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  1. I've been having this problem for MONTHS!!! First it was just when I exercised, then it started happening all the time. Then I noticed that I was ALWAYS tired and dizzy, and having heart palpitations. Putting all of those symptoms together, I realized that I had low iron! Started supplementing and eating liver, and things are already on the upswing I'd recommend getting tested, especially if you're having other symptoms.
  2. little mighty

    Day 8: I Hate Food

    I second the vegetarian Whole30 suggestion. But if you do decide you want to continue with the omnivore plan...what if you made some one-dish meals, like stews or casseroles, that have the meat mixed in already and "disguised" a little? Ground meat is sometimes a little easier to stomach, and if you mix it with chopped mushrooms, you can camouflage it AND stretch the meat to save money
  3. little mighty

    Help - I need energy - Day 11

    My energy didn't kick in until about 2 weeks into my first Whole30. It's different for everyone, but I hear ya. I honestly didn't think I could keep it up, but then literally overnight it was like, ZING!!!
  4. little mighty

    Seriously, WHY am I still hungry?

    My "eat all the things" phase lasted a full two weeks! Then, literally overnight, I started to feel satisfied after meals. That said, I find that when I'm not getting enough carbs, the food thoughts creep back in. Just my experience.
  5. Yeah, this is a great thread! I have generalized anxiety, as well as OCD that comes and goes. Also had pretty severe anorexia throughout my teens and early 20s (I'm almost 30 now), but my relationship with food is still pretty messed up. I just finished a Whole90 and found that it did improve my symptoms, especially concerning the latter because it forced me to NOT rely on food, especially sweets, to ease my thoughts and emotions. I did and still am consuming caffeine (GIANT mug of black tea or matcha in the morning, and usually a small coffee in the afternoon), and am considering giving that up for a while to see if it makes a difference. What helped the most, though, was acupuncture and homeopathics. I think they literally saved my life! I surely would have considered ending it if something didn't change; I was such a slave to the anxiety at that point that I couldn't pull myself out of it. I began going for regular treatments last December and continued for about 6 months; I'm still taking the remedies and go for acupuncture "boosters" every so often as needed. Not everyone responds to those kinds of treatments, but it's harmless so definitely worth a try.
  6. little mighty

    Bulletproof brand products: worth it?

    Thanks for the responses. I am indeed inquiring about the Bulletproof brand of products, not the fatty coffee phenomenon. I already know the Whole30 perspective on the latter! Just curious to know if anyone's tried them and noticed a difference compared to other brands.
  7. Has anyone tried any of Dave Asprey's "Bulletproof" products (coffee, MCT oil, etc.)? If so, did you feel markedly better when using them compared to regular brands? I'm just wondering if the price point is justified. Thanks!
  8. little mighty

    What is your go-to quick meal??

    My new favourite last-minute meal is: 1 (10.5 oz) bag of frozen broccoli, steam-sauteed 1/2 an avocado, diced a serving of protein, diced (yesterday was leftover turkey thigh - delish!) 1-2 slices compliant bacon, crumbled (optional) salt and lemon juice to taste Mix it all together and dig in!
  9. little mighty

    Thanksgiving Dinner - in Canada it's on Sunday - help!

    Three words: Roasted. Brussels. Sprouts. (With fruit-sweetened dried cranberries and compliant bacon for bonus points!) Winner every time.
  10. little mighty

