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    ladyshanny got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in DIY Turkey Lunch Meat :)   
    That sounds amazing!!! 
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from Jihanna in Black beans bad fad?   
    Soy can be problematic for many folks and individually we do recommend that people give it a separate day. The books are written to be approachable across the board but giving soy (and peanut butter) separate days is just a more thorough way of doing reintroduction. For folks w dairy issues we also recommend that they separate out the types of dairy (ie, lactose, whey, casein) to determine specific reactions. This can make the reintroduction much longer and more complex but it really depends on how specific people want to get.  Legumes are still out on Whole30 across the board for the 30 days but they are admittedly less disruptive than something like gluten. If black beans are a part of your food freedom, that's great, they are delicious!
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    ladyshanny reacted to LindsayO in Suggestions for Coffee Substitute?   
    As much as I love coffee, it no longer agrees with me  I have severe gut issues and coffee affects my gut and produces brain fog/bloating. I have leaky gut and bottom line is that drinking coffee is very unpredictable, sometimes it's fine but many times lately it just makes me sick.
    The problem is, that tea just doesn't do it for me! I've tried every tea, and the only tea that I somewhat like is green tea. But it doesn't give me the energy kick like coffee does, and it just doesn't compare to that good coffee feeling you get in the morning! I'm going to try and add MCT Oil to my green tea to see if that helps give me the energy kick I usually get with coffee.
    I'm also thinking about drinking bone broth in the morning as I know it will probably do wonders for my gut. But it's not as good as coffee....
    Has anybody quit coffee and what did you use a substitute? Back when I tolerated coffee, it was a great part of my morning routine and felt so good. Yet I don't seem to have that experience with any other beverage...
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from Si-Ya in AIP and Whole 30 recipes?   
    We're not much of a recipe sharing site here but if you do a quick google search for AIP recipes you should get a wealth of results. Here are a couple to get you started. You'll still have to review them for Whole30 compliance and then for your own personal issue with coconut milk but it should get you started:
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    ladyshanny reacted to Lindseydalton in Freezer Meals   
    I use frozen broccoli not fresh. Any kind of compliant pasta sauce, marinara included. The broccoli does get mushy but I shred the chicken and broccoli together. It blends right in with the sauce which is a total win for me getting my kids to eat more veggies! Win win!
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    ladyshanny reacted to Lindseydalton in Marinade/Dressing   
    This dressing sounds so good and would be great as a marinade too. If you don't have compliant Dijon mustard I bet regular would taste just as good
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    ladyshanny reacted to Lindseydalton in Starting tomorrow (May 20) even though vacation planned?   
    Having your own kitchen for the trips should make sticking to your Whole30 totally doable!  I would just suggest making a meal plan for the days you will be there and making sure you are prepared overall.  Know where you can shop for food if you need to while you're there.  Keeping your meals simple will help too.  Remember, your only job is to eat compliant foods.  Let good enough be good enough Good luck!
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in What's for dinner?   
    Oh my goodness, that sounds delicious! I'll be right over?
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from arethamorce in EDITING POSTS   
    Effective Thursday, August 27, 2015, members can no longer edit their own posts indefinitely.  Unfortunately the constant editing in the threads was causing issues within the forum, necessitating the change.  
    Members will now be allowed to edit their own post for 15 minutes after publishing (for fixing typos or adding a quick afterthought).  Beyond that initial 15 minutes, the post will be considered closed and can only be edited by an administrator or moderator.
    Thank you very much for your understanding and for helping the forum to run as smoothly as possible.  
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    ladyshanny reacted to EmilyK in HELP I’m poor!   
    I'm not sure where you live, but if you're feeding only yourself it shouldn't be all that difficult to make $65 last for two weeks.
