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    My husband and I are starting on October 1st as well. First timers! I am most anxious about eliminating sugar and all it's sugary things. I see my sugar addiction and never really gave it any voice but judging but the peanut butter cups I can put away without even thinking about it, I want to get that under control. I worry that with Halloween season upon me, I'll find a way to "slip". Black coffee doesn't sound appealing, but tea does. I don't drink alcohol so that should be easy for me. Last night we purged our pantry and it was so eye opening. A full pantry full of grains in plastic bags that are goddess knows how old, boxed foods and pastas that had expired dates on them, soups with legumes, various forms of sugar (stevia, brown, coconut, plain, agave , maple syrup) you name it, we got rid of it. Looking forward to the purge in the fridge closer to Oct 1.