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  1. mikebinkley

    Starting April 25. Anyone else?

    I think you can freeze the wine to use in spaghetti sauces and such later....hopefully, it is not expensive.
  2. mikebinkley

    Starting April 25. Anyone else?

    Yes! I've heard about some made with hops-I need to seek it out.
  3. mikebinkley

    Starting April 25. Anyone else?

    Yes, I have been drinking sparking water and tea and regular water so much! I constantly have something in my hand to drink. Tonight seems very hard-Friday nights mean splitting a bottle of wine and decompressing with a movie. Tea seems like it won't cut it. I teach during the day and the kids were especially squirrel-y. Trying to be resolved.
  4. mikebinkley

    Starting April 25. Anyone else?

    Also started on Monday...feeling a little tired, but otherwise okay. My vice is not sweets or chips-it's beer and wine. Trying to figure out a way to navigate around my husband's birthday this weekend and his desire to spend it at breweries and cook his favorite pasta dish (which has wine in it). I can avoid the pasta, but adore craft beer. Any suggestions for navigating celebrations? Haven't gotten to that chapter in Whole30 yet, but it will help if I mull things over beforehand.
  5. mikebinkley

    Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!

    I would like to join the Facebook group too-just sent a request. My husband and I are starting January 1st. I go back and forth between being excited and wanting to DRINK ALL THE BEER. I love craft beer, but think I need a break from it. Tried a Whole30 this summer, but got derailed after a week due to car-buying stress. The first week was surprisingly easy though.
  6. mikebinkley

    Day 5! - First Whole 30

    I, too, had to hide my scale. Compulsive weighing. Sad.
  7. mikebinkley

    anyone starting July 14?

    I'm planning on starting July 15th...could use some accountability.