    Frozen meat and veggies are absolutely fine--just as nutritious as fresh and often a lot cheaper.  If this was me trying to eat Whole30 compliant for two weeks on $65, this is what I would do--I live in a large midwestern city with a pretty low COL and I pulled all information from Kroger's and Fresh Thyme's (a natural-type grocery, kind of like Sprouts but not as pricey as Whole Foods) weekly ads:
    Split Chicken Pieces (I would get thighs here because that's my preference): $.99/per pound x 4 pounds = $3.96
    Ground Beef (80/20, sold in a 3lb roll): $6.57
    3 dozen eggs: 18 ct/$1.29 x 2 = $2.36
    25.5 ounce bottle of olive oil: $5.79 **Note on this--I picked the big bottle to use for making a batch of mayo and also to use as cooking fat, but they have a smaller bottle ($2.69 for 8 ounces) if you were feeling up to making your own ghee for cooking fat--you can get a pound of butter for $2.99 and turn that into a BUNCH of ghee which would be cheaper ounce per ounce if you're willing to put in the time**
    Simple Truth Organic Coconut Milk: $1.89
    Frozen broccoli: 12 oz bag/$1.00 x 2 = $2.00
    Frozen Brussels sprouts: 12 oz bag/$1.19 x 2 = $2.38
    Frozen spinach: 12 oz bag/$1.39
    Frozen 3 pepper and onion blend: 12 oz bag/$1.39
    Frozen cauliflower rice: 12 oz bag/$2.19
    Frozen Stir Fry Veggie Starter: 12 oz bag/$1.39
    Total: $31.31 if you get the bigger olive oil, $31.20 if you decide to make your own ghee for cooking fat (basically the same cost at the outset but a pound of butter will net a lot more ghee than the olive oil)
    Fresh Thyme (all fresh produce here):
    Avocado: $1.49
    Green Onions: $.50
    Radishes: $.69/bunch
    Tomatillos: $.99/pound 
    Sweet Potatoes: $.99/pound x 3 pounds = $2.97
    Russet Potatoes: 8 pound bag/$1.99
    Lemon: $.50
    Lime: $.50
    Baby carrots: $1.29/1 lb bag
    Total here is $10.82
    Grand total for both places: $42.23
    So, what I would do with these things:
    Toss the broccoli, carrots, and radishes in some of your cooking fat, garlic powder, and salt and roast at 425* for 20-25 minutes (until they're all crispy and delicious) Roast your Brussles sprouts in the same manor--you can even do them at the same time! I would recommend using half of each amount of the veggies each week just so they don't go bad before you can use them. The carrots and radishes should last just fine in your crisper for a week. Poke holes in 2-3 of your sweet potatoes and let them bake for awhile--baked sweet potato is an easy way to get some starchy veggies in with any of your meals, I usually have them alongside my breakfast but I always keep some in the fridge for when I'm feeling uninspired Dice up some of your regular potatoes and toss them in a cast iron skillet with some of your cooking fat and some of the pepper and onion mix--cover the pan so the potatoes will cook through and get nice and crispy on the bottom and you have an easy potato hash to pull on for the week. Take some of your frozen spinach and some more of the pepper and onion mix and cook until it's thawed, drain off some of the liquid, season with salt and pepper as desired, and then pour in 12-15 of your eggs scrambled up with a little bit of water.  Put the whole skillet in the oven at 425* for 15-18 minutes until just browned around the edges and set in the middle--there's a week's worth of breakfast frittata.  Do this again the next week--I have a veggie frittata with some baked sweet potato and topped with some sort of sauce or dressing for breakfast every day and it is amazing. Take half of your ground beef and just cook it in a pan with some neutral seasoning.  Let it cool and freeze in individual bags so you can pull out and mix with cauliflower rice or stir fry veggies for some quick meals--I love taco seasoned meat with cauliflower rice and some salsa verde (I'm getting there!) and put it inside a mostly-hollowed out sweet potato skin for a pseudo-burrito. Take the other half and make yourself some burger patties--freeze individually to pull out as quick "emergency" proteins. They'll go nicely with either kinds of your roasted veggies you made above. Take your olive oil, and egg, and some of the lemon juice and make a batch of homemade mayo. I like Everyday Maven's immersion blender recipe. That should last you close to the two weeks and will be amazing delicious plated fat to top your burgers. Take your avocado, half the can of coconut milk, and the juice from the lime along with some salt and mix that together (with your immersion blender if you have it) for an easy avocado sauce to top your breakfasts or anything kind of mexican-inspired. Take your tomatillos and chop roughly and then blend with salt and pepper--easy salsa verde.  Take half of it and keep it for your sweet potato burritos, and put the other half in a slow cooker or dutch oven with some of your chicken thighs. Some more of your chicken thighs--get your cast iron skillet rocket hot, put in some cooking fat, and put the thighs skin side down for a few minutes to get them deliciously crisp. Salt the meat, flip the thighs over and reduce the heat to cook through. This list and meal prep directions should easily keep you well fed within your budget for the next two weeks.  It's not always the most exciting food but it will be tasty, filling, and healthy.
    Let me know if you have any other questions or want any other tips.  Sorry this was so long!  I'm pretty enthusiastic about meal planning and cooking and I love a challenge like a budget. 
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    ladyshanny reacted to Jihanna in HELP I’m poor!   
    Massive hugs @Pandora Black. I get it... I really, really do.
    Now please take my hand and come back inside, because if I join you out there I'll either fall or get sunburned.
    I agree whole-heartedly with @laura_juggles. Keep it simple and skip the stuff that's too expensive. The labels don't have to include all that lovely wording like organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised, free-range, etc. for it to be compliant AND healthy.
