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    ladyshanny got a reaction from annael in How many meals?   
    As a one-off random day, that's probably fine. But do know that lack of appetite followed by light or non existent eating often breeds further lack of appetite. Your best bet is to create a template meal and eat as much of it as you can so that you don't end up in that nasty spiral.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from Luckychris513 in PSA: Don't Get Lost!   
    Public Service Announcement: 
    The group threads in this section of the forum can be extremely fast moving and as such, the volunteer moderators have a hard time keeping up with reading the hundreds of posts that go whizzing by.
    That said, if you are struggling or something doesn't seem right or you need some specific help, please create a new post in the Troubleshooting Your Whole30 portion of the forum. Make the title of your post as specific as possible to assist in getting a response sooner. For example, titling your post "Can't Break the 3pm Slump!" rather than just "Someone Please Help!" makes it quicker for the moderators to understand and assist you. 
    The moderators try to get to everything and we appreciate your patience but members following this outline is one of the ways that you can help us to help you!
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from Jen-Whole30 in Coconut milk/cream powders any good in coffee?   
    Yes, @Jen-Whole30 - this is Vital Proteins, a Whole30 approved partner. Just to note, although this is a "creamer", it does not make your coffee very creamy unless you add loads and loads of it....which I found to be cost-prohibitive.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from Luckychris513 in PSA: Don't Get Lost!   
    Public Service Announcement: 
    The group threads in this section of the forum can be extremely fast moving and as such, the volunteer moderators have a hard time keeping up with reading the hundreds of posts that go whizzing by.
    That said, if you are struggling or something doesn't seem right or you need some specific help, please create a new post in the Troubleshooting Your Whole30 portion of the forum. Make the title of your post as specific as possible to assist in getting a response sooner. For example, titling your post "Can't Break the 3pm Slump!" rather than just "Someone Please Help!" makes it quicker for the moderators to understand and assist you. 
    The moderators try to get to everything and we appreciate your patience but members following this outline is one of the ways that you can help us to help you!
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from RandiW in Reintro Advice Please   
    For the first one, cake isn't the best because the cake itself or icing likely has soy in it (if bought) as well as dairy throughout.  As a person who just threw her husband a bday party last night and didnt eat the cake, I have to say it wasn't a big deal at all. 
    For the fat adaptation, the trick is to continue with the meal template and timing for the most part and not start relying on carbs for the bulk of your meals or for snacks.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from SugarcubeOD in teen eating junk food when out with friends   
    If she is in agreement that she's feeling poorly and her clothes don't fit and she doesn't like the brain fog, then maybe sit down with her in an environment not already charged about the issue (go for a walk, make a pot of tea) and ask her if she would be willing to try the Whole30 for 30 days. "What if we give it a shot, really put our effort in for 30 days and do it together and then at the end, let's add those favourite treats back one at a time and see how you feel. You might find that your brain feels less foggy and you have more energy when you avoid certain things. Then you can make better choices when it's treat-time that won't affect you so much."
    She's 14 - 4 more years and that kid is off to start a much more independent life. She's a child, sure, but she's also a burgeoning adult. Might be worth trying to treat her more like the young adult she is rather than just cutting off her money and restricting donuts to twice a year. Help guide her but leave the decision making up to her. Because sure, for the next 4 years or so you can Battle Royale it out over this but that's not your energy best spent.  Help her learn how to determine what is and is not worth it here surrounding food - but that also plays out in other aspects of her growing life. What is and is not worth her money, what is and is not worth her time, what is and is not worth her emotional energy. You have an awesome learning/teaching opportunity here.................
    Disclaimer: I don't have kids.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from annael in Meal Portioning   
    What fats are you adding when you are eating your breakfast? 
    There is no limit to probiotics.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from jennpmaness in Tylenol, Advil & pain relief medications   
    You can take pain medications if you need them, regardless of ingredients.  We suggest trying alternate methods first (water, nap, peppermint oil, meditation etc) but if they don't work, don't feel like you have to suffer through it.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from Lauren Kate in Not enough energy for workouts   
    OK, so basically if you are hungry between meals then you need to eat more. Replace the fruits w/ more of everything else. Eggs, if they are your sole protein (bacon is fat), should be as many as you can hold in your hand - at least 3-4 to start. Or 2 + another kind of protein. Make sure your protein is 1-2 palm sized servings. That's the length, width and thickness of your own palm. 
