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    The crazy things people say

    After I had been Paleo for several months, my friend asked, "Are you still watching your weight?" I'm 5'6", female and my starting weight was 222lbs a year ago and I've lost 45lbs prior to starting my W30. Same friend has twice reminded me that it's possible to lose too much weight. The first time she said it I was 191lbs (dangerously skinny!) and then again when I was 179lbs (really dangerously skinny!). She's about 5'4", weighs maybe 110 (maybe!) and says she's been at the same weight since she was 14 yrs old, except while pregnant. Would it be appropriate for me to say, "Shut the F up, you skinny biotch?" LOL - seriously, I would never ever say such a thing and she really is a dear friend, but SERIOUSLY??? Cluelessness....