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    Feeling Discouraged On Day 19

    Morning, and sorry you aren't feeling great. A few things stand out to me so I'll list them in point form: give up the orange juice altogether. We don't recommend drinking juice and it will slow or prevent you from becoming fat adapted as well as cause uneven blood sugar leading to cravings and false hunger. Eat within an hour of waking no matter when that is. Then eat every 4-5 hours, a regular template meal that includes protein, veggies and fat. It seems that some of your between meal timing runs very long (8-9 hours) If you do need to snack, focus on having a mini-meal snack that contains at least protein and fat or protein and veggies. Raw veggies alone or fruits alone aren't doing anything for you. I don't see any included fats besides the ghee you're putting on your potato. Every meal needs at least one serving of fat. Your Friday lunch and proposed Sunday last meal don't include any protein. As for sleep, when you are working on night shift, that is an automatic stress on your body and it's in your best interest to treat that with the respect it deserves. This is an excellent post from Michelle Tam who is a friend of the program: Also remember that if you were eating less than optimally on a regular basis, expecting to see full-scale change in 19 days is a bit optimistic. The fact that your acid reflux and gut pain is resolving is a high sign you're on the right track. Try making some of the changes I've noted above and see how you do.
  2. This is where finding your food freedom takes practice. Take the info you learned most recently and then do some experiments. Maybe one glass of wine is fine but wine plus chocolate opens doors that should stay shut. Maybe chocolate is fine when with other people but too hard to manage when you're alone. Experiment with it and see if you can find your personal balance.
  3. It's quite possible you're overeating a bit. Three eggs and three sausages is quite a bit. 3 servings of chicken as well may be a bit too much. If you're not hungry, try scaling back a bit so you get to where you're ready to eat again at 4-5 hours.
  4. ladyshanny

    Psyching up for a December W30!

    I feel like December Whole30 is an especially magical Whole30 - rock it, girlfriend!
  5. ladyshanny

    Starting Oct 1

    That is some very valuable information you've learned! Hope the gluten-feeling wears off fairly quickly for you!
  6. Always love hearing your results, Jim! And what a wonderful offer to another member to jump in with both feet as a show of support! Well done, you give me the warm-fuzzy feelings!
  7. ladyshanny

    Opinion needed

    I'm so sorry I don't have any good suggestions for you, I've not heard of this before. Since most spice is created with nightshades, can you try potatoes or tomatoes and see if you get the same stomach upset? Does black pepper do the same?
  8. ladyshanny

    Not Hungry - Should I eat Anyway?

    I would try out a few different timings. It's possible that with your underlying issues, that the juice first thing in the morning is inhibiting your appetite signals. It's also completely possible that it's not so it may be worth trying out as you go. Maybe you have less trouble eating your lunch so having the juice before that meal may work better. The first meal of the day can often be a tricky one for some people as far as appetite and nausea etc goes so trying to keep that one fully template recommendation might help.
  9. ladyshanny

    Opinion needed

    How odd, I don't think I've ever heard this particular result before! Is it all spicy foods? Or certain spices? Does curry bother you? Or just a hot-sauce style food? Can you try calming the spice with something like a dump ranch for dipping?
  10. ladyshanny

    Day 15... My Half Way Day :)

    This is so lovely to hear, thank you so much for sharing!
  11. ladyshanny


    Hi @clpas - The Whole30 is naturally anti-inflammatory so the majority of people can expect to experience some decrease in their inflammation. Take a peek though our testimonials from users. A great majority of them report decreased or eliminated pain.
  12. ladyshanny

    Not Hungry - Should I eat Anyway?

    Oh, I see. Are you able to drink the juice after your breakfast or was the timing also prescribed? A person should need to eat every 4-5 hours and if you are having autoimmune and other underlying health conditions it is possible that you should not be relying yet on body signals to tell you when you need to eat. I would eat on a 4-5 hour schedule if I were you for a while. See how you feel. The hunger may come as you teach your body what is happening.
  13. We can only go by the ingredients and manufacturers, if they use allergens like soy etc, have to list it on the label. This tea should be fine.
  14. ladyshanny

    Not Hungry - Should I eat Anyway?

    Hi @AliceInAutoimmuneland - we would recommend you leave off the juice altogether and save the coffee until after a full template breakfast. Both of these things can be appetite suppressants. Try that for a few days and see how you feel?
  15. ladyshanny

    Starting whole 30 November 12

    Hi @krispin - I can appreciate where you're coming from regarding the overweight factor. I was there 10 years ago and would lay in bed and dream of being able to run. I came to the realization that maybe I couldn't run "right now" but I could go walk. I was so embarrassed to be seen doing it that I would wait until it was dark outside and then go for walks. Eventually I got to the point where I could jog a few steps and then walk. And eventually after that I was able to actually consider myself a jogger/runner and I'd lost 80#. My point is, my body hurt, my shins hurt, my joints hurt, my emotional heart hurt immensely.....everything hurt. But it doesn't stay like that forever. The further you go, the longer you practice being active, the more your body gets used to it. I'm here for you, I'll cheer and encourage and lament with you. Whole30 is an amazing program that is hard enough in itself. What you are doing by also including physical activity is the golden key to creating a more full-scale change for yourself. I'm here for you! You can do this, I KNOW you can!
  16. ladyshanny

    Starting Tomorrow! R3

    So glad to hear you feel so wonderful on Whole30. Can I ask, did you ever do structured reintroductions at the end of your rounds? If not, I would really encourage you to make them a priority this time. It's worth finding out how and what bothers you so that you can make informed decisions. Makes it easier that way not to go off the rails afterwards or at least not as harmfully off the rails depending on what hurts or bothers you.
  17. ladyshanny