    If you are going to snack while you get your meals in order, go with protein + fat or protein + veggies. Fruit and starches alone are definitely going to be inhibiting the process. Coconut water is just fruit juice so that should be limited to after a particularly rigourous workout or times when you are in the hot summer sun for a long period of time. Kombucha is fine as the sugar is fermented off.
    The recommendations for fruit are WITH meals and 0-2 fist sized servings per day. So you could have none or a couple servings but don't let it push other things off your plate.
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    ladyshanny reacted to Ellenelle in Feel like I'm gaining and not losing weight   
    Michelle, I hope you'll hear from a moderator or an advanced member, but I'd like to offer some encouragement from a newbie. I can relate to your frustration and discouragement because I felt it also around Day 30. On the other hand, I also felt that I was just starting to get the hang of MY Whole30 by the end, so I hung in for another 15 days at full compliance and am still fully compliant on most days at something north of Day 60. My average weight loss over that period is about half a pound a week. Nothing dramatic, but I've reached a point where I can trust that it will continue at that rate. I'm weighing myself every 10 days or so, a big change from when it was daily.
    I'm not an expert or even an advanced member, but here are a few comments on your daily menu. My go-to breakfast is also 2 eggs. I eat mine over a heap of sauteed spinach. I find that when I add about half a sausage patty (I use the recipe that's paired with sweet potato mash in the Pork section of the cookbook), a quarter of a baked potato plus ghee, and maybe some roasted or sauteed butternut squash I'm more satisfied (sometimes kind of stuffed) and I can more easily go 4 or 5 hours until lunch.
    I've read enough troubleshooting posts to know that the problem with your snack is that it doesn't include any protein.  Maybe add a sausage patty or the other half of your tuna can, or maybe add the apple, cashew butter and a bit of sausage to your breakfast and skip the snack. I've learned from personal experience that snacks (mine are usually in the afternoon if I need one) are useless without the protein. For some reason I was resistant to that reality for a really long time. Maybe you are too.
    My impression of your lunch is that it's not nearly big enough. Eat the whole can! Or add a hard-boiled egg. I like the recipe for no-fuss salmon cakes; one or two of those make a really satisfying protein dish. I make the batch of 8 and reheat them in a microwave as needed. I would also add half a baked potato, white or sweet, to the meal. I discovered that potatoes are really my friends after being very wary of them initially. They're very satisfying, and the ghee ensures you're getting enough fat.
    Dinner sounds good to me. Maybe add another half turkey burger or another veggie if it doesn't feel satisfying.
    Ever since Weight Watchers about 30 years ago I've been religious about 64 oz of water a day. 
    At some point when I was feeling very down about Whole30 I read a post in which the writer remarked something to the effect that the more she ate, the more weight she lost. I was very bitter about that at the time, sure that it didn't apply to me, but it stayed in my head and I've come to think it's true. As I've added more foods and sometimes larger portions I feel more satisfied after my meals, I have more energy, and I obsess less about weight loss.
    You don't say how many total hours of sleep you're getting. If it's sufficient, I guess you could go to bed later if you want to wake up later. For me, sleep has been the last frontier of the program. I've had various forms of insomnia for close to 20 years. Only around Day 60 did my sleep start to normalize. For a while it was worse on Whole30 than before I started the program. Now it's better. I still wake up during the night but usually am able to fall back to sleep quickly.
    I hope some of this is helpful to you. I spent lots of time trolling around the Troubleshooting section when I was feeling confused and discouraged. I picked up some good tips and sometimes I felt better just knowing that others were struggling too. Oh, and I also recently bought myself a copy of It Starts with Food. I find it helps my motivation to read about what I'm doing and remind myself of why. I do think Whole30 is the best program out there, and I hope you find a way to make it work for you.
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    ladyshanny reacted to bkruse in Struggling with Exhaustion   
    @ladyshanny Just wanted to say that there is light at the end of the tunnel! I have been replacing some of those fruit/nut/fat combos with roasted sweet potatoes / protein salad instead, and I am starting to come around to having more energy - not 100%, and still struggling with crashing at night/waking up in the AM, but much more energy during the day, better meal prepping, and was able to do fairly well during my workout yesterday. Day 11 now. Thanks for the tips, you are appreciated!
