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  1. Betsie_n

    Starting Oct 1

    LOL - I don't know if I'm cold hearted, but I don't give candy anymore on Halloween. I do little toys - I get a big batch from Amazon - rubber spiders, glow rings, bouncy balls and the like. We participate in the Teal Pumpkin project where I live, so it's cool not to give the candy out anymore. The kiddos get excited to pick their "trick" from the bowl. Last year my last day of my W30 was Halloween, so I was reallllly grateful not to have to deal with the sugar treats
  2. Betsie_n

    Starting Oct 1

    Hi all - it is getting quieter here and I'd like to tell why I've been quiet. Here's my story (also posted on FB group I'm following): True confessions: I've done several rounds and have never failed to complete one, but life happened and it's just not going to happen this time. I've had an incredibly difficult week, emotionally and I chose to have a glass of wine on Wednesday. I decided to give myself a pass and just keep going till Thanksgiving. Then today I helped manage funeral food for a close friend's family. I went ahead and had some of the food. Nothing crazy - non compliant meatballs, corn chips, trail mix and another glass of wine (but no pie!). It just seemed more appropriate to share a meal and wine with my grieving friends than to worry about compliant ingredients. I made the decision mindfully so I don't feel regretful. Going forward, I plan to continue on in 99% W30 mode till Thanksgiving, but I will probably have more wine next week when my BFF, who has been living across country for two years while caring for an aging father who died three weeks go, comes home to pack up her recently sold home this week, then leave again. Wine will be required and that's just how it is. Reading this back, it's interesting that the wine is the "thing" because I almost never drink anymore. Again, it just seems appropriate given the life situations we are dealing with now. I really didn't have any interest in the pie, which sooo not like me. So, there's that. Let it be. I guess this is a version of food freedom. I hate not finishing a complete round, but I did make my choices very consciously and didn't just dive completely off the wagon forever, so I'm not going to let it get me down - I have plenty of other things doing that already. I hope you are all doing well! Betsie
  3. Betsie_n

    Starting Oct 1

    We're halfway there! Sounds like we still have several folks who have made it this far! I think that if you make it through two weekends unscathed, you have a really great chance of surviving the whole 30 days. Let's talk NSVs - what non scale victories have you noticed so far? Here's a handy list to use as a guide. For me, I've felt calmer and less stressed, my skin feels less dry, my sleep has improved, I feel less inflammation/bloating, I'm craving sugar less (but still fighting boredom cravings) and I feel less hungry overall. I can't say that my clothes feel much different yet, but my wedding ring is looser so I know my inflammation is decreasing. I need to increase my water intake, which is always a challenge as we switch to cooler temps, so I'm sipping herbal tea instead. Happy halfway point! Betsie
  4. Betsie_n

    Starting Oct 1

    Hi all! Day 12 already and heading into the second weekend of our journey. How's everyone feeling? Ready for the weekend? I'm feeling good - and much recovered after oral surgery last week. The cold, rainy weather that hit us about 10 days ago after a long, hot, dry summer her in SW Colorado has made me feel like cooking warm savory meals, so it's a perfect time for W30. I made the BEST Instant Pot chile this week and it's been amazing for leftover lunches. My weekend will be busy with my daughter and grandson visiting, meeting up with old friends visiting the area, checking out wedding venues for my daughter, an open house at a friend's home, etc. but I think I am prepared. I'll make big meals when we're home so we don't have to eat much while we're out and about and we'll probably eat out once on Saturday, but I know the right restaurant that will accommodate me (no Chipotle or Zoe's within hundreds of miles for us ). What's nice is my daughter appreciates when mom feeds her "healthy yummy food" - which is really wonderful, considering I raised her on chicken nuggets and spaghetti-o's because I didn't know better. One of the best parts of changing my lifestyle is seeing it impact others. We're breaking the bad food habits with the next generation - the grandbaby's first food was avocado, not rice cereal! Winning! Stay strong! Betsie
  5. Betsie_n