    Skip recipes that call for uncommon ingredients that cost more and/or you're unlikely to use again very soon... or sub in something that you already have on hand (or know you'll use).
    Check out the frozen veggies (and opt for store-brand if they're cheaper), and don't be afraid to grab more than you'll need for the week if it costs less per pound or ounce to do it that way, as long as it's something you'll use.
    See if there's a good sale on "bulk package" items, like 5 lbs of russet potatoes or 3 lbs of yellow onions. Even if you know you won't go through that much in one week, these packs usually have a lower per-weight cost than buying loose items, and you can easily prepare and freeze things for future use, cutting down your overall costs.
    Skip the expensive boxes of baby spinach, 50/50 salad blend, etc. I have perfectly lovely salads made from Romaine and sometimes baby spinach (from a bag, and not always organic despite preferring organic for my salad greens). If you want some sprouts or other light-weight items that tend to cost a bit more, see if a local store has a fresh salad bar that you can pull these from... the cost by weight is often extremely low as long as you don't grab heavier items. My mom does this often with Earth Fare's garden bar.
    Check for a vegetable bargain bin, and see if you can find the Manager's Special meats, especially if the stores nearby aren't running great sales. For both of these, you'll really want to either cook or prep/freeze it all right away, but the savings can be pretty big.
    Ground meat will almost always be cheaper than any other form, and it'll be less expensive in a bigger package. I would still buy my ground beef in 5 lb packages even if it was only me and I was only using 1 lb per week, because overall it's so much cheaper and it's simple to store it in freezer bags... and 73/27 is fine.
    Bags of frozen chicken breast can sometimes be found on sale for cheaper than the fresh stuff, so that's an option worth checking.
    Like Laura said -- you can do this!
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    ladyshanny reacted to QUILL145 in Trouble with timing meals--getting 4-5 hours between   
    Great-thank you for the input!  I will work towards eating before work, at home.  That seems to make the most sense. 
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from RandiW in Day 26 - Still looking bloated   
    I'm not sure if my suggestions will relate to bloating but I do have a couple comments on your meals.
    For the 2-egg breakfast, you likely need to add more protein and a fat source in order to keep yourself going 4-5 hours. We encourage you to eliminate snacking, especially on fruits alone. if you desire to eat fruits, include them with a full meal once the protein, veggie and fat portions are satisfied (ie, don't let fruit push veggies off your plate). 
    Lunch including only 1 egg as protein is not nearly enough. If eggs are your sole protein, a serving is as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping (usually 3-4 is a good start for most people). Again, you should be aiming to eat enough so that you can easily make it 4-5 hours between meals without having to snack.
    If you are hungry and you do need to eat between meals, we recommend sticking with protein + fat or protein + veggies. Post gym food would be recommended as lean protein and starchy veggie. Fat (from the yolk) slows down protein uptake and fruit replenishes liver glycogen preferentially over muscle glycogen.
    In summary; eat more.  
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from RandiW in What's for dinner?   
    We are having the prawn sheet pan meal from the Whole30 cookbook tonight which is basically just brocoli drizzled in spices and sesame oil plus prawns marinated for 20 minutes and thrown on the pan at the last minute. Plus steamed red potatoes, all dipped in mayo. Last time I made this it took 25 minutes - 5 prep (peeling prawns/slicing potato) and 20 minutes of cooking. Dead easy!
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    ladyshanny reacted to emilyelowe in Mini Meals   
    Thank you both! This is my plan for tomorrow :
    - Aim for closer to 100 oz of water (I’m about 112 lbs) - I have been having headaches also so maybe this will help that too.
    - Have a full breakfast first thing rather than starting with a mini meal.
    - Larger overall meals.
    - Potential mini meals if I find that I need them will be chicken with a  cauliflower/coconut cream sauce or HB eggs with guacamole. 
    We will see how that goes! 
    @EmilyK Thank you so much for that encouragement! It’s like God knows exactly when I need to hear these things, and that is EXACTLY where my head has been the last few days. You are so right. I so appreciate the kind words - I needed them. 
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from emilyelowe in Sleep Issues   
    hey @emilyelowe - nice to see you back here! Sleep disruptions are pretty common. Depending on how long ago your first Whole30 was, time has passed, our hormones change up as we age and whatever rebalancing you're going through could be affecting your sleep this time. I had sleep disruption in my first and third Whole30. The first one lasted 14 days and the third one lasted just a few.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from grantb in What about - Ka’Chava Meal Replacement Shake?   
    Monk fruit isn't allowed either, sorry!  
