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  1. Thanks, jent103! So far I've been ok without snacking - no hunger. I do need to get WellFed2 - I have the first one and have enjoyed it so far!
  2. Thanks everyone for the responses! Clabbergirl - thanks for the link, I'll check it out! Missmary - thanks for the side note on not using them daily in things like fruit salad. That's a bit of a fear for me since I love things like that so much and don't want to pick up a crutch. I snagged these at the store and I'm sure I'll incorporate them with ideas mentioned (including a small fruit topping like Clabbergirl mentioned) I just won't make it a meal - like clabbergirl mentioned she doesn't! Thanks again:)
  3. Great, thanks! That actually sounds really yummy - on top of fruit but might be a bit of a sugar trigger for me. In salads is a great idea. Thanks again:)
  4. Just curious, what does everyone use coconut flakes for? I know I came across them in something I read - skimmed the book again and I'm not finding it there. I bought some yesterday at the market (honestly not sure why!). Thanks!