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    Thickening Agents

    I like tapioca flour the best- it takes very little and is most like corn starch. And yes, if you use too much it is somewhat gelatinous. I usually start with about a tablespoon mixed with a tablespoon of cold water. Most of my local supermarkets have it including Walmart. Good luck!
  2. heidbeid59

    Extending to a Whole 60

    I'm on Day 28 and planning to extend to 60 days. Anyone else doing this?
  3. Mysteria, I am on Day 28 and feeling great. I have completed a Whole 30 in the past also, and I plan to continue and make this one a Whole 60. The research and prep can be a bit overwhelming, but honestly, if you can saute a chicken breast and steam some broccoli, you are doing the Whole 30! It doesn't have to be super complicated. Shannon's advice is spot on, however, it's true that the "black and white" rules of the W30 do make it easier to follow the program. I'm 59 years old, and although I don't have a 2 year old at home- and kudos to you for that- I do work full time with a very long commute to work (about 3 hours per day), so I understand the lack of time and energy. I hope you'll give the Whole 30 a try; I really think that some of the health issues that you mention could be improved if you do.
  4. heidbeid59

    1st time - Starting 9/3

    Me, too, but I think the best I can hope for is to at least get him chained up in the dungeon...