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    ladyshanny reacted to ShannonM816 in Whole30 Birthday "Cake"   
    The rules are really, really clear. For 30 days, no recreating baked goods. If it is important to you to have cake for an event, don't do whole30 over a period when that event is going to happen. Once your whole30 is over, you can have paleofied cake or regular cake or whatever works for you, whenever you feel like it is worth it to you. If you do have something coming up during a whole30 that you want to celebrate, find new ways to do that that don't compromise the healthy choices you are making for yourself for a month, or delay the celebration until after your whole30 and reintroductions are done.
    This explains why the no recreating baked goods rule is in place: 
    Learn more about food freedom, life after Whole30, and how you might think about having treats in the future in these posts:
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    ladyshanny reacted to atlmg in Help! On Day 30   
    Good advice. I used the Day by Day guide for this round, and it was good to have on hand. But I like the idea of making something a little more visual for NSVs. Maybe even listing them out on a piece of poster board to remind myself to stay focused on better health, not my weight. Thank you for the encouragement!
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from bkruse in Struggling with Exhaustion sounds like you're definitely still struggling in that no-mans-land of fat adaptation transition. The amount of fruit and fruit/nuts that you're eating between meals might be holding you back a bit. Try and get a good cookup of a tray of chicken thighs or burger patties and some guac or mayo and roast some sweet potatoes that you can use protein + fat as your in-between and post workout. The fruit after a workout replenishes your liver glycogen before muscle glycogen so fruit isn't your best bet. Go for starchy veggie here with your lean protein...if you're using eggs, just use the whites here. Fat slows the protein synthesis.
    It's hard to tell from the way you've written it out but review the meal template again. For your active lifestyle you might need 2 palms of protein and two servings of fat to avoid having to snack between meals. The lunch veggies on Day 8 are kind of inconsequential unless the salad was "mixing bowl" huge. Salad greens etc are pretty much chewed down to nothing so you want some sturdier veggies - 2-3 cups. 
    See if you can push through and get some food cooked up.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from W30Sue in Water for higher weights? Drowning...   
    Hi, yes, there comes a point that the "half ounce per pound" is no longer effective. There isn't a specific recommendation update but I would say around 70-100 ounces is a good top-end range.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from umbrellas1000 in Weighing in during re-introduction   
    I don't think it's a great idea, to be honest. Any "weight" you put on in 2 days is going to be water-weight. You won't be eating enough reintro items to gain fat in 2 days. With water weight, you should be able to feel it in your joints, hands, skin, clothes and any aches and pains since water weight is just inflammation.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from shandrananette in AM Workouts   
    If you would happily eat fish & brocoli, eat something. But I garner you're hungry because you're missing out on replenishing your workout. And I suspect that you generally aren't overly hungry for breakfast to begin with? Or normally eat a very small breakfast?
    Post workout is meant to replenish what was depleted. It's not to be replaced by breakfast. Try a couple bites of protein and starchy veggie while watching your kid leave and then have your shower and meal one. You might have to shift things around a bit to make that happen. Then you should be able to get 4-5 hours between so you can have meal two at noonish. Since you do have a long stretch between lunch and dinner, you should probably plan to pack a mini-meal; we recommend protein + fat or protein + veggies. Stay away from fruits and nuts here, they won't help like protein and fat/protein and veggies will.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from TheJustinB in Day 3 hangover   
    You can take headache medicine or other painkillers if needed. We dont advocate suffering. Tylenol is easier on your gut if you can take it but advil type meds are fine too.
    Remember to drink lots of water too!
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    ladyshanny reacted to Brewer5 in Hit a wall   
    @Mr. Greg ~ I am so happy to hear your great news.  
    A couple of minor tweaks, and look where it's getting you.  Nothing crazy ~ not getting frustrated and giving up ~ just staying the course with perhaps a little more mindfulness.  Seriously, great work.
    I want to add one more thing.   It's clear that you are invested in your family.  I want you to know that, while they may not recognize what you are doing right now (or at least not fully) ~ they will be able to appreciate it down the road.  
    Kids are pretty wrapped up in themselves & their own lives.  And that continues as they grow older, spread their wings, and truly build a life of their own, with their own families and responsibilities.  
