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  1. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    No. No no no no no. No. Honestly, please do not go here. That's what "they" want you to think - the diet industry. THEY want you to believe that you eat too much or you're too big or you need to lose weight and take up less space or restrict or sub real food for supplemental food. 4# lost is a pound a week and for someone who is not overweight, that is an excellent result. You ate real food in quantities that supported your life and lifestyle, you ate when you were hungry between meals which is fine as you get used to meal composition and you lost four pounds! The second you go down the "maybe I should cut xyz or reduce my meal size" you're going backwards mentally because the diet mentality is EVIL. Embrace the amazing thing you accomplished! Embrace the 4 pounds and the half inch and the loose pants and all the other things that went well for you! (and don't compare your results to anyone else's, let alone a man - we're different creatures - it's not apples to apples)
  2. Need help dining out

    Hi @L1nda - check out the dining out guide below for tips and questions to ask on dining out.
  3. Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!

    Nom nom paleo, friend of Whole30, wrote an article about how to coordinate night work on a schedule that lets you eat and sleep!
  4. Start date March 14, 2018

    For those salmon cakes, if you aren't needing "portable" food that you can eat with your hands, the salmon cake "batter" is really really good just spread onto a baking sheet and baked. Don't flatten it out too much so you still have some peaks/texture and you'll get some crispy bits. Then just eat it more like a hash over salad or veggies or what have you.
  5. Early morning workout foods

    Rx Bars (and all bars) are only approved for emergency food (ie, stuck on a tarmac or in a work meeting that refuses to end). The fact you are leaning away from savoury and towards sweet actually is a huge indicator that your hormones are out of whack. Because of that, I probably wouldn't recommend fasted workouts for you. You really need to eat within an hour of waking, even if it's just a few bites of something. Baked chicken thighs are pretty palatable and dipped into a bit of mayo is a fairly decent choice. You don't need a lot but you do need something. When my husband was transitioning to being a morning eater of savoury things we avoided anything odourous (hard boiled eggs) or too dense/dry (meatballs/burger patties). Can you make up some chicken salad with chopped up apples or grapes and a homemade mayo? Does that sound like something you could have a few bites of? Load up on salt too and that might help make it more palatable?
  6. Canned coconut milk

    Yep, so the solid is coconut cream, the liquid is coconut water and if you blend or mix them together you get coconut milk. You don't have to heat it though, just dump it all into a jar/bowl large enough and hit it with an immersion blender or throw it in an actual blender.
  7. Brownies = Joy

    Hey there! So first, good job on being this far into your Whole30 and considering the life after. Melissa actually wrote an entire book about how to learn, cultivate and use Food Freedom. How to determine and work on "Do I want this" and "Is it worth it" and how that answer is going to change from day to day and even bite to bite. I highly recommend you check it out. No one says no brownies and red wine forever. We just want you to be honest with yourself so that you can make informed decisions and not be ruled by the Brownie Gods when you don't really want to be.
  8. Sorry you're feeling frustrated, that definitely makes it harder. If you can dig in and clear your system, you may eventually find that it's a tolerance thing. So maybe you can have some of something but not every day or every meal and not in conjunction with another item. It's clearing it all up that is the hard work. Sorry!
  9. Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!

    I assume you're referring to what was an optional buy-in email program called Whole30 Daily? This is defunct now and is replaced with the book Whole30 Day by Day. Did you enter your email address somewhere and expected to get emails? If so, where?
  10. Early morning workout foods

    Hi @mombombnikki - pre-workout is usually protein + fat (so chicken thigh and mayo or hard boiled egg and guac) and post workout is lean protein (tuna, turkey, chicken breast) and starchy veggie like sweet or regular potato. You can also consider working out fasted if you are doing so early in the morning. I'm up a few minutes before 4am and workout until 5:30 and do so fasted. Then post workout then shower then breakfast. If you choose to do fasted training in the morning, pay attention to how you feel before, during and after as well as down the road. If you find you're burning out or not recovering well then alter your course and start eating that pre-workout food.
  11. Sorry, what is this? Isn't it just meat? Normally we say to avoid cross contamination.
  12. Newbie on Day 14 - T2 diabetic

    Ya, you can have a quick google and you'll find other threads talking about improved vision including one which the woman's hubby is an opthamologist if I recall correctly. Basically inflammation is everywhere and if you are experiencing systemic inflammation it can affect the structures in your eyes. Remove inflammation and in some few cases, resolve some portion of vision issues. Fun! OK, I had the relationship wrong and the exact explanation wrong (well done, Shanny!) but I knew I remembered there was something:
  13. Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!

