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    bede0713 reacted to SugarcubeOD in Justin's Classic Almond Butter   
    I'm with you... I see no reason to include in my diet something that is so harmful to the environment that is so unnecessary.  There are loads of oils that are sustainable and less impactful than Palm oil... I feel it's become the new trend (starting to see it in stores like crazy etc..) and I'm not jumping on that band wagon... nope!
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    bede0713 reacted to praxisproject in Justin's Classic Almond Butter   
    Whole30 info: Palm kernel oil is missing all the nutrition from red palm oil (unrefined) and is a white colour.
    Other concerns:
    Palm oil is a $US40 billion dollar industry worldwide, so there are some business practices that may make you not want to purchase products containing palm oil. Personally I find it something I'm not ethically comfortable with, regulation on production doesn't seem to be tough enough to make a difference and food labelling is pretty dodgy around the world when it comes to palm oil (in some countries it's entirely hidden under "vegetable oil" to avoid the eye of angry consumers).
 these guys are critically endangered, so palm oil and anything containing palm oil is off my shopping list until that changes. Industries change fastest with financial incentive If you ever get a chance to see one of these wonders in a zoo, please do. They use tools, are the only non-human species capable of "calculated reciprocity" and interact with those who come to visit them very much like humans do.
    We no longer trade in ivory to protect elephants which are endangered, but palm oil is a real threat to a critically endangered species which will likely become extinct in within our lifetimes. We're quite close to Indonesia here in Australia so palm oil is a hot topic here.
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    bede0713 reacted to QuilterInVA in Do I need to start over?   
    Start over. Your body doesn't know a slip from a choice to eat something. You have got to be aware when you are around food at all times.
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    bede0713 reacted to CaGirl in Do I need to start over?   
    I dont normally say this but I vote start over..You gotta nip that mindless grazing.. Starting at square one will make you think before you grab again
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    bede0713 reacted to Brewer5 in cashew butter   
    Actually, GGG, I have never looked at your consumption of anything.  
    It does not drive me crazy to see people who eat this way...  But it does make me feel sad for them, and it makes me wonder if they will ever truly conquer it.
    If someone has grown weary of their addiction, if they are at the end of their rope with it -- they will listen and want to know more.  If they are still deep in the grip of it and in denial, they will dismiss what I have to say and they will make up excuses as to why.
    Everyone has a choice.  I hate to see it when people think they don't.
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    bede0713 reacted to Brewer5 in cashew butter   
    You may not eat much peanut butter now, but I am here to tell you that once you have cut out so many other things from your diet -- cashew butter with apples or carrots is going to start having an addictive quality.  You will crave it, and you will want more and more.
    As Shannon said, more people here struggle with cashews than any other nut or seed.  That is because cashews have the most carbs ("natural sweetness") of just about any other nut on the planet.  Sunbutter is a close second.
    I agree that getting your ducks in a row should just not include fruit & nut butter snacks.  I see people here still eating these things every day, and it's doing them no good.  Can you do a Whole 30 that way?  Sure, you can.  Will you get the most benefit?  No, you won't.  You will still be craving sugary things when you are done, because you fed the sugar dragon fruit & nut butter instead of whatever she was eating before your Whole 30.  
    You have to change the habits.
    Three big meals per day that are protein+veggie+FAT will take care of this for you.  
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    bede0713 reacted to Alisonlcarver in a SWYPO treat on Christmas? (Or a single other holiday)   
    Jmcbn: Thanks for your feedback. I looked at the sweet potato/Apple recipe and it doesn't really appeal to me. I may just have some berries with coconut cream or the banana and nut butter and call it a day. Thanks.
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    bede0713 reacted to SugarcubeOD in Panera Meat   
    Might I caution you to ask to see the ingredients next time you are in your local Panera. Here's why... lots of times people will read ingredients and not read things in parentheses... such as, it could have been Ingredients: Turkey (sugar, cornstarch, soy), canola oil, EVOO, etc... It also could very well have been 100% accurate but when taking on something like a Whole30, it's always better peace of mind to see it for yourself. Also, for anyone else coming to this thread later, please check your own local Panera to make sure before ordering. As Tom says, ingredients can change from region to region and also along a timeline... maybe its good now but next month they replace Canola Oil for Soybean oil and then it would be a no go.
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    bede0713 reacted to Noelle in So I have this coconut...   
    I ended up thawing it, cutting it into flakes with a sharp, sharp knife, and baking in a 175 F convection oven for 4 hours.
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    bede0713 reacted to ladyshanny in Coffee and coconut milk   
    Coconut milk in your coffee is fine (I'm drinking that right now, as a matter of fact). Just check your coconut milk that it doesn't have any off-plan ingredients and you're good to go.