    But there will be times when they just need to call Dad.   When they just really need your advice about something, or they just need you to listen.  
    You are adding years onto your life right now.  Making the lifestyle changes you are making set the odds in your favor to extend that amount of time you will be there for your kids.  Grandkids.  Maybe even greats.   
    I am close to 40 years old, my father is highly overweight, and has been for some time.  He also has sleep apnea.  He doesn't feel good.  He is having attacks of anxiety & high blood pressure that land him in the ER.  He is plagued with digestive problems.  Always.  He is still here with us, but not living life to its fullest.  Not by any means.  It is difficult for me to see & it is equally difficult to feel that my phone could ring any day with the news that he's dropped dead from a heart attack.
    So I just wanted to share those thoughts today.  What you are doing right now is huge, and there are numerous benefits that are far-stretching, and some yet to be seen.  
    Keep on rockin' your Whole 30 lifestyle, keep on posting here if it helps you ~ and if you run into any more snags ~ please tag me to be sure I see your post.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from LaQuita in Vanilla Bean Powder   
    @LaQuita - this is fine.
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    ladyshanny reacted to Mr. Greg in Hit a wall   
    @Brewer5 @SugarcubeOD
    Thank you very much for the info. I weighed in today, and lost another 3.5 lbs this last week. (I know, I know...) which means that in the last 12 days I have lost 7 lbs. Aside from weighing once a month, I am sticking to the plan. And technically today would be the end of my 4th Whole 30: back to back to back to back. I am down 65.4 lbs.
    I am grateful for the input.
    My energy level is good. I feel good. I am logging my food daily. I eat when I am hungry, 3 meals a day with no snacks.
    I can play with my kids again. Sit ups are easier. And I can actually do full push ups.
    My edema is down even more, snoring level is going down, sleep apnea is gone.
    My flexibility has increased, bloating is gone, and my step is light.
    My shoes have become noticeably looser as the feet have become smaller due to the weight loss and other factors
    Thank you for your insight,
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from rusrach in Anyone else starting 4/21??   
    Hi @rusrach - so for the potatoes/starches, both answers are correct. You should eat them for "energy" because often folks will go too low carb and that's not the intent or the format of this program. Our recommendation is to make sure that you are having at least one fist sized serving per day for overall improved energy. That said, potatoes and some other starchy veggies can have a sedating effect which is why we would say that you could put them towards the end of your day to help with sleep.
    Does that make sense?
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from OceanSide in Whole30 approved almond milk?   
    I googled your question, this was the very first result: 
    Store the milk in a sealed container in the fridge. Activated almond milk (made with soaked almonds) will keep for 2 to 3 days in a very cold fridge. Unsoaked almond milk will keep for about 5 days.
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    ladyshanny got a reaction from CatherineA949 in Help I'm Picky! Not Eating Enough   
    You can 100% do this without hard boiled eggs, nuts/seeds or avocados. It might help you if, instead of focussing on what you cannot have, you turn the focus to what you can have. You might also see on this forum where we've tried to gently redirect "picky" people. With all the love, you're an adult, you get to decide what you do and do not like to eat, that's fine, but it can be limiting when you wear "I'm picky" as a main descriptor of your eating habits. Try reframing it: "I don't normally like xyz but I can definitely find lots to eat that either doesn't involve those or where I can keep trying these things and maybe change my tastes".
    Anyway, beyond that, you aren't eating enough and you seem to be relying on fruit too much. Eggs as your sole protein are as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping. That's 3-4 as a start for most people. Then add 2-3 cups of cooked veggie and a fat source.
    Protein is meant to be palm-sized which is the length, width and thickness of your palm. 3 slices of deli meat is not enough by a long shot. Beyond being really hard to find compliant, it's not your best choice because you're going to need to eat a tonne of it. Try subbing in a more substantial protein. Salad greens aren't sufficient as a vegetable unless you're eating a literal mixing bowl worth. Think of how cooked down spinach gets or how wilted a salad is after an hour. There's not much there. Add some sturdier veggies and a fat source.
    Energy comes from enough food, especially in the first few days if Whole30 is a big shift from where you were before. Eat up!
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    ladyshanny reacted to chirosy in Day 30 and feel defeated :(   
    I made it this far!  I don’t think I should quit yet. I will stick it out 10 more days. Thank you very much for your help.