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    ladyshanny reacted to TeeAycherson in Starting Whole 30 Today! (2nd timer, first time=>holidays, 2016)   
    Day 26
    Wow, where has the time gone?! I swear on my last whole 30 I was counting down the days (probably because I did it over Thanksgiving and up until Christmas), but this time I have been so busy, I am like, "What?! Next Wednesday is the last day already? But I am not ready to be done!" So that's great! I will just weigh in on day 31 and keep going.
    It only gets hard when I don't go grocery shopping and end up living on kraut and root veggies for all three meals of the day. It's only happened twice, but still
    One thing I am noticing is that I do not feel hungry ever, really. I eat when I know my body needs to eat, but I do not feel the intense hunger pangs I used to get in the afternoon and mid-morning. I am still without the bloat... I think I was slightly bloated ONE day during the past 26 and I was a total baby about it. I can't believe that blowing up to five months pregnant looking every night and feeling like I was going to explode was my norm. My bloating and my toxic sugar treat/work cycle were the two things I was hoping to gain some insight on, so I am going to spend the next half of this whole 60 really focusing my energy on the food relationship (and let's be honest, watch a few more pounds drop off this frame).
    Right now I need to get back on my grocery game and stop eyeing them cookies while remembering to pay attention to all the good things happening with my body right now. A friend of mine said the other day, 'everything counts'... and that really resonated with me. I haven't lost as much weight this round as I did my last whole 30 round. But I am two years older and under a lot more stress than I was back then. Every time I choose whole foods and to pass on sugar, dairy, and grains it counts. Every single time. Drops in the bucket, self...drops in the bucket.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from goingonwhole30 in Day 1 Nov 4th   
    Yep, the adjustment can be really tiring on the body. Be kind to yourself and if you have the time and availability for extra rest, go ahead and take it.
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    ladyshanny reacted to Tarrantrl in Advice on best option for shortening re-introduction   
    While this may not be the same for you @Laura Thornock, I personally find Thanksgiving to be very Whole30-friendly! My favorite parts are the turkey (easy to make compliant), steamed green beans with butter (sub clarified butter), mashed potatoes (sub clarified butter and perhaps coconut milk), and cranberry sauce (which you could easily find with just regular sugar added instead of corn syrup, which is OK for reintroduction). I think the main things that are missing from a Whole30 Thanksgiving would be the stuffing, sweet potato marshmallow casserole, maybe green bean casserole, gravy (although there are Whole30 compliant recipes), and of course desserts like pumpkin pie. I never liked any of these things, so it's really easy for me to skip them! I'll be done with my extended reintroduction before Thanksgiving, but I intend to stay Whole30 for it because the dairy for sure isn't really worth feeling bad for the rest of the day when the substitutions are just as good. I'd rather enjoy the food but still feel on the ball to spend the rest of the day engaged with my family. My best advice would be to not choose ahead of time the things you think will be worth it to eat because you might not actually want those things by the time you get there. Maybe look up some Whole30 compliant Thanksgiving recipes to see how great the meal can still be while not sacrificing your reset or reintroduction period. It may turn out to be a lot of fun for you!
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    ladyshanny reacted to DLB in Accountability buddy   
    Hi everyone,
    I'm Dana. I am starting today. Whole 30 is not super different from my regular diet but I have always followed an 80/20 rule, not 100%. I have some health challenges and I really want to find out exactly what role food plays. Up until now I have been guessing, which leads to a lot of switching gears and over-thinking everything I choose. I like the reintro idea.
    I'd love to find an accountability buddy. I don't have anyone in my life who would be good for that. Anyone game?
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    ladyshanny reacted to mikem in Accountability buddy   
    Hi Dana, 
    I'm game. I'm on day 7 today and have almost quit a couple time already. My deal is that we eat really healthy at home but I have this secret addiction to sweets and garbage. I can hide it pretty well because I'm thin but I know it's killing me. This is my second whole30 and the first was awesome but I didn't re-introduce very well. I kinda just dove back into junk when I was done. So, if you'll have me, I'm ready. 
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    ladyshanny reacted to MargolaBerry in Day 23 Increased General Soreness, All Over   
    Thanks @ladyshanny, I totally understand. I've been trying to just do my own research and have come across some interesting information and various methods to try. I'll be staying on the program longer and hoping these changes I make work out. Thanks again for all your help! 
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from Ajmomof4 in Exercise vs sleep   
    Melissa addresses this question often in her instagram feed. If it is a question of sleep OR exercise, always choose sleep.
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    ladyshanny reacted to goingonwhole30 in Day 1 Nov 4th   
    Was thinking I would start on Monday but after Saturday brunch I didn’t feel like putting it off any longer. Went to the store (4-5 times), prepped the day away and started this morning! 