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    bede0713 reacted to LadyM in Reason to limit La Croix drinks   
    Here are the reasons I don't regularly drink them:
    1. They're a psychological replacement for soda.
    2. Carbonation can cause gas.
    3. They're pricey.
    3. Aluminum cans, though recyclable, create unnecessary waste.
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    bede0713 reacted to kirkor in Trader Joe officially approved shopping list??   
    In addition to the different packaging/ingredients problem when making specific product recommendations, the other problem with a shopping list geared towards a specific store is regional availability. Case in point with Trader Joe's: I've read online that they now carry frozen riced cauliflower, however my local branch does not have this product.
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    bede0713 reacted to Tom Denham in Trader Joe officially approved shopping list??   
    Nope. There is no such thing as an approved shopping list for any store. Such a list is incompatible with the Whole30 approach. We don't want you following some cookie-cutter guide to your food. We want you to buy most of your food from the meat/fish department and produce department where the food has no labels. We want you to read every ingredient label of every packaged item you buy. We want you to educate yourself about ingredients and to know what to avoid and what is okay. If we gave you a list, you would use it and never learn to understand what you are doing. 
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    bede0713 reacted to Nickiechan in Chick-Fil-A tonight... or pass?   
    Our beautiful picnic dinner all put together! It did rain a bit, but it then cleared up! 
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    bede0713 reacted to Nickiechan in Chick-Fil-A tonight... or pass?   
    Thank you so much for your kind worlds AmyS. They really did hit home. Well... your suggestions have been fantastic! There is a small park (with walking trail) near Wegmans (behind it) that we sometimes go to before chickfila and then Wegmans... so I made the suggestion to my husband (who is also trying to save money every way possible, but yet invest in our healthy eating style) to pack dinner and take it to the small park! So still family ritual and I don't have to be the one with the fruit cup only.    
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    bede0713 reacted to AmyS in Chick-Fil-A tonight... or pass?   
    I believe very strongly in creating family rituals around food. This is so important in our extremely busy world. My rituals around food have increased a thousand per cent since beginning my Whole30 journey, and I am constantly thinking of ways to ritualize more food/family moments. I do not agree with separating food from family activities, instead I regard that very separation as the source of many of our greatest ills in nutrition and family member isolation. Please, folks, ritualize food and family together. I am over the moon that my girls are growing up knowing that mom makes her own mayonnaise and it's so good they won't eat anything else. I am so thrilled that each and every day we now sit down to breakfast together. I can't even describe my joy that almost every night we sit together for dinner and talk over our day - and even the times we're too tired to talk, we are eating together. Food and family rituals are near to being sacred for me, and I do not want anyone who creates and encourages these rituals to hear that it's not OK for Whole30ers. For some folks, given their context, maybe. But if we're raising children, let's make food and family rituals.
    As for Chick-Fil-A: like other fast food places, and indeed, like most restaurants, they will not provide you with whole foods nutrition. They are there to sell the most low-quality food to the most consumers as rapidly as possible.
    I love your family/food ritual around this, though, and I'd strongly encourage you to keep it and think about how you can alter it to make it healthier (not this trip maybe, but on another occasion). The combination of long car trip with mom and dad, the chance to run around wildly while screaming and climbing on stuff, and plenty of tasty food, is a fantastic food/family ritual for families with young children. On future trips, might it be possible to, say, bring a picnic to a park where the kids can do the aforementioned running wildly about while the grownups set out the picnic and call the children over to shriek their brains out while they eat and then run off wildly again? I have no idea if this is possible in your area, just a thought about how to keep the combination of travel/play/food going.
    Please, families, ritualize food and family. It's sooo important.
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    bede0713 reacted to GFChris in Ways to get enough fat without coconut or avocado   
    First off, homemade mayo is nothing like store bought mayo.  I rarely ate mayo before my Whole30, and now I always have homemade on hand.   So, I first encourage him to try that.

    Ghee and clarified butter comes to mind for alternative fats, as does olives.  Duck fat, tallow and lard are other cooking fat options. Nuts and seeds should only be used sparingly.
    He could also get fats from egg yolks, fatty fish (e.g., salmon) and steak.
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    bede0713 reacted to Tom Denham in Coconut Chips?   
    Coconut chips, like nuts and nut butters, are frequently a problem for people doing a Whole30. They often lead to over eating or snacking. I recommend a chip-free Whole30.
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    bede0713 reacted to missmary in Will eating fruit and sweet potato during my Whole30 slow weight loss?   
    ok, relax.
    An appropriate amount of fruit is 1-2 pieces, max, per day. You can have less, and occasionally more and it's fine, just make sure fruit doesn't push vegetables off your plate.
