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    Blair reacted to 2ZsMom in July 1 Support Thread   
    Hi Lee Ann - I started on July 4. I also have a 3 and almost 5 year old (boy and girl)   From what I understand, you are not supposed to go hungry and the tough thing is to determine whether it is true hunger or cravings. I often ask myself if I am hungry enough to eat broiled fish and steamed broccoli and sometimes I am! So I will allow myself a snack. I can make it through the mornings without a snack but I, too, find I need something around 3 or 4 PM. It might be because I don't give myself a full enough lunch or eat lunch too early. With two little ones, it's really tough to sit down and focus on the food at every meal. At some point, I'll get the snacking under control but at least I am sticking with compliant foods (a handful of nuts usually) and not gorging out on it. Try not to beat yourself about it, you're doing great!
    I am on day 16. So far, so good. I am freaking tired of sweet potatoes, though! I need to try to find other starchy alternatives but I find sweet potatoes are the easiest things to reach for.
    I am going to a ball game, too, tomorrow. Just a local college league team but same food temptations. It's 2PM game, so I should still be full from lunch. My biggest temptation will be beer and some popcorn!
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    Blair reacted to littlered in Day 5! - First Whole 30   
    Hey there! Day 13 here! This is like a whirlwind... time is going by fast and this is so doable!
    I had to share today! I woke up this morning and thought... well, my jeans have been getting pretty baggy, why not try on a smaller size.
    I tried on 3 pairs of jeans that are one size smaller and they fit! They just went right on and I am wearing a pair today. What?!?
    I am so glad I don't have the scale at my house to mess with me, just eating, no idea what my weight is and I lost a pant size... Loving Whole 30!
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    Blair got a reaction from drtracyb in July 1 Support Thread   
    I know I'm late to the party, but I just started my first Whole on Saturday and just found this thread today! So far, so good--today is day three and I've only had minimal headaches. Minimal sweet cravings, too, but I'm sure those will come eventually (but I'm going to enjoy it while they're away). My energy has been SO up and down, though, which is nuts! It's a light switch, I swear!
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    Blair got a reaction from littlered in Day 5! - First Whole 30   
    Littlered--so glad I read your thread because you're like my twin. I'm on Day 3. I ate really healthy pre-whole and I have yet to have a hangover feeling, but my energy has been a rollercoaster ride. One minute I'm ready for a marathon, the next I'm ready for a hundred year nap. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong until I read this! Thanks for sharing!
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    Blair got a reaction from magritte in Starting July 12th   
    I started today, too!  Good luck!!
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    Blair reacted to magritte in started July 12!   
    Hey Blair - good luck!
    I figured starting on a Saturday would be better for me too - the weekend would generally be when most of my excesses would occur but I would have more focus to tackle it. Monday morning, with all the stresses and distractions that come with back to work and back to school, didn't sound like a great time to also be dramatically changing my diet.
    Anyway - hope to see you at the finish line All the best.
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    Blair got a reaction from magritte in Starting July 12th   
    I started today, too!  Good luck!!