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  1. And here are some nice healthy baking ideas for kiddies that I wrote up today, too.
  2. I really wish it didn't just post 'cigarettes' as my link! It looks like I'm sending you to a smoking site for your kids! Sorry about that!
  3. YOu might find this article I wrote on getting kids to eat healthy, helpful?
  4. Individually wrapped gluten-free snacks?

    Oo, ladies, try some of these recipes, I am wrapping them in foil and sending them to school with my kid as cakes or cookies. They do have coconut flour and honey, but that is the worst of it. I think they are good snacks. Please let me know what you think!
  5. Hi, I wrote this article over the weekend about how to get your kids involved in eating, good, real food. I've had some nice feedback from it, so thought I would share it with some like minded folks! I have some ideas where to get your veg in without them noticing, within the article too. Let me know what you think Thanks Red
  6. Zucchini Hummus

    Ooo thank you.
  7. non-digestive inflammation?

    Hi. This is so interesting. I have been long aware of food mattering to systemic inflammation and I've had a huge turn around in my health since changing my diet over the last 3 years. But my husband has unexplained chronic pain. Possibly tendinitis, but, mechanical, not systemic. I am trying to cut his wheat to start with, but it is hard without making him lose weight. Which he really doesn't need to do. Glad for you though, long may it continue!