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    BEST. THREAD. EVER. Haven't read all the previous comments, so forgive me if any of these are repeats! ...they complain that apples are too sweet. ...coworkers start assuming they're vegetarian because of all the vegetables they eat. (True story! Ummmm...since when does eating vegetables make one a vegetarian? And how could you NOT see the chicken thigh nestled next to my roasted cauliflower?!) ...they start salivating over organ meats. ...they turn down even the "healthy" sweets like homemade, nut- and date-based energy balls, because that sh** is some serious SWYPO. ...they carry meatballs in their purse instead of chocolate. ...they sit there and smirk while eating their zoodles and meat sauce because only they know it's not actually pasta. ...they're the only one who passes up dessert at holiday meals and opts for herbal tea. ...they start using strange words like "cauli-rice", "zoodles", and "no-gurt". ...their ears perk up whenever someone mentions bacon, avocado, coconut milk, or coconut oil. ..."saturated fat" = fightin' words.
  11. I was pretty lethargic for the first 2 weeks of my first Whole30, then it was like "ZING!" literally overnight! I know that doesn't count as "symptom-free", but I feel like my experience was a cakewalk( haha) compared to most peoples'. I had been gluten-free for a few years, and dairy-, and (mostly) refined sugar-free for at least a year at that point so that may have had something to do with it; I was and still am very active as well. I understand your curiosity but I don't think you can really compare - everybody is coming from a different place; also, it often takes more than 30 days to notice even mild improvements of lifelong health issues. I had a naturopath years ago who said it takes at least a month of an elimination diet to make up for each year that you were "sick". (So, 8 months = 8 years of illness, etc.) I'm almost done my second Whole30, which I started almost immediately after finishing the first (my symptoms hadn't gone away yet but I needed a breather!). I went into it wanting to eliminate severe bloating and heal my relationship with food (longtime anorexic/food addict/compulsive exerciser over here!). The bloating is only now just *barely* starting to go down, though the pressure in my stomach feels much better. My issues around food still need work, but I have noticed the sugar cravings and emotional eating urges are almost non-existent at this point - yay! Also, I don't look and feel "puffy" anymore - haven't weighed myself in ages so I don't know if it was puff or actual weight, or a bit of both, but all I know is pre-Whole30 I was looking like the Marshmallow Man! As a petite person, this made me look a lot bigger and I didn't feel like myself at all. That all got significantly better a few weeks in and now I feel like my old self again
  12. little mighty

    look pregnant after eating

    Thanks, leahcarn - that gives me hope
  13. little mighty

    look pregnant after eating

    I am SO. HAPPY. I'm not the only one out there who has this kind of bloating!!!!! Like, OVERJOYED. I mean, it sucks, but I feel like when people complain of bloating it's more of a feeling, or PMS-related, and not the 5-months-pregnant kind. I have been struggling with this pretty much my whole life, and I am not, nor have I ever been, a large person. I'm pretty content with my body - EXCEPT my stomach. I'm in great shape, at a healthy weight, I eat really well (Whole 30 for the last couple months), I'm not constipated, I take enzymes and probiotics...and yet there's MONSTROSITY of a belly remains, even when I haven't just eaten. So, I get it. In addition to what the video talks about, here's what I, personally, have found helpful so far: 1. Eliminating sugar - obviously forbidden on the Whole 30, but I will say that this made a significant difference in the severity of bloating for me. Whether it was the sugar itself, when I was eating it (see #2), the emotions associated with it (see #4), or all of the above, cutting it out completely was the best decision EVER. 2. Not eating sweet foods with/after meals - fruit/sugar + savoury stuff does NOT go over well with me. Obviously the "dessert" habit is out on a Whole 30, but even fruit with a meal is a no-go. I know eating fruit alone is not encouraged, but for me, if I really want it, that's the only way it's gonna happen. 3. Not drinking tea/coffee with/after meals - as much as I would like to relax with a hot beverage after eating, it makes me SO. BLOATED. Even if I wait 1/2 an hour or sometimes more, and no, it doesn't make a difference for me whether it is caffeinated or not. No, just no. 4. ***ANXIETY*** - the elephant in the room. If I'm not anxious, and I stick to Whole 30-compliant meals, the bloating - while still there - will not be aggravated. However, if I AM anxious or stressed at all - even if my stomach is empty - the belly goes POOF! So, addressing my chronic anxiety has been KEY - dare I say THE key - to reducing bloating. Yes, I still have a belly (and no, it's NOT fat!), but it IS getting ever-so-slowly - like, snail's-pace slowly - better. It takes diligence, and patience, and acceptance, and watching your symptoms like a freaking HAWK, but it can get better.
  14. little mighty

    SWYPO? Or permissible, chaste hand-holding?

    I'm not a Moderator, not even close, but my understanding is that 1) your date-coconut oil-cacao snack is definitely SWYPO, but 2) it does not require a re-start. These foods, while clearly a "dessert", are still compliant. I wouldn't continue to consume them in the form of a sweet snack, though; the fact that you went from dates --> dates with coconut oil and cacao says to me that this is a slippery slope for you. As they say, the best way to slay your sugar dragon is to starve it! If you find you're actually hungry in the evening, what about eating a sweet potato with coconut oil, or dinner leftovers?
  15. little mighty

    Your (compliant) guilty secret...?

    Dude, I was vegan for 8 years - NOTHING is odd to me That said, I never thought I'd be eating organ meats and enjoying them!