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  1. Amazingly Andrew

    Starting January 2!

    Today is the 1st day of the second half--woo hoo! It's all downhill from here, baby! I have the feeling I'm not losing as much weight as I have in the past on Whole30, but I'm feeling good so I'm not worried about it. Last week was tough with low energy, but this week I'm feeling much more energetic.
  2. Amazingly Andrew

    Starting January 2!

    WOOO! My body is just starting to say "So ah, when is the sugar coming then??" And I'm like "Nope, not for a LONG time, body!" Wish I had gotten more sleep last night, that is my secret weapon for not slipping, so I'm planning on lights out early tonight. And I plan to get some paleo bacon to make breakfast more fun tomorrow.
  3. Amazingly Andrew

    Starting January 2!

    I'm in! I've completed one Whole30 and made various attempts of different lengths, looking forward to feeling and looking better after indulging my sweet tooth far too much this year.