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    As of December 16, 2021, MSG is no longer off limits for the Whole30. You can read more here: Is MSG Okay on Whole30? A Change to the Whole30 Rules
  2. Haha, well she is just a human person who makes errors just like the rest of us! Trust - we are not trying to lead anyone down the garden path.
  3. Hey ya'll - Shannon from Whole30 HQ here! Wow, this is an oldie screenshot! To be clear - artificial flavors have not now nor have they ever been off limits during Whole30. Would we encourage you to find something without them? Sure, if you want. But natural and artificial flavors are fine. And before you point to the screenshot from Melissa - I've confirmed with the Whole30 team and her response was incorrect. Maybe a brain-fart, maybe she was in a hurry, maybe she didn't clearly read what you were asking before responding. But rest assured, the answer "nope" to the question about c
  4. The absolute scientific manipulation of the consumer and the human physiology should make everyone angry! They know how our bodies are going to react so they create and sell us on things that are NOT good for us but which we have a very hard time refusing. Love that you named your sugar dragon. Down with Sharon!
  5. Oh, that's fun! Should still be there, we haven't changed the content of that book!
  6. Hi Carrie, all are welcome, glad to have you! Planning is absolutely the key for success! As for cutting veggies - sturdier veggies such as squash, peppers etc will keep for a week in a container in the fridge. I would cut the more tender ones closer to when you want to use them.
  7. Haha, well I'm pouting in Canadian - and I WORK for us! LOL!
  8. Oh, interesting! I'll talk to our IT team about this! @ShannonM816 - I've got this one!
  9. Hi Lori! Just popping on to give you this link: This is sorted by start date - there are a couple starting Sep 1 if that works better for you!
  10. Made by Whole30. Meet our brand new line of Whole30 salad dressings and dipping sauces. They are inspired by Melissa Urban's own kitchen creations, designed with you in mind, and 100% Whole30 down to the very last detail. The Whole30 HQ team worked together to hand-select our five-flavor debut:House Ranch: a Whole30 staple and the best darn Ranch you’ll ever tryBuffalo Vinaigrette: made famous in Melissa's chicken-blueberry-hot-sauce saladsElderberry Vinaigrette: a dash of fruity sweetness with zero added sugarCreamy Balsamic: a classic with a creamy twistSecret Sauce: inspired by Utah Fry Sau
  11. Nope, don't calculate based on grams's more fluid than that. For recipes, we don't necessarily write them all as template abiding - some are side dishes or protein mains etc. Given your lack of satiety I would add fat to your meals - it's really almost impossible to overeat fats - they shut the body off when done. The satiety also depends on your portion sizes. How many cups of veggies were in that stew - how many approx palms of protein? Now can I also say that the foods that some people were/are used to eating (not saying you but it's possible) are calorically dense but
  12. This is fine. Grapes naturally have sulfites, hence the note. It's just those where it's added in the actual ingredients list.
  13. Oh no! Sorry to hear that, I will certainly pass this message along!
  14. You sure can. Note that they are quite high in starch so the method you describe above is a great use for them!
  15. Hi @LindsayO - I think if I were you I would try and stick with as calm of foods as I could. I know you like olives but for now you may have to come to terms with prioritizing healing your body over eating something you generally like. I'm not sure about sweet potatoes, a google search will probably help there. As for eating enough - you have all the protein options, all the non-starchy (cooked) veggie options and all the fats except nuts and olives. You can absolutely do this. If you are unable to include starchy veggies, make sure you up your fats and protein as the non-starchy veggies
  16. Interesting, @NSK, thanks for sharing!
  17. I don't know what "BC" is - but you can take whatever normal headache medicine you normally take. We don't want you to suffer.
  18. I had that dull throbbing headache on and off for a little more than the first couple weeks. Generally it's a hormone adjustment side effect - take a headache pill if you need to, you don't have to suffer. Of course I'm not a doctor so if you're concerned, seek out medical advice.
  19. This is where finding your food freedom takes practice. Take the info you learned most recently and then do some experiments. Maybe one glass of wine is fine but wine plus chocolate opens doors that should stay shut. Maybe chocolate is fine when with other people but too hard to manage when you're alone. Experiment with it and see if you can find your personal balance.
  20. Have you seen the Whole30 Approved meals at your local Walmart yet? Eight delicious varieties of Great Value frozen meals have been rolling out to Walmart stores nationwide all month long. Keep an eye out … if they’re not in your local store, they should be soon!⠀ ⠀ These meals feature American Humane Certified protein, lots of veggies, and delicious herbs, spices, and sauces perfect for between-meeting bites, fast weeknight dinners, and travel meals. In addition, Walmart's commitment to move towards GAP-certified animal protein in Whole30 meals by 2019 is a huge step towards changing our