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    midwestgirl80 reacted to Rose885 in The crazy things people say   
    Me: I'm not drinking any alcohol for 30 days. I'll be sticking to the Paleo diet afterwards though and I think I can have the occasional glass of red wine.
    Mum: That's not so bad.
    2 hours later
    Mum: Let's have a glass of wine!
    Me: I can't drink alcohol Mum
    Mum: I thought you said you could drink wine?
    Me: Yeah after the 30 days.
    Mum: Oh...
    I have to laugh at my parents who've been "diary free" for around 2 years but never gave up chocolate and they've started eating cheese now. They drink soya milk/dairy free margarine instead of cow's milk and butter.
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    midwestgirl80 reacted to NinjaSarah in The crazy things people say   
    Overheard at work
    coworker 1: "I just ate two donuts and here I am getting more food"
    coworker 2: "yeah but that's not Real food, it doesn't count"
    coworker 1: true. it's not filling. Wonder if they have pizza left?" (at the commisery)
    coworker 2: I'm getting a grinder, need some veggies" (veggies = 1 leaf lettuce, & maybe some tomato/green pepper smothered in spaghetti sauce)
    And then they both come back with pop, potato chips and candy. Nothing else.
    Me-just reaffirms why I'm doing this....I Refuse to become a "typical" state worker
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    midwestgirl80 reacted to Kirsteen in The crazy things people say   
    My friend said "Oh it's all right for you, you've always been able to give things up (having a severe gluten reaction, I've had no choice) but I couldn't possibly eat like you - I like my food too much"
    Another friend " Oh I couldn't possibly eat like you - I couldn't afford all that meat and fresh vegetables are really expensive" while, I kid you not, filling her supermarket trolley with Over £80 of cakes, bisciuts, sweets and processed crap.