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  1. midwestgirl80

    Alternative to coconut aminos

    Hi MichB- Not sure if you managed to secure any yet, but I was finally sucessful! The website below has them in stock and will deliver. They are in Sydney, but they aren't near me so they actually hand delivered it to my office! But they ship through the Australia Post as well: http://www.thecoconutshop.com.au/shop/ Hope that helps! UPDATE: they have coconut sugar in them - I've posted in the "Can I have?" forum to see if this is okay (I am guessing no).
  2. midwestgirl80

    Alternative to coconut aminos

    Michelle, I too am in Australia and have been searching for these! Seems like places did have them, but like you said are all out of stock. If I find any, I will let you know!