    The day went great! But as I end the day I’m super tired and feel like a caffeine crash might hit me in the morning. I’m trying to focus on getting rid of my caffeine and sugar addiction this round. Drank some tea this morning but usually have loads of coffee and energy drinks. Looking forward to tomorrow’s crash!
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from Erin E in Daily email?   
    Oh, girl, that is going to be tough! Home (and alone) is the WORST place for me to be when eating through the kitchen cabinets is NOT on my goals list! I would suggest meal planning and then portioning out your breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as one or two mini-meals (hard boiled egg, chicken thigh w/ guac) and then tell yourself you Do Not Deviate from what is in those containers. Make sure that the meals are large enough to get you 4-5 hours without being hungry, drinks LOTS of water and the rest of the time just stay out of the kitchen as much as you can. Those containers should be your lifeline until you get a few days in!
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from Erin E in Daily email?   
    Oh, girl, that is going to be tough! Home (and alone) is the WORST place for me to be when eating through the kitchen cabinets is NOT on my goals list! I would suggest meal planning and then portioning out your breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as one or two mini-meals (hard boiled egg, chicken thigh w/ guac) and then tell yourself you Do Not Deviate from what is in those containers. Make sure that the meals are large enough to get you 4-5 hours without being hungry, drinks LOTS of water and the rest of the time just stay out of the kitchen as much as you can. Those containers should be your lifeline until you get a few days in!
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from Tarrantrl in Loss of appetite after reintroducing legumes   
    So from an outside perspective, it looks like the legumes (heavy on carbs) on the heels of increased dried fruit consumption (carbs/sugar) during your period, a time during which women tend to need more carbs anyway - has caused increased carb cravings.
    The fact that you are only really interested in eating carbs (apple and AB, chocolate, potato chips, smoothie etc) is very likely a symptom of having had too much sugar from the dried fruits added to the legumes which are high in natural sugars.
    I would push through as much as you can with eating those template meals. Eat the protein and fat (non-sweet fat choices - ie, not almond butter) first and then the veggies etc. I suspect it's just a bit of latent sugar dragonning. I think you'll get back on track fairly quickly if you can start to prioritize the protein and fats.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from PipTook in Starting Tomorrow!   
    Hi @PipTook - welcome, it's always nice to take food out of the equation when those docs are trying to figure out a mystery!
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    ladyshanny reacted to goingthissolo in can't stop cheating   
    When my wife passed away, food was the only thing that made me happy. So don't feel bad. I put on 65lbs in four months, that's weigh's as much as a bag of cement. Just keep starting over until you get it right. It's been 14 years since she died and I've probably started over 14 times or more. Then the pain set in and I started the Whole30 at my Dr's. request.. Finally think this time it will work.. Pain is a good motivator. Good Luck to you.
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    ladyshanny reacted to emilyjwich in salt-cured egg yolks   
    I've never personally used a duck egg for anything, but as I understand, they're slightly larger than chicken eggs.  If that's actually the case, I would let it cure for maybe a day or two longer.  I go a full week for chicken egg yolks, so maybe let the duck egg cure for a day longer.  You'll know it's done when it's hardened and it's lost its jiggly-ness, for lack of a better term.  When they're done they should sort of feel like little pucks of cheddar cheese.
    Hope this helps!
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    ladyshanny reacted to goingonwhole30 in Starting W30 #4 on November 1st   
    Happy day 1! I'm going to be starting on Monday so I can plan and prep this weekend! This will be round 4 for me as well  
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from goingonwhole30 in Starting W30 #4 on November 1st   
    Hi Kylia, welcome! Lots of support here, you can do this! Maybe take some time to sit down and write a list of how/when you went off the Whole30, what the triggers and circumstances were and then create some game plans for going forward this time. Example, I came home starving after a brutal day and just poured wine and had chips. I'll avoid this going forward by packing my meals and always having "emergency food" at home like hard boiled eggs or chicken thighs so that I can create some space for myself to make unemotional decisions."
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    ladyshanny reacted to sunshine9185 in Starting Oct 1   
    I finally felt amazing in the pool today.  I have been waiting for this!  Swam 500 yards in under 10:30.  Not fast by any means, but starting to resemble my old self again.  #NSV.
    Tomorrow is it!  Congrats to everyone who made it.  And really, congrats to those who didn't, too.  It's supposed to be a learning experience and even when we don't achieve the goal, we learn things.  
    In keeping with the Whole30 spirit, I'll be ordering myself a cookbook as a reward instead of drowning myself in Halloween candy .
