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  1. Haha, well she is just a human person who makes errors just like the rest of us! Trust - we are not trying to lead anyone down the garden path.
  2. Hey ya'll - Shannon from Whole30 HQ here! Wow, this is an oldie screenshot! To be clear - artificial flavors have not now nor have they ever been off limits during Whole30. Would we encourage you to find something without them? Sure, if you want. But natural and artificial flavors are fine. And before you point to the screenshot from Melissa - I've confirmed with the Whole30 team and her response was incorrect. Maybe a brain-fart, maybe she was in a hurry, maybe she didn't clearly read what you were asking before responding. But rest assured, the answer "nope" to the question about c
  3. The absolute scientific manipulation of the consumer and the human physiology should make everyone angry! They know how our bodies are going to react so they create and sell us on things that are NOT good for us but which we have a very hard time refusing. Love that you named your sugar dragon. Down with Sharon!
  4. Oh, that's fun! Should still be there, we haven't changed the content of that book!
  5. Hi Carrie, all are welcome, glad to have you! Planning is absolutely the key for success! As for cutting veggies - sturdier veggies such as squash, peppers etc will keep for a week in a container in the fridge. I would cut the more tender ones closer to when you want to use them.
  6. Haha, well I'm pouting in Canadian - and I WORK for us! LOL!
  7. Oh, interesting! I'll talk to our IT team about this! @ShannonM816 - I've got this one!
  8. Hi Lori! Just popping on to give you this link: This is sorted by start date - there are a couple starting Sep 1 if that works better for you!
  9. Made by Whole30. Meet our brand new line of Whole30 salad dressings and dipping sauces. They are inspired by Melissa Urban's own kitchen creations, designed with you in mind, and 100% Whole30 down to the very last detail. The Whole30 HQ team worked together to hand-select our five-flavor debut:House Ranch: a Whole30 staple and the best darn Ranch you’ll ever tryBuffalo Vinaigrette: made famous in Melissa's chicken-blueberry-hot-sauce saladsElderberry Vinaigrette: a dash of fruity sweetness with zero added sugarCreamy Balsamic: a classic with a creamy twistSecret Sauce: inspired by Utah Fry Sau
  10. Hi @Miss Fern - Welcome, glad to have you and yes, we definitely need to look at the positives in this weird situation!! Here's the official stance on doing Whole30 as a vegetarian/vegan.
  11. Morning! Well done, you two! So glad to hear that your wife reduced or eliminated medications! The only way to know if mentos sugar free gum bothers you or your sugar-cravings is to try it out and see how you feel. Watch for increased cravings or slow slippery slides towards other sweeter items. I would suggest that there is no real difference in your case for regular vs reduced sugar gum - they just replace the sugar with other chemicals, it'll still be quite sweet - so try both and see what works for you.
  12. This type of thing is technically compliant but would not meet the criteria to be Whole30 Approved.
  13. I really like this! I think I would add "drink 1L water" before the going back to bed part. That way all your basic needs are met every day.
  14. I echo what @Jihanna said about picking the restaurant - especially on a first date. Your comfort and convenience are important and sometimes as women we just go along with whatever we're "told". I disagree about having the conversation about what you do and don't eat - you don't owe anyone an explanation, least of all a first date prospect. If it naturally comes up in the conversation then great, maybe he also avoids gluten or alcohol. But it's not up to you to design yourself to be the least troublesome, most amenable human being you can be. You do you. They either respect that or the
  15. It sounds like you might have a bug. Having a headache is standard for most people in the first few days and depending on what their diet was like coming into the program, some mild nausea can be expected but this sounds more extreme - like a bug.
  16. Hi, you would have to look at the package and read the ingredients to determine. I'm not sure what this item is so cannot say.
  17. Thank you for noticing this! The labelling is incorrect on these and is being corrected - the online ingredients list has already been updated. Sorry for the trouble!
  18. Not common but not unheard of. Of course, if you are concerned you should see your doctor! My experience here on the forum is that it's generally caused from eating more acidic foods than you're used to or more of something you don't normally eat (coconut/avocado etc). Go for some softer and more easily digested foods for a couple days and see how you heal. Chicken breast, sweet potato mash etc.
  19. Oh! We are going to check on that asap and get back to you!
  20. I agree and also suggest maybe you get it on a Thursday evening so that if by Friday afternoon you aren't feeling great you can rest over the weekend. We do it this way every year, just to cut ourselves some slack!
  21. Maybe try ear plugs and an eyemask in the meantime? That'll give you the quiet dark space you need while your sleep resolves?
  22. Oh, naughty husband, no! No. There can be some sleep disruption at the beginning - as a super-star champion sleeper normally, I suffered for 14 days on my first Whole30 - but it eventually gets back to normal. Honestly I would try really really hard to get your husband to watch tv in another room before's really not good for either of you and new studies out about sleep quality over the long term are kind of scary!