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    30 days complete but don't feel much different

    I wanted to add also, when I do decide to end this whole30 how exactly do I do it? This is a diet with a limited time period but I'm not sure how to go back to 'eating normally'. I have always reacted to gluten, so I won't be going back to that, but my husband cooks really yummy cakes and biscuits and I miss being able to eat them. Exercise has been an issue for me. As in I do very little. I feel tired, stressed out and time poor all the time. What sort of exercise would be good to do? I have been able to fit a few walks in a week but nothing that will build any muscle. What is something I can do from home?
  2. I am on day 31 of my whole30 and I don't really feel much different. My digestion is better but that is it. I know that for some people they need to keep at the diet for longer than 30 days but I feel really down about the lack of results I have had. Some of the things I had hoped for signs of improvement included tiredness and depression. I was hoping to be able to get off my antidepressants (Pristiq) for which I have some side-effects I would like to eliminate. I have not been able to sleep through the night without waking at least once (that is when I only sleep for 6 hours, If I am in bed for 8 hours I wake twice). My sleep has not changed and neither has the depression. I do believe that the sugar cravings have improved but I seem to try to replace the craving for sweets and desserts with eating nuts and I love roast vegetables so I eat more of those. I think part of the way I deal with depression is by eating things that taste nice. I haven't weighed myself but I don't think I have really lost any weight either which was one thing I thought was pretty likely. I'm one of those woment who after having each of my children, lost all the weight and more without trying. In fact I ate junk in large quantities and still lost weight. With both children, once my period returned, I gained about 5 kg (10 pounds I think) and haven't been able to shift it. For about 3 months before I started my whole30, I have been eating mostly Paleo. If I'm not losing any weight does that mean I'm eating too much? I have stuck 100% to the diet but we cannot afford to buy grass fed meats. Chicken is processed chemically free but other kinds of meats are straight from a regular butcher. I have always been a stressed person and as I have a brain injury (car accident 12 years ago), I find thinking clearly a challenge. I find meal preparation challenging and off-times very difficult. I find it hard to wind down and stop doing things all the time in an attempt to feel organised. I have found the Master recipes and variations very simple to plan meals by but I desperately need a lot more variation for these basic recipes. More options to use with the master recipes. Does anyone know if this can be found somewhere? I particulary find breakfasts and lunches hard as lunches need to transportable (as I am looking at going back to work) Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas, thoughts or links to anything that may help me?