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    ladyshanny reacted to Sconnie715 in Starting Oct 1   
    @sunshine9185 I had a glass of red wine tonight as well (after a dinner of butternut squash soup and almond-crusted chicken breast). No reactions yet except for the rosy cheeks I usually get when I drink wine. I didn’t hand out candy this year; we recently moved to a new neighborhood that is a bit outside of town, and there aren’t many kiddos around. So it we me and the kitties we just adopted a couple weeks ago, a glass of red, and Hocus Pocus. 
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from ultrarunnergirl in Thickening Agents   
    I know you don't want a "replacement" that's  not like the original thing. girlfriend made the most amazing brown gravy this way: put a bunch of chopped carrot, onion and cauliflower into the pan with whatever meat you are roasting. When teh meat is done, take the pan drippings (plus compliant beef/chicken broth if not enough liquid) and then blend that all together with the super-soft roasted veggies plus some salt and pepper. It is amazing and you would never know it's not a flour-thickened gravy.
    For soups, my husband wants them thick enough to walk on so I always make with just the barest amount of liquid (ie, just enough to barely cover the pot contents and then cook until done). Also, I always, always use red potatoes because they seem to have the highest starch content and so naturally make the soup or stew thicker.
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    ladyshanny reacted to finntx in Starting October 28   
    Day 3 is in the books. Major tests of willpower today. We had an office happy hour with, I swear, all of my favorite happy hour type snacks plus a table full of candy. I hung out long enough to be socially acceptable and then got out of dodge before the temptation became too strong. Then went home and cooked dinner but didn't actually have time to eat (due to a really fussy baby) before I had to leave for a PTA meeting at my kids school.
    The PTA meeting was held at a restaurant and I wasn't planning to eat so I didn't have time to examine the menu. I gave myself grace and ordered a plain hamburger patty and steamed veggies, not worrying too much about what oil was used as I'm sure it wasn't compliant. (I'll be honest, I almost justified french fries as compliant but talked myself down b/c obviously ranch dressing is not compliant and what's the point of fries if you can't dip them in ranch!) I completely avoided the temptation of chips and queso sitting right in front of me the whole meeting and the many offers for wine and dessert. 
    Interestingly, I had some unsweet tea with dinner which usually is not a big deal for me on the caffeine, meaning it doesn't usually effect my sleep. But last night I was wired until almost 11 (I normally go to bed at 9-930). Then I was woken up at midnight by our dogs and felt wide awake. Is this a normal thing that happens, with all the junk out of your diet you absorb things more?
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    ladyshanny reacted to goingthissolo in The Don't look at me with that tone of voice stage   
    I think I just really missed my usual week end routine, Pizza ,beer, chips, fast food, store bought desserts and vanilla coke with ice cream. Any thing wrapped in a tortilla. Donuts with the morning coffee and paper. I felt tested all week end and I'm just cranky today. I'll get over it. Here's to next week end. 
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    ladyshanny reacted to finntx in Starting October 28   
    Day 2 went pretty well. I realized I need to focus on adding fats to my meals. I was hungry a lot yesterday but think it was due to that. I added half an avocado to my breakfast this morning and felt much more satisfied after eating than I did yesterday. 
    My major win yesterday was that my routine was thrown by having to pick my son up from daycare early due to a fever. This can be a disaster as I am driving home past all the fast food restaurants, slightly hungry. Then my husband had to work late which meant I had to go back to daycare to pick up our daughter a little later, then cooking dinner with both kids home and fussy. I persevered and survived. 
    I managed to avoid the candy we have at home but I'm going to ask my husband to hide it tonight. I think my willpower will start to decrease so I should just eliminate the need for the willpower and act as if there isn't candy in the house.
    I'm also going through sugar withdrawal in the form of a dull headache. Looking forward to that passing.
    Last night I had my first internal mutiny, of what I'm sure will be many. While avoiding the candy, I told myself "Hey, you are an adult, you can have candy if you want to!" This is a thought I have a lot of times when I try to adjust eating habits. I talked myself down though by telling myself "Hey, you are an adult that can have candy, but you can also choose to not have candy. And that is the choice you made and committed to for this period of time." That seemed to work.
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    ladyshanny reacted to MichelleCA in Day 2   
    I'm eating mashed potatoes while I check the forums!  Lots of ghee and onion salt, and I love to also mash up potatoes with other root veggies (turnips, rutabaga, celery root).  Sooo delicious and such a nice change.
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    ladyshanny reacted to ArtFossil in Day 2   
    Good for you for making it through the first day!
    You can have mashed potatoes! Just don't add any dairy and use clarified butter (ghee but no browned). Mashed cauliflower is also delicious.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from ArtFossil in Need more fat options   
    Ghee, guac, homemade mayo, fattier cuts of meat.