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  1. You can start it as planned if you feel that you'll be able to notice a difference! We had ZERO kids last night but enough candy for the entire city so it's all still here.
  2. Aw, sorry you aren't feeling great! I would say you aren't eating enough overall and your water consumption is great if you weigh 60#. Are you on or nearing your period? You mentioned a small child, are you breastfeeding?
  3. ladyshanny


    Hi @MKLOP1968 - sorry to hear you aren't well. Unfortunately we cannot provide medical advice. Whole30 focusses on animal protein, veggies, some fruits and good fats. If that is in keeping with how your doctor has suggested you eat, then we are happy to have you.
  4. Drizzling ghee or olive oil on cooked veggies is great. Guacamole, dump ranch, homemade mayo (can season a million ways once done). Let us know if anything else comes up, we're here for you!
  5. Those meals look delicious! Make sure you are adding fats (nuts aren't optimal) and yes, fat in your coffee would be fine. Make sure you are eating your full meal before you have your coffee as it can be an appetite suppressant. Nuts are fine as you're using them but if you are adding enough to get a full fat serving at every meal you're going to end up with a stomach ache.
  6. Sorry you're struggling. It sounds frustrating knowing something isn't quite right and a dr putting it down to "this is just how life is". From what I can see you are not eating enough overall and certainly not enough for your activity level. It's hard to tell what your portions are like - protein should be 1-2 palms (your own palm thickness, width and length), veggies should be at least 2-3 cups of cooked and then an adequate fat serving (whole or half avo, heaping handful of olives, 1-2 thumbs of denser fats like ghee, mayo, oils - cooking oils don't count). Green salads are fine but they aren't as nutrient or calorically dense as a cooked veggie option. Think about how much salad wilts down - it's doing the same thing internally so you really would need a huge mixing bowl full for a green salad to be sufficient. For you I would try to stick to more substantial veggies for now - cooked are easier to digest than raw. Are you also eating for your workouts? Pre and post workout foods are in addition to your regular meals. Pre workout is more optional depending on your meal timing and how you're feeling but if you are depleted following any of your exercise you should be having post workout food. It's not a tonne - a few bites of chicken breast and some sweet potato would be a good example. Lean protein and a starchy veggie. How are you feeling between meals? Are you comfortably making it 4-5 hours between? Are you eating within an hour of waking? What are your sleep habits and how is your sleep generally? Unbroken? Let's see if we can help tweak and get you feeling better!
  7. ladyshanny

    Vanilla Extract - compliant or not?

    My pleasure - you actually beat us to the punch, there is a Dear Melissa article coming out soon about this!
  8. You should be OK to do gluten with a baked good. Maybe grab a nice loaf of bakery bread which wouldn't have a bunch of additives in it.
  9. ladyshanny

    Vanilla Extract - compliant or not?

    Vanilla extract is fine - we are going to change that last article, thank you for catching our oversight!
  10. ladyshanny

    Hi! I'm starting November 1

    Welcome! You may indeed experience a complete shift in the way that you think about food. We are excited to hear about it so make sure to come back and update us!
  11. ladyshanny

    Discovering a new success during reintroduction...

    This is wonderful to hear! You've really reset your limits! Well done!
  12. ladyshanny

    Be careful with Chipotle

    Yes, this is definitely a problem! Could you kindly let me know what store this happened at?
  13. ladyshanny

    Goal - end chronic pain

    Welcome, we're happy to have you here! Keep us updated - I'm curious about how your pain does after elimination of dairy. Dairy is a huge inflammer for some people and wonder if you could find relief by eliminating it. Let us know if you need anything!
  14. ladyshanny

    What is GOING on down there and everywhere?!

    Hm, there can be some "recalibration" that goes on including with our gal-parts.....but I can't say specifically that's what it is. Could be coincidence? If you are concerned you should see a dr as we cannot give you medical advice. As far as headache, that's pretty common in the first few days, especially depending on how you used to eat. Just as tweaks I would suggest including cooked veggies and a fat with your breakfast, ditch the apple, ditch the nuts and the epic bar should really only be used for emergencies. The cold-symptoms - yes, not uncommon when starting the program, your body may be a bit distracted dealing with the adjustment and a bug might've gotten in. It also doesn't sound like you're eating enough overall which can also cause problems with energy and headache.
  15. ladyshanny

    Did I screw up??