    Day 23 Increased General Soreness, All Over

    Thanks for coming back and updating us on your progress so far. If it is SIBO, that can be fixed with diet and antibiotics and potentially correct all the issues you're having. The undigested food in stools is a big flag for something weird going on. Will you come back and let us know what the RDN says?
  18. ladyshanny

    Day 26 and stoked

    Hi @goingthissolo - congrats on coming this far! Considering that you started this because of a stomach condition likely related to a food intolerance, I would highly recommend that you do a structured reintroduction so that you can figure it out. That way you'll just know going forward and then can create a long term plan that works best for you. I know it's hard for people to "intentionally" make themselves feel potentially bad - but it really is worth the test.
  19. ladyshanny


    Hi @Kristinshay - pumpkin seed allergy definitely would affect the skin and can cause eczema which is what it sounds like you have. Especially in generally sweatier areas like your bum, boobs, armpits etc. Avocado allergy is also skin related as are egg allergies. My take - granted, please remember I am NOT a medical professional - is that you have a sensitivity to some of these and if you developed a severe egg allergy, the avocado and pumpkin seeds are probably just an irritant in an already compromised allergy system. Try staying away from all these offenders for a while.....until you feel better for a few weeks. Then test pumpkin seeds in small amounts and see what happens. If it is eczema you're getting, that can take 14-21 days to clear up, even with medications. It never clears up fully if you don't eliminate the source. So my thinking is you develop eczema from eggs - avoid eggs but have some avo or seeds and that just exacerbates the issue. Of course if you are concerned, go to an allergist and have testing done.
  20. Hi @GTAkiwi - if you have a quick google of "Whole30 brown bag", "Whole30 picnic", "Whole30 What's in your Cooler" or "Whole30 road trip" you'll find lots of discussions about just this thing! I have a thermos that I loved - Thermos brand and it was the stubby one.
  21. ladyshanny

    Whole30 Approved at Walmart!

    Have you seen the Whole30 Approved meals at your local Walmart yet? Eight delicious varieties of Great Value frozen meals have been rolling out to Walmart stores nationwide all month long. Keep an eye out … if they’re not in your local store, they should be soon!⠀ ⠀ These meals feature American Humane Certified protein, lots of veggies, and delicious herbs, spices, and sauces perfect for between-meeting bites, fast weeknight dinners, and travel meals. In addition, Walmart's commitment to move towards GAP-certified animal protein in Whole30 meals by 2019 is a huge step towards changing our food system and making ethically-sourced animal protein more affordable than ever.⠀ ⠀ A big part of our ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts involves making the Whole30 easier and more accessible for our entire community. Over the last few years, many Whole30 convenience products (like meat sticks, condiments, and sauces) have entered the market, but because of their price point, they are often seen as luxuries for those shopping on a budget. Partnering with Walmart to create Whole30 offerings under their Great Value brand will help make the Whole30 easier and more accessible for everyone. Some frequently asked questions: Are these available in Canada: We wish we could send ALL the Whole30 Approved things across the border to you! Alas, things are complicated when it comes to shipping, distribution and international borders. We are hopeful these might be available to you in Canada someday, and in general we are trying to partner with Canada based brands. What about additives? The meals have some common additives in them (like potato starch or citric acid), as many other compliant shelf stable or frozen options do. (Please note, any mention of “sulfites” are naturally occurring in the vinegar, NOT added.) These are additives that have always been compliant with the program. Check out our common additives cheat sheet resource for more information about which additives are okay for your Whole30. Will it be at MY Walmart? It's rolling out to about 4,000 Walmart stores nationwide; if the Walmart near you carries better for you frozen brands, it's likely you'll find these Whole30 Approved meals there too. But can we trust Walmart? We assure you, this is of top priority for us as well. We have an audit clause written into our contract, and the right to inspect their facilities and production at any time during the partnership to confirm compliance. They are also mandated to provide us with detailed quarterly reporting as to their efforts to move towards GAP certified protein. Finally, we have been working on this partnership for more than a year. They were all 100% on board with a Whole30 approach, many having done the program themselves, and the entire team recognized and respected our rules and standards. We know their entire team respects our mission and community, but we also have the right (and will exercise this right) to verify through an independent audit.
  22. Hi Lindsey, Switching from nothing at all or sweets/carbs in the morning to a savoury Whole30-style breakfast can be a bumpy transition for some. To get past this as quickly as possible, we recommend eating a template meal within an hour of waking. If you can't get through the whole thing, eat as much as you can from around the plate (ie, get some protein, veggies and fat) and then pack it up and take it with you to eat as soon as you feel able (ie, don't wait for the next meal or a growling stomach). If you can do this, you'll likely find yourself ready for a full breakfast in the morning. Lack of appetite or reduced eating tends to breed more of the same so by not eating breakfast you're just compounding the problem later on in the day.
  23. Hi Mike, I noticed that you posted a duplicate of this in another thread. Forum rules exclude duplicate posting and copy-paste style posting. I have removed the other post in order to keep the forum clean.
  24. ladyshanny

    Advice on best option for shortening re-introduction

    This is THE best advice - thank you for bringing that up!
  25. Hi Lindsey, it's actually quite common to have this happen in the beginning, especially if Whole30 is quite different than what you were used to. Is eating breakfast a normal thing for you? What did you used to eat? Nausea and lack of appetite for breakfast is a hormonal issue - it just takes time for your hormones to straighten themselves out. The only way though that is to just get through it. Keep eating, try and make foods that sound appealing and in a few days you should be feeling better. You can let us know how this is different though and maybe a rundown on what you've been eating and we can see if anything stands out.