    We recommend one "fist-size" serving of starchy vegetable daily for starters. Try that, and see how you feel. Restricting starchy veg only works for some people. Most people, especially women, need some starchy vegetable in their life. do not fear it. Increase to 1 fist-size portion at two or even three meals if you are feeling "carb flu" or low energy or depressed or about to have your period. DO make sure starchy veg isn't the only kind of veg you eat. Keep on with non-starchy vegetables at every meal as well.
    I know the feeling of wanting to lose weight and being afraid it might not happen, but the conventional wisdom that less food means more weight loss actually doesn't hold. Personally, one of the big changes I made between my first whole30 (where I didn't lose weight) and the next wholeWHATEVERs where I did, was setting minimums on protein and vegetables. When I made sure I had at least a palm-size of protein and at least 2-3 cups of veg three times per day, I did better (I suspect I just needed more time, as well, but these changes helped).
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    bede0713 reacted to Physibeth in Chioptle   
    No it is not. The only meat that is compliant at Chipotle last I checked is the carnitas and I think they are not serving it at the moment.
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    bede0713 reacted to ladyshanny in Valentine's Day- What CAN we have?   
    Sometimes we do wings and bacon wrapped scallops, that's always something to look forward to.  Because I cook every meal we eat and we prefer not to eat out (mostly me, I prefer not to eat out), I don't find a lot of celebration in eating anymore.  That's not meant to sound sad, it's totally not.  But we eat so well and the food is so delicious nearly all the time that it's pretty hard to make something even MORE delicious. Plus I still have to cook it and then we have to clean it up, so.....  
    Most of the time when the hubby and I need some time together we turn our phones/computers/tablets off, snuggle up on the couch and enjoy a movie together or turn on some music and chat or take the dog for a long walk.  Our "together" stuff has nearly nothing to do with food any more and that is totally fine by me.
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    bede0713 reacted to LadyM in Valentine's Day- What CAN we have?   
    Honestly, I've been at this so long I don't really sweat holiday "treats" anymore. Wine and chocolate are things I once loved but now understand deeply that they don't love me back. That's not the kind of valentine I'm interested in.
    The mocha-rubbed steak is delicious. I've also made duck breast for special occasions with the chez panisse red cabbage recipe. That feels truly special to me and I love it. 
    Isn't spending time with a cherished beloved, enjoying each other's company, preparing and eating delicious and nourishing food together, and whatever else that may lead to, enough? Sounds pretty wonderful to me.
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    bede0713 reacted to ladyshanny in Whole30 approved from grocery?   
    In 25 minutes you can chop a fridge full of veggies (I did a butternut, four peppers, a bag of mushrooms, 5 onions) and then supplement with bagged spinach or kale, bagged coleslaw (make your own dressing or cook the shredded coleslaw and use as a "noodle" base), the bagged brocoli from Costco & a bag of snow peas.  Just before you start on the veggies, throw a dozen boneless skinless thighs on a greased cookie sheet into a 435F oven , throw some S&P, garlic and ginger powder at them bake them for 35 minutes.  Once the veggies are done and bagged, put two frying pans on the stove and put 2# of ground beef in one and 2# of ground pork in the other.  While those are sautéing, put a dozen eggs in a pot and start them hard boiling while you make a batch of immersion blender mayo and a batch of sunshine sauce.  And when that's done, your chicken thighs should be done.
    So in about 45 minutes you have about 6# of protein + a dozen eggs, two sauces and a fridge full of veggies and your "during the week" cooking should be nearly non existant.  Do you really need storebought convenience foods now?  
    One of the biggest goals of Whole30, besides eliminating certain foods, is changing the way you view food, nutrition, food preparation and planning.  As Shannon said above, no one is going to recommend these snacky convenience foods.
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    bede0713 reacted to ultrarunnergirl in Where to buy premade and compliant sauces/dressings/spices?   
    I think there is a place for both kindness and understanding AND so-called "blunt" answers. Different people respond to different approaches.
    I find Tom D.'s responses valuable because so often the straight up truths he deals are thought-provoking and spot-on.
    One of my favorites from him: "Cooking is a critical life skill that our culture supports ignoring."
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    bede0713 got a reaction from SpinSpin in Where to buy premade and compliant sauces/dressings/spices?   
    I agree about just figuring out how to make them - homemade mayo is a good base.  I'm really busy too but the mayo takes me less than 2 minutes to make and it lasts all week - I can portion it out and add different stuff to change the flavors.  I use Sunday as my prep day and my daughter helps - maybe I make her help but she helps   
    I marinade a few meats, cook a roaster, maybe hard boil some eggs and take out some frozen meat for a dip in the crockpot one night.  I think it comes down to getting into the rhythm of it.  Not easy to do all the time but worth it!  good luck!