    Don't let this dim your pride, you deserve to feel great about yourself even if you make a mistake. Translate this into real world situations. We don't throw down our resignation letter at work because the printer ran out of paper. We don't burn the house down because the windows are dirty. On the whole you did a great thing for yourself and you made a mistake along the way. You're human! Don't beat yourself up - we're not and you shouldn't!
  16. ladyshanny

    Starting October 1

    Hi @Meliena - all Whole30s are different and we end up with different results. I would say based on your hint of the nut-eating, that perhaps you were following our recommendations more strictly in your first round and are a bit looser in this round? I do know that when I do subsequent Whole30's I have to stop myself from saying "I already know xyz" and specifically re-read the rules and recommendations....and I WORK for Whole30, haha! As far as your period -we generally feel a need for increased calories in the week leading up and of our period which totally explains the nuts. They could very well increase bloating and digestive upset though so although we tell people to go ahead and eat more at this time, that wouldn't be the best choice. You can try increasing your serving of starchy veggies at your evening meal and eating a good serving of fat with each meal for the period-needs.
  17. ladyshanny

    Whole30 Approved at Walmart!

    Oh no! Sorry to hear that, I will certainly pass this message along!
  18. ladyshanny

    Whole30 Approved at Walmart!

    Have you seen the Whole30 Approved meals at your local Walmart yet? Eight delicious varieties of Great Value frozen meals have been rolling out to Walmart stores nationwide all month long. Keep an eye out … if they’re not in your local store, they should be soon!⠀ ⠀ These meals feature American Humane Certified protein, lots of veggies, and delicious herbs, spices, and sauces perfect for between-meeting bites, fast weeknight dinners, and travel meals. In addition, Walmart's commitment to move towards GAP-certified animal protein in Whole30 meals by 2019 is a huge step towards changing our food system and making ethically-sourced animal protein more affordable than ever.⠀ ⠀ A big part of our ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts involves making the Whole30 easier and more accessible for our entire community. Over the last few years, many Whole30 convenience products (like meat sticks, condiments, and sauces) have entered the market, but because of their price point, they are often seen as luxuries for those shopping on a budget. Partnering with Walmart to create Whole30 offerings under their Great Value brand will help make the Whole30 easier and more accessible for everyone. Some frequently asked questions: Are these available in Canada: We wish we could send ALL the Whole30 Approved things across the border to you! Alas, things are complicated when it comes to shipping, distribution and international borders. We are hopeful these might be available to you in Canada someday, and in general we are trying to partner with Canada based brands. What about additives? The meals have some common additives in them (like potato starch or citric acid), as many other compliant shelf stable or frozen options do. (Please note, any mention of “sulfites” are naturally occurring in the vinegar, NOT added.) These are additives that have always been compliant with the program. Check out our common additives cheat sheet resource for more information about which additives are okay for your Whole30. Will it be at MY Walmart? It's rolling out to about 4,000 Walmart stores nationwide; if the Walmart near you carries better for you frozen brands, it's likely you'll find these Whole30 Approved meals there too. But can we trust Walmart? We assure you, this is of top priority for us as well. We have an audit clause written into our contract, and the right to inspect their facilities and production at any time during the partnership to confirm compliance. They are also mandated to provide us with detailed quarterly reporting as to their efforts to move towards GAP certified protein. Finally, we have been working on this partnership for more than a year. They were all 100% on board with a Whole30 approach, many having done the program themselves, and the entire team recognized and respected our rules and standards. We know their entire team respects our mission and community, but we also have the right (and will exercise this right) to verify through an independent audit.
  19. ladyshanny

    On Day 8 - JUST found you guys!

    Hi @Jamie No Pancakes - welcome! And congrats on learning to cook - that's one thing I just love love love to hear from people!
  20. Sorry to hear that! The program is higher fat and we have heard from previous participants without gallbladders that they can't eat the recommended amounts of fat. You could try cutting back on the fats and just eating larger meals so that you are still satisfied. Of course we cannot give out medical advice so if you are concerned, please see a physician.
  21. ladyshanny

    Started Yesterday

    Oh, haha, food dreams are SO real! Frustrating that you couldn't even have it in your dream-world!
  22. ladyshanny

    Crash after eating out

    Oh dang! We hear of this often enough that you should know you aren't alone. The oil could have been cut with soybean oil which would also cause very similar problems and either the waitress didn't know or didn't care to actually check. Also possibly added sulphites in the vinegar could cause these sort of symptoms. And of course gluten. Because we can't know exactly what it was, we would recommend that you go back to Whole30 eating as long as you can before doing reintroductions. An ideal situation would be a restart but if that's not possible for you, try to go back to it at least until you're feeling as good as you were before this happened.
  23. ladyshanny

    TigerNuts flour, raw snacks, etc

    You sure can. Note that they are quite high in starch so the method you describe above is a great use for them!
  24. ladyshanny

    Beans and break-outs

    Hi @theresaw1709 - where are you in your menstrual cycle? Normally breakouts around the mouth and chin are hormonal so if you are also near your period it could be a coincidence. Beyond that if you really want to be sure, then yes, go back on full Whole30 until it all resolves and then try it again and see what happens.
  25. ladyshanny

    When to Restart the Whole30?

    Sounds like you already know what to do. The honey changed your mood and you felt/feel like something isn't right. You could always do a "whole45" if going back to Day one is too disheartening.