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    Really good results -- and I'm going to keep going

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful support! WW does encourage healthy eating -- if you look at their current points system you can see that you can eat a lot more food if you eat healthily. But as I now know, if you don't eliminate the flour and the sugar from your daily diet, you still get the cravings and the bigger appetite, and you don't get that great healthy feeling I've gotten from Whole30. Right now my wife, my younger daughter and I are staying at the home of some vegan friends of ours until next Friday (minus the weekend). Wow, what a challenge! These aren’t people we’re really close to and they’re doing us a wonderful favor by letting us stay over at their house so I know I can't bring non-vegan food into the house and I don’t feel comfortable being too assertive about my food choices. Just to survive I’ve been stir-frying organic flaxseed tempeh and organic sprouted tofu with vegetables for my family (my wife also just did the Whole30) and we seem to be tolerating that well. But last night was the first night we all could be together so just to be polite I ate some Mock Tuna Salad that our friend said she made from chickpeas and a lentil-and-carrot salad as well. One of those things my stomach really really didn’t like! Bloating, stomach ache, constipation, a headache – the works!! Can’t say Melissa and Dallas didn’t warn me that that could happen! I do hope it wasn’t the lentils or that I can cook them differently, as I have this lentil soup recipe that I used to love, and my vegetarian older daughter who’s 18 and in college loves it so I need to cook it for her. But I can’t imagine going back to the old ways of eating. I'm enjoying the food I eat so much more now, and my whole insides feel so much better eating the Whole30 way.
  2. Four days ago I introduced myself, a Baby Boomer, on Day 27. Here I am -- and here's how I've done -- and I'm going to keep going. I started out at 185.2 pounds, though, since I had really started almost everything three days before (all I had included was yogurt and Stevia in my coffee), I was probably higher. I know that I was at least 189 two weeks earlier. Today I am at 172.2 pounds. I'm a little disappointed, since I was hoping to be less than 169.6, which I was two years ago this month on Weight Watchers, before I "lost it." But I have to remember that I had been concentrating on weight loss since February at that time. But really, that's still 13 pounds and probably more, in 30 days. My measurements on the first day of my Whole30 were 45" chest, 43 1/4 waist, 40" hips. Now they are 42.5" chest, 40" waist and 39" hips. Not where I want to be, but still very significant. You can see in my photos that the most noticeable difference is that I don't stick out so much in front anymore. I've been calmer. I sleep better, and I'm far more focused. I don't know if it's the discipline of paying attention to what I eat, or it's a placebo effect, but that last change is a big and important difference to me, and I'm going to watch to see how that progresses. Looking at how I did, I think that I had allowed myself too many fruit, and was not as mindful as I could have been about my portions and when I ate, and I threw on the coconut oil and ghee with probably a little too much abandon. But still, I felt good and I had almost no cravings at all, so this is a good and sustainable (and very enjoyable) way to live. I announced in my Introduction that I'm planning to do a "Whole100." I'm going to write about that in a separate blog on the post-Whole30 thread. Here's to my next 70 days --- and I wish everyone else continued success.
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    Really good results -- and I'm going to keep going

    I don't know why my pictures came out sideways. If anybody knows what I did wrong and how I can correct it, let me know