments! I too never thought I would love my coffee with just canned coconut milk!
  4. papayarain

    Must Haves from Trader Joes

    Cruciferous Crunch Collection!! It is a mix of shredded kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli, green cabbage and red cabbage. It is great mixed with eggs, casseroles, soups and even delicious sauteed in olive oil with salt and pepper!
  5. papayarain

    safe coconut milk?!

    I use the 365 brand from Whole Foods and it is compliant. Coconut,water, guar gum.
  6. papayarain

    Stuffing SWYPO?

    Looks delicious! I am going to make this for Thanksgiving.
  7. papayarain

    Will I ever feel like I'm succeeding??

    If you have a Trader Joe's by you they have roasted mashed sweet potatoes in the frozen section that are friggin delicious! They are frozen in individual little servings so they are easy to throw into any meal or just eat them alone. They have a sweet taste to them but nothing added. The ingredients are simply sweet potatoes.
  8. papayarain

    Dijon mustard

    Full Circle brand is also compliant.
  9. papayarain

    Your favorite brand of coconut milk

    I buy the Whole Foods brand. I love it in my coffee!
  10. Passionfruit is my fav. I will have to give coconut another try.
  11. Four days later and I have read through this ginormous thread, and it looks like my SCOBY is ready to do its job. Thanks for all the info!
  12. papayarain

    Anyone starting 8/25?

    Today will be day 1 of my second W30!
  13. papayarain

    Day 10 Where should I be: feeling confused on progress HELP

    I completed my first Whole30 at the end of June. Along the way I noticed small improvements in how my clothes fit but it wasn't until the last 3 days of the program that I really saw a big difference in my body. It was like all of a sudden my waist was more defined and my belly was looking smaller. Hang in there!!