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  1. Where is the guidance on reintroducing Alcohol?

    Yes, @LeahB, you would want to reintroduce separately like anything else. Because.....what if you end up with a big headache the next day. How will you know if it was dairy or the alcohol?
  2. Getting Enough Veggies at Breakfast

    OK, so that all sounds pretty good. Couple things you can try. First, don't try to eat things at breakfast (queasy-time) that you hate at all other times too. That'll never work. Haha Second, move coffee to after you've eaten an entire template meal including the veggies. Coffee is an appetite suppressant and if you are struggling at all with eating your meal, leave it off until after, whether you feel hunger or not. Third, make sure your fruits are eaten with meals and not alone. Also until you get your veggie issues sorted, maybe don't have fruits in the morning. The nuts are unlikely to be causing this veggie issue but do know that they are recommended to be think a closed handful every other day. And do try and get that meal in within the hour. That, although it seems picky, is how you'll balance your hormones which is how you'll conquer a queasy-morning feeling. Report back in a bit and let me know if any of that helped. Could also just be a matter of time. (also if you haven't made homemade mayo yet, give that a try and then dip your morning veggies in it. Life changing!)
  3. I hit a plateau.

    Wow, 26# in 30 days is amazing! Take a minute and congratulate yourself. Then, understand how disruptive that has been to your body. The burning of fat dumps toxins and hormones into our body that need to be filtered out. It means that your body is working to keep up with balance because you've drastically reduced its size in short order. It means that your entire body needs to get used to what is happening and sometimes that comes in the way of a "plateau". Don't think negatively of a plateau, it's your body rebalancing and preparing for what's next. Just keep going............keep eating well and exercising and getting adequate rest. It'll come. But forcing or "tricking" it is undermining what is actually a needed body process. You've done great and I understand wanting to keep progressing. Just remember you didn't get where you are in 60 or 90 days and you won't leave there in 60 or 90 days.
  4. Getting Enough Veggies at Breakfast

    I could not eat cooked greens in the morning if you stood there with a hundred dollar bill waiting for me. It's all a matter of finding what you can handle. Much of the breakfast aversion that we see is a hormonal balance issue combined with a habit issue. Some questions: Do you eat within an hour of waking? Are you relying heavily on fruit/nuts? Are you snacking between meals and if so, on what? Are you drinking coffee before your meal? It's good to see you're trying different ways, that's good! That's the way through, honestly. Try cold leftover cooked veggies, steamed veggies both hot or cold, raw veggies etc. The fact you're queasy but sort of mostly OK w/ sweet potato leads me to believe you're still on the road to hormonal balance.
  5. Vegetarian Seeking To Explore Meal Alternatives

    There is no real "nutritional criteria" for this program. As in; there is no specified "numbers" that we recommend that people get for fat, carbs and protein. The meal template is a range based on each individual's unique context. You might want to browse through the vegetarian portion of the forum as many people have done veggie Whole30's.
  6. How many eggs is too many eggs?

    Hi @kienanbrownrigg - I've merged your post with an existing one which is exactly the same and has lots of discussion in it. The best way to search the forum (since nearly every question has been asked and answered at least once) is with google. I found at least 4 forum threads in the search I just did.
  7. September 18 start date

    It's all about finding that balance that works the best for you. The meal template is a range so some people are going to feel better with more protein and some with less. It's how you get from meal to meal comfortably. It's how your energy is, your sleep, your poops, your mood etc. If Whole30 is a departure from a person's norm (ie, they were used to eating a lot of processed foods without breaks or maybe they've had a lifetime of dieting/restriction/binging), it can definitely be a learning process on what exactly fuels them the best, meal to meal. Keep paying attention, you've got this!
  8. September 18 start date

    Ya, you can make your own "larabar". I should have been more specific, it's the cocoa in this particular one that makes it non-compliant. No using chocolate in sweet things. Also worth noting: using sweets (fruits, dates, nuts, energy balls) in order to try and slay a Sugar Dragon is a loosing proposition. All you're really doing is keeping him/her in a content hibernation, waiting for when actual sweets hit the menu. We really, really, really don't recommend that people use larabars/energy bites etc for anything other than near-death emergencies and certainly not for getting a sugar dragon to quiet down.
  9. September 18 start date

    I don't know what a raw brownie bite is but if it's anything that is a concoction of dates, alternative flours/nuts, cocoa etc, that would not be compliant. @Tj V - the meal teamplate is just a recommendation. It's a recommendation for best possible results, but eating veggies at every meal is not actually a rule. We often will give people a nudge in the direction of the meal template if they are not feeling well, hungry all the time, cranky, tired etc. We do believe that everyone should follow the meal template.........but if you just wanted to eat compliant bacon and almond butter for every meal, that would technically also be a Whole30.
  10. Coconut MIlk

    Yes. There are others out there with far less additives/ingredients, but as far as Whole30, this would be a go.
  11. Help, short notice!