    Have you seen this article?
  14. Forever Nuts From David’s Tea

    If the dried fruit was covered in sugar it would be "candied mango, candied papaya" etc. I've had this tea, the fruits are not coated in sugar. Good to go!
  15. carb fat and protein ratio

    Healthy and sustainable weight loss occurs in the presence of balanced hormones. It might not happen right away but follow the meal template, stick around here for support and learning and you'll be right on your way!
  16. carb fat and protein ratio

    Hi @Sparkx - Whole30 is an intuitive eating plan so we don't prescribe macros, calories or percentages. We want you to eat 1-2 palms (your palm's length, width and thickness) of protein at every meal, 2-3+ cups of cooked veggie or equivalent and 1-2 servings of fat. See the meal template linked in my signature below. What sort of results are you looking for that you're wanting to move towards? The meal template is where it's at for balancing your intake and thus balancing your hormones and blood sugar. Have a read through our resources at and if you have further questions, let us know.
  17. DMV Area Restaurant - Lebanese Taverna

    Oh, sorry, didn't see that, can't watch it here at work. That said, I did click into it briefly and it was recorded over a year ago so regardless of what is in the video, you still need to call and ask. Because they know of the Whole30 and have done it before, they should be more than receptive to your call! Just call at a non-busy time.
  18. Guidance for a restaurant worker

    You don't get even a 10-minute break in the 12 hours you're at work? No bathroom, no smoke break, no quick breather? As hard as it may be, part of Whole30 is valuing our innate need for healthy, whole foods....or in your case our innate need to eat at regular intervals. I would bring something that you can stash in the kitchen (chopped burger patty, chopped chicken thighs, some baked yam fries, steamed brocoli) and take a couple minutes to eat as you swing through. I would make absolutely sure that you pack a meal to have at 2am instead of gnoshing on the unhealthy stuff. You can also google "nom nom paleo graveyard shift" as she has an excellent article for folks working the vampire shifts!
  19. DMV Area Restaurant - Lebanese Taverna

    What video? Your best bet is to call the restaurant and ask these questions. Even if someone here has been there before, it's possible that they change their recipes so you would need to ask anyway. Give them a call and hit them up with all of these questions.
  20. Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule

    Ya, I wondered that too when it first came out but I think the point is to literally go SO SLOWLY that you have the opportunity to figure it out. It takes, I think, more self assessment. So you have the cookie and you feel sort of crappy and your excema flares up the next day. So, you decide you probably don't want the cookie next time. Then 2 or 3 weeks later you have ice cream and your exzcema flares up again. So now you can be fairly sure dairy probably bothers your skin. 3 weeks later you have a fresh baked dinner roll (no butter) and you feel sort of crappy. You link that crappy feeling back to the same crappy feeling after the cookie and you can also assume that gluten gives you this feeling. It's less definitive at first because all you know is that something bothered you, but I think you get more valuable information the longer you go along. Maybe dairy plus gluten is a no-go but gluten alone isn't as big a deal. Maybe legumes are great but legumes plus sour cream are a crap-show. I think you get more information relating to how you actually eat most of the time. So if you aren't a person that jams legumes into every meal like you would do during the 10-day reintro, you get info more relating to how you would use the food. Does that make sense? It's just my take on it and I've never done a 10-day reintro because that's just not how my life works, it didn't make any sense to me. My bothersome items are ALL dose dependant so jamming a bunch of them into a small time frame is going to blow the ship right out of the water every time.
  21. Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule

    Hunh, you are correct (and I've never seen that video!). The "least problematic to most problematic" does definitely stand. That's the most efficient and least disruptive way to do it. I still believe that you can do it in whatever order you want, especially if there is something coming up where the person KNOWS that they will encounter it and want to know now what the impact would be. Reintro is a personal experiment best done in the way outlined but you don't fail your Whole30 if you put toast before dairy. I guess where I get my reasoning is that if you're doing "slow roll", you don't know what the item is going to be until such time as it comes up. Maybe it's cake or maybe it's bean dip. We wouldn't say "no, no cake until you come across a legume based dish that is worth it first". If you're doing it in the 10 days and want it done the fastest way possible, then following the order they prescribe is your best bet. Thanks for linking the video, I'm going to go watch it now!
  22. An Amazing Experience

    Well done, excellent success story! I've moved your thread to the Success Stories part of the forum for a better fit!
  23. Too much starchy veg?

    The one fist size per day is a starting point and the bare minimum that we recommend. We also say that people who exercise, people with depression or anxiety etc will likely need more. More is fine. Go with how you feel!
  24. Am I doing something wrong?

    Assuming that you are eating enough overall (the recipes in the book and real plans don't really give us info on how MUCH you're eating), I would say that yes, stress, sleep issues and mental exhaustion are HUGE factors.
  25. BREAKING: dietary cholesterol isn't bad

    Hi @miniAMP - Melissa Hartwig is a certified sports nutritionist and Dallas Hartwig is a functional medical practitioner and a certified sports nutritionist. The research in "It Starts with Food", the first book and where the science of the program is founded, has all the references notated so you are free to review the studies and data that they used in writing the book. As far as the Whole30 program itself, it's a 30-day elimination program and as with all programs of this nature, you are encouraged to seek your own medical professional's opinion prior to commencing.