    Starting Oct 1

    Hi all! Day 10 already! I've been MIA from the forum - but I have checked in to read your posts from time to time. I had oral surgery last Wed so I had a few tough food days but I stayed compliant, though off template. The last few days I've felt better so I'm trying to refocus and be more true to the template and stay away from snacks. NSV - I have a long history of oral surgeries and then having serious complications afterwards, so my anxiety level was sky high before and after the procedure. I credit eating low inflammatory food to helping me heal and stay calm-ish - and maybe staving off the complications because so far, so good (knocking wood). We're 1/3 complete! Betsie
  6. Betsie_n

    Starting Oct 1

    Hi all- I had oral surgery on day 3 so it was a challenging day for food. I ate compliant food but definitely did not meet the meal template, which is fine given the situation. The biggest win was day 2 when I was so anxious about the surgery I wanted to eat ALL THE THINGS! I have some PTSD from several prior surgeries so I was terrified. I stayed on track and today I'm able to eat semi normal so I think I'm going to live. Cheers to day 4! Betsie
  7. Betsie_n

    Starting Oct 1

    I feel ya! I'm tired today, but I think it's more due to not sleeping well last night and the rainy day weather we're having today....though I'm not sure why I didn't sleep well - food or other? I usually don't have issues with sleep, so who knows. Yes, drink ALL THE WATER, especially for the next few days. I'm trying to do the same! I also think upping fat content the first few days helps get things leveled off - eat those avocados! I'm otherwise on track. Trying to get out of snacking mode. I did have a few slices of dried apples and a peach for dessert last night, but I try to give myself some grace the first few days. What I'm not looking forward to is having oral surgery tomorrow. I guess the upside is that I won't feel like eating, but what to eat is harder. I've got some chicken soup in the freezer and I'm going to make a batch of hard boiled eggs and I've got quite a bit of fruit - and of course, avocados. Hopefully those will sustain me. While smoothies are technically ok during W30, I may need to have a couple to survive depending on how things go. Hope everyone is going strong so far! Betsie
  8. Betsie_n

    Starting Oct 1

    My daily breakfast: veggie and egg scramble with zucchini, onions, sweet peppers, tomatoes, spinach, bacon and egg, topped with my homemade sauerkraut. I also have coffee with coconut milk and pumpkin pie spice. Betsie
  9. Betsie_n

    Starting Oct 1

    Hi everyone! I'm doing my annual W30 during October, as well. I've done annual full rounds, along with random mini-rounds since I started my Paleo journey back in 2013 and found it helps me refocus on my health goals. I try to live a mostly Paleo lifestyle, but I'm always looking for ways to improve my health and nutrition. After my first year, I had lost 60 lbs and gotten so much healthier (fixed allergies, high blood pressure, etc.). In the past year or so, some weight has crept back on and I've struggled to figure out the cause. I'm almost 50 so it may be peri-menopause or something else. I am thinking I may go to the AIP version for the last two weeks of this round to see if I have any epiphanies after eliminating a few more things. I've always found these forum groups to be soooo helpful during my rounds, so I'm excited to see a good group getting ready to start! I noticed there's two Oct. 1st groups, that a lot of us are following, so maybe we should choose just one and use it? See:
  10. Betsie_n

    The crazy things people say

    After I had been Paleo for several months, my friend asked, "Are you still watching your weight?" I'm 5'6", female and my starting weight was 222lbs a year ago and I've lost 45lbs prior to starting my W30. Same friend has twice reminded me that it's possible to lose too much weight. The first time she said it I was 191lbs (dangerously skinny!) and then again when I was 179lbs (really dangerously skinny!). She's about 5'4", weighs maybe 110 (maybe!) and says she's been at the same weight since she was 14 yrs old, except while pregnant. Would it be appropriate for me to say, "Shut the F up, you skinny biotch?" LOL - seriously, I would never ever say such a thing and she really is a dear friend, but SERIOUSLY??? Cluelessness....