    I was just going to say what @ShannonM816 said: this looks like one of the easiest menus to navigate that I've seen so far! You should be fine!
  12. any Paleo Whole 30 compliant canned soups?

    @True Primal - Yep, that's compliant. Your product can be Whole30 compliant without being "Whole30 Approved" as a product line.
  13. Mandioc flour

    @Isabelle Zaroni Manioc flour is cassava flour. YES, you can use this to bread meats or to thicken a sauce. You may not bake with it.
  14. 6pm Workout - Preworkout?

    @johnsonjpj - any protein and fat combo. Hard boiled egg and avocado. Chicken thigh and mayo. Burger patty and olives. The possibilities are endless.
  15. Recipes in Spanish?

    Hi @marioncortina - as far as I know none of the Whole30 books are in spanish due to some hangup w/ the publisher.
  16. Need ideas...

    We've been doing this too, now that the weather has cooled off. There are an absolute tonne of variations and we have decided to sheet-pan at least one night a week over the winter. I got most of my inspiration from here:
  17. Hi @LarryB - I'm not sure you'll get the feedback you're looking for here (although I've been wrong once or twice). Your better bet would be to pose this medication-specific question on a forum more geared towards anti-depressants/side effects.
  18. August 14th Start Date

    Hey Guys, congrats on all those who successfully completed 30 days! While we are happy to host your discussions about reintroduction, we would ask that you move the conversation to the Post Whole30 section of the forum. It becomes confusing and untidy to have talk of alcohol etc in the general Whole30 portion of the forum. If you need help making a new thread over in "Reintros", let one of the mods know and we can help.
  19. One Good Whole30 choice I made today is:

    Thanks for the reminder!
  20. Help! Am I doing this right?'re barely halfway through the program so maybe keep being patient a bit longer. Expecting to "change your shape" after 18 days is, honestly, expecting a lot. Like...a LOT. Although we can all relate. Isn't there a meme out there about how "I dieted all morning, why am I not skinny yet?". Not to say that this is a diet at all, but our expectations of ourselves sometimes can be really unrealistic and it's SO common they make memes about it. Your meals look pretty good. Bloating, gas and diarrhea can be caused from cruciferous veggies like cabbage depending on how much of it you're eating. Also nuts can be hard on the stomach and raw veggies as well. If you are working out at 530 for 45 minutes to an hour, why are you waiting until 9pm to eat dinner? This may or may not be affecting you. We recommend that people stop eating a few hours before bedtime. In the evening, for someone who has balanced hormones and works/lives a regular day/night schedule, by mid-evening your body is starting to wind down its fuel needs. Eating that late can be problematic for some people. Not saying it is for you but you might like to examine it?
  21. Time Elapsed for Ill Effects

    157% yes! I would say that this is more common than an immediate digestive issue.
  22. Cauliflower patties

    In things like this you really have to look at the ingredients. Putting cauliflower together with a whole bunch of nut flours & starches to make a "batter" would not be on for Whole30. If you are going to do something like shred zucchini and rice cauliflower and make them into patties, bound together with an egg then yes, that is a veggie "fritter" or egg foo yong type of thing. Don't go trying to make biscuits out of cauliflower.
  23. Endurance Athletes: What Do You Eat?

    Hi @MegT90 - the best way to search the forum is with Google. I googled "Whole30 endurance" and got tonnes of results. I've merged your post with one of the popular ones in order to keep the forum tidy.
  24. Help! I just screwed up

    Read the starting over article linked below and you tell us what you are going to do.
  25. August 7th Start Date

    What are you referring to as being ok, @PenguinSews? As I read it you were asking about baking and if you can "have a bite of something" when you're done? When you're done baking or when you're done your Whole30? Once your Whole30 is over, it's all up to you what you choose to include. During a Whole30, there are no bites permitted of any baked goods, even if the ingredients are compliant. We do encourage people to move away from needing "dessert" and using things like fruits, nuts, fruit topped w/ coconut milk etc, but no, that would not be against the rules.