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    ladyshanny reacted to EmilyK in Mini Meals   
    Yes, definitely starchy veggies and more nutrient-dense choices for your mini-meals for sure. I've found that it's easier to drink enough water if I use a straw (I'm also still a breastfeeding mama, although my baby is 14 months old now and only nursing once or twice per day)--conventional wisdom says 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight each day but that should probably be closer to 1-to-1 since you're lactating. I noticed that my hydration had the biggest effect on my supply, and if I drank an obscene amount of water I had much better pump output than if I wasn't pushing fluids like crazy. It is okay to not eat if you're not hungry, though...if you can, I would try and focus on getting larger meals overall and then adding in 1-2 mini meals if you are still hungry at any particular point throughout the day.
    Also, off the topic of meal structure--any breastmilk you give your baby is a gift and please don't make yourself insane trying to cut out that one bottle of formula. I nursed my two older kids exclusively (they're 10 and 13 now) but this one has been a tank from day one (he's 32 pounds now at 14 months, if that tells you anything!) and try as I might I just couldn't keep up with his full intake. I struggled with that, and feelings of inadequacy for awhile, but the truth of the matter is that we were both happier and less stressed out once I stopped trying to eke out every last drop for him. My supply didn't take any further hits with that one bottle and once I freed myself from the expectation of EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING ONLY OR I FAIL, I was able to be a much happier mom for him which is worth more than the gold star of him never having formula. While this may not be where your head is, I know how intense the pressure to exclusively breastfeed can be and new mom's don't need any more pressure at all.  We all really need to be kinder to ourselves. 
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from EmilyK in Mini Meals   
    Nice to see you again, @EmilyK!
    @emilyelowe - I would sub out the contents of your minis for higher density nutrition and calories. Nuts, apples, bananas, strawberries and coconut/butter is really just a lot of sugar and less that optimal fat sources. Try for something like a small burger patty and mayo or chicken thigh and guac. 
    If you're already struggling to eat enough and you're a low supplier, everything you eat should be denser nutrition and calories. Also you should be drinking a bathtub full of water.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Starting soon!   
    Welcome - getting fully prepared is one of the main keys to success! We're here for you!
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    ladyshanny reacted to EmilyK in So...when do the cravings ease up? Vent   
    My first two rounds I felt markedly better physically by about day 4 or 5. It took about another week or ten days to really feel like I was in control of my brain as far as cravings go.
    Two things that helped me: making sure I got enough fat at every meal (when in doubt, toss half an avocado on it!), and making sure I had a really solid breakfast that did not include any fruit.  Any time my breakfast was not optimum, I was battling cravings all day.
    Good luck--you've got this!
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    ladyshanny reacted to ShannonM816 in Free Whole30 Graphics   
    This seems to just be the pdf downloads you can get from the Resources page. 
    I found I Finished ones ( and January specific ones ( This article does have a Facebook banner and a square graphic for Instagram: But there was once a page with the graphics so you could download them in a few different sizes, and I think there may have been some other differences in colors or slogans or something. I can't remember now exactly what it had, but I remember seeing that page. 
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Cinco De Mayo   
    Well done, and welcome! We are here for you if you need us and when it comes time to do reintroduction, we can support you there too!
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from emilyelowe in Need to get back on the Whole30, looking for inspiration and help   
    Thanks for sharing your story and struggle with us. You'll find that you're not alone, this sort of "spiral" is pretty common because the 30 days that you had on Whole30 don't counteract an entire lifetime of food habits. No one here is going to be harsh with you, you don't need harsh. What you need is to decide what you want to do and then make a plan to do it. If, for now, that's not a full Whole30, maybe it's not drinking during the week. Maybe it's a standard "dinners out" order like protein, veggies and some good fat. Maybe it's no dessert.
    Instead of feeling scared of the gym, go after work in your work clothes and just go say "hey". Not to work out, just to reintroduce yourself. Remember the smells (that's what I loved about my gym when I'd been gone a while - that gym smell was imprinted on my brain as a positive. Remember the machines, see what's changed, see if there's anything that speaks to you.
    It's really hard, I know, to stop that eating and sitting cycle. But we treat our friends and family better than ourselves sometimes. If your friend came over and told you all the things you just told us, would you bring out a tray of donuts and park her on the couch? Because it sounds to me like what that "friend" needs is a delicious Whole30 dinner, maybe a nice walk and a hug and for you to tell her it's going to be OK. We're not stuck here - we can make change whenever we're ready. Nothing is ever permanent so if a Whole30 lifestyle is what we want, let's get step at a time.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from Eva Zu Beck in Nespresso   
    Caramel color is a type of sweetener so would be disallowed. Caramel flavour would be a natural or artificial flavour, both of which are permitted on Whole30.