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  1. bede0713

    Reason to limit La Croix drinks

    I've never been a soda drinker but I love seltzer and the carbonation and fix of La Croix. That being said, I quickly learned that I can't tolerate carbonated beverages with my Ulcerative Colitis so I don't have it at all anymore.
  2. bede0713


    Some of them have Carnitas back - mine did (in D.C.) last week.
  3. bede0713

    Family friendly meals

    I have a 4 year old and while she was pretty resistant at first she pretty much just eats what I eat now with the occasional beans and/or rice added in. Just stick with it! I totally agree on not making two meals though. In the beginning I did a lot of roasted chicken with veggie sides and when white potato was ok'd I started to incorporate those in as well. I make my own mayo so chicken salad or buffalo chicken salad also seems to make everyone happy.
  4. bede0713

    What Can I Have?

    I tried canned tuna (even though I never liked it growing up) and just couldn't stomach it. I ate what I made - two lunches worth with shredded carrots and homemade mayo but not since. I have found that I really, really like canned wild salmon I tend to saute it in a little ghee or avocado oil with some minced onion and paprika, basically something of a deconstructed salmon cake. I love it. It's my easy go to lunch when leftovers won't cut it - I make it at home in the morning and bring it to work...
  5. bede0713


    I've been making the transition to a whole30 way of eating and paleo after my whole 30 for my daughter and it was initially more difficult for her so I let her snack (she's 4). I've noticed lately that as she eats more complete paleo friendly meals she seems less hungry in between meals. As others have said though if she's hungry I let her snack:)
  6. bede0713

    Whole 30 Compliant Chicken Sausage

    Thanks, appreciate the article and information. For me, when I eat things like the sausage with high sodium content (or the one time I had the carnitas at Chipotle) I can almost feel my fingers swelling. I must be very sensitive to it!
  7. bede0713

    Waffling on switching the kids

    I have a 4 year old and I still let her have some non-paleo items (hard cheese, yogurt, beans and corn mainly). She ebbs and flows on what she eats. Last night she told me - actually told me that she's been eating too many sweets and doesn't want dairy anymore because she knows it makes mommy sick. My point, I think kids (depending on age to a degree) will mimic what you and your husband are doing. Just keep making good choices, introducing them to good, healthy foods. Let them see what you make and eat. I did stop making separate meals for my daughter, she knows it doesn't happen anymore. I think it just takes a bit more time with little ones. My daughter goes back and forth with veggies also - for weeks at a time she loves them and will try/eat anything then it stops and she only wants fruit, meat and yogurt. She went through a bean phase - that's mostly over about a year ago. Just keep modeling good behavior!
  8. bede0713

    I'm in a glass cage of emotion!

    I love the title of your posting. Love:)
  9. bede0713

    Whole 30 Compliant Chicken Sausage

    I found a huge package of Aidells chicken & apple sausage at Costco this weekend but the sodium content was way too high for what I like to see. I do see that brand mentioned a lot though - if you have one, check Costco!
  10. bede0713

    Doctor Frustrations and Whole30

    Many thanks to all of you for the responses and links. My good friend who is a nurse suggested a look into a D.O. as well so I'll spend some time today and tomorrow doing research. It's a very frustrating paradigm when you're trying to improve your health and being met with pill pushers constantly along the way. My blood pressure has been elevated the past few days (I take it home) but I really think that's stress related right now. Thanks again for the suggestions and links everyone, I really appreciate it!
  11. So about 3 days into my first Whole 30 (I'm on day 9 of my second) I had a physical with my general doctor. My cholesterol was up (260 total) and my blood pressure was high (130/100 I believe - I don't have it written down in front of me). I also told her about my UC diagnosis (hadn't been back to her since I had it) and let her know that I had just started a Whole 30. Her response was annoying at best and condescending (but I've really liked her in the past so I shook it off as a bad day for her). She said "well you go ahead and play with your food for awhile and when you're done call me and I'll write you a prescription for the blood pressure, cholesterol and get you on UC meds". So fast forward to this morning. I called to set up another appt to do a blood pressure check and get blood work done again - just to see how things have changed or improved if it at all over the past 30+ days. I just got a call back from my doctor that she won't authorize additional blood work unless I agree to start meds for the blood pressure, cholesterol and UC. What? I told her my UC symptoms have been virtually non-existent and the other two, who knows?? I'm so frustrated right now. Searching for a functional medical doc - does everyone thing that's the best route to go or just another general doc?
  12. bede0713

    Not really sure where to put this

    Oh Yum...this is on my list. Thank you:)
  13. bede0713

    Fast Food around Atlanta

    That's true, if you check on their site you'll see the veggies are cooked soybean oil. You can get carnitas, lettuce, guac and non corn salsas. I did this about two weeks ago and it just wasn't worth it for me - I like to pack my lunches now(!) I also felt puffy all day like what I did have was filled with sodium but maybe that's just me.
  14. bede0713

    Time of the month and Whole 30

    Maybe I'm not eating as much overall even with adding in extra carbs. Thanks to both of you for the suggestions!
  15. bede0713

    Not really sure where to put this

    Oh I definitely mixed some in with the shredded pork! So good:) Thanks for the suggestions - maybe I'll freeze a little for sweet potato hash!