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  1. Absolutely agree; I have exaggerated somewhat in my attempt to help someone find a use for a food they aren't familiar with. I haven't had this fruit salad every day, not even close. 1x week would be more accurate & as a side dish to my protein/veggie. I did make it with a dinner one night when the bananas were about to go (they ripen so quick in my house!), so make that 3x. I viewed it as the lesser of evils. I feel a little defensive on the breakfast issue in general though - many people eat carb heavy breakfasts and that is tough to switch from - but I am not one of them. I haven't had
  2. I've been using them to make monkey salad all the time. Seems unsavory when looking through the package, but they are delicious and really add something to a fruit or veggie salad. I haven't had time to toast them yet, but it's on my list.