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    Lack of carbs can cause blood sugar drop which can cause headaches (especially when working towards fat adaptation). For best results we really recommend eating within an hour of waking and the fact that you are physically averse to this is a sign that you have a hormonal imbalance. If you wish to correct this, the best way forward is to start with a template meal (1-2 palms animal protein, not nuts, 3+ cups veggies and 1-2 servings of fat) and eat as much as you can from around the plate. Then pack it up and take it with you and eat from it again as soon as you feel able. We recommend starting with at least a fist sized serving of starchy veggie each day (potato, sweet potato, winter squash, carrot, turnip etc) and go from there.
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    DIY Turkey Lunch Meat :)

    That sounds amazing!!!
  3. ladyshanny

    Morning Hunger

    Hi Emily, are you still breastfeeding? If so you probably need to eat another meal during the day to accommodate that extra energy output.
  4. ladyshanny

    Medical Procedure Prep

    The bloating can also be caused by the air that they pump into your gut. It can take a few days for that to normalize while your system absorbs and expels the excess gas.
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    Black beans bad fad?

    Soy can be problematic for many folks and individually we do recommend that people give it a separate day. The books are written to be approachable across the board but giving soy (and peanut butter) separate days is just a more thorough way of doing reintroduction. For folks w dairy issues we also recommend that they separate out the types of dairy (ie, lactose, whey, casein) to determine specific reactions. This can make the reintroduction much longer and more complex but it really depends on how specific people want to get. Legumes are still out on Whole30 across the board for the 30 days but they are admittedly less disruptive than something like gluten. If black beans are a part of your food freedom, that's great, they are delicious!
  6. ladyshanny

    Poo Questions

    Is the "seed/nut" looking poo stuff dark like coffee grinds? Or light colored? I would probably say if your poos are pleasant and odorless and you aren't experiencing bloating or pain or discomfort, you're probably just adjusting to a revision in your diet. if you are concerned it's always best to seek out a medical professional though. (<-- legal disclaimer)
  7. As per Melissa, yeast extract is fine if it cannot be avoided but we would encourage people to try and use/find products that do not contain this. It is not cause for restart.
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    Corrections to the Whole30 Fast & Easy cookbook?

    I'll let headquarters know - thanks!
  9. Maybe try limiting your cruciferous veggies (broc, cauli, brussel sprouts) and see if that helps. It may be a limitation issue on brassica.
  10. No, unfortunately because it's still made with grain.
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    AIP and Whole 30 recipes?

    We're not much of a recipe sharing site here but if you do a quick google search for AIP recipes you should get a wealth of results. Here are a couple to get you started. You'll still have to review them for Whole30 compliance and then for your own personal issue with coconut milk but it should get you started:
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    Day 7 report

    Hi @Dee41 - you're free to keep a personal log to detail the things you may wish to note or remember:
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    Day 5 and a surprising find

    Glad you discovered it and glad you're feeling better!
  14. ladyshanny

    How do I make this whole30 compliant?

    No sweeteners of any kind and no wine, sorry. Maybe pick a different recipe so that you don't have to make modifications? This one shared on our feed this week looks SO good:
  15. ladyshanny

    Day 5 and a surprising find

    Sorry your stomach is wonky! I would say perhaps that it is a limitation issue on the cauliflower/brocolini - cruciferous veggies are known to cause cramps and bloating, especially if you've eaten a lot of them in a shorter period of time. try eliminating the cruciferous veggies and see how that goes.
  16. Is the acne localized around your mouth/chin by any chance?
  17. ladyshanny

    What's for dinner?

    Oh my goodness, that sounds delicious! I'll be right over?
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    I'm excited that you're excited!!!!
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    Hi @LindsayO - I think if I were you I would try and stick with as calm of foods as I could. I know you like olives but for now you may have to come to terms with prioritizing healing your body over eating something you generally like. I'm not sure about sweet potatoes, a google search will probably help there. As for eating enough - you have all the protein options, all the non-starchy (cooked) veggie options and all the fats except nuts and olives. You can absolutely do this. If you are unable to include starchy veggies, make sure you up your fats and protein as the non-starchy veggies tend to be low on the caloric load and you could end up undereating.
  20. ladyshanny

    Fruit... how much is too much?

  21. Welcome! May I just suggest that the level of suck you feel in the first week of Whole30 adjustment is going to be directly related to how much you go sideways before you start. If you have the opportunity to do a soft entry, you thank yourself later.
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    PCOS and Whole30

    Wonderful results so far, I hope that this does help with your condition!
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    Day 9–horrible stomach issues

    Dang, sorry to hear that. Digestive upset isn't uncommon, especially dependent on what your diet was like before Whole30. Often a large increase in unfamiliar foods can do this also (raw veggies, coconut products, avocado, nuts etc). Try eating some blander and easier to digest foods - chicken breast, banana, sweet potato etc.
  24. Hi there - sorry to hear about that however it is not a known symptom of Whole30. We cannot give out medical counselling here so would suggest you get medical assistance. There is nothing about eating protein, veggies and fats that would cause full-body hives unless you have a severe intolerance to something and we cannot help you determine that here.
  25. We would recommend that you eat within an hour of waking so if you can eat at home that would be ideal. Pre and post workout don't really count towards your meal timing because that is fuel used before and after a workout. You're not necessarily preventing any good but if you can eat a meal and then allow your digestive system to parse those nutrients to where they need to go and then have a little rest before the next meal, that's optimal. But with that, it's a recommendation and not a rule. You're still doing a Whole30 even if your meal timing for your lifestyle doesn't